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Feckless youth

Oh, dissolute and feckless youth

When wiliest thou surrender to all that is given

Wiliest thou not seize with both hands

All that is offered and granted freely to thee

The boundless pounding rhythm that rises in thy chest

Does thou not recognise all that lays

In rich and fertile soil

Beneath the crust of barely hidden dust


Wilt thou not lift thy face and greet the sun


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Also by Martin Elder:

Another visit |

Venus personified



when spearing Moonlight

pierces the silent cimmerian gloominess of caverns

when that illumination exceeds the status of a hush

and disregards all shadowy rites

brightening their grasps


and as the passing of time, stooped, decrepit

continue's its staggering way

through the heaviness of age


memories of her are reawakened

like those he often recollects


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Also by Rose Casserley:

Escariot | beach tenant |

Chess Pains !


Chess Pains!


Yet another chess convention

called upon the monthly pension.

Crusty codgers, ‘ coffin - dodgers’.

Reek of mothballs (best not mention!)


Hotel filled with ancient blokes,

bragging of their master-strokes.

‘Castle-crashers’, ‘Bishop-bashers!’

Cracking ‘chess-related’ jokes!


The old ‘ Grand Master’ then appeared,

to boast and crow (whils...

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Also by John Andrew Nield:

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death of a comedian

The death of comedy

Freddy Starr is dead they say it was because

He smoked too many cigarettes, no one asked to ask why?

He was accused of making lewd remarks

To a young girl in i974, the case was dropped.

But unwisely Freddy sought redress in court, men often

Loses in cases that involve sex.

Freddy sold his house and moved to Spain he paid

Some of the million own but he wa...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

a bad day | breasts | shoplifting | living forever | the lonely years | abortion law | who is? | Alfred getting old | to a friend | the eagle | old dogs and so on | a rare moment | freak of nature | headless | a woman's revenge | the nature of love |

Haikus Not Easy



Haikus not easy

No willy-nilly throw down

Much thinking needed


Like this one. Hard work

To achieve this skill level

Needs years of training



Don Matthews  20 May 2019



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Never hurt feelings

entry picture

Never hurts feelings

Monday,20th May 2019


Never be frustrated

and remain related

to the reality

that life is a gift from an almighty


You breathe

and keep faith

with no insincere wishes

life certainly finished with satisfaction


you are dreaming

and not learning

about the real feelings

the heart is longing and certainly willing


a heart ca...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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Place of recovery

This is Gorffwysfa, a place of rest,
This is where recovery begun
Amharic text reminds us,
As we live beneath the sun,
She was an old Welsh warrior,
For a thousand years she'd run...

So, when sky was black as gold,
She was dragged across a sunless sea
By men without a soul:
Her stories and narrations, dead,
Her lives as yet untold

Lost in the stinking slave ship hold.

From the sl...

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Also by John E Marks:

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There is the blackbird on a high roof point

above a void of wall.

A coil of sound trembles there,

who will hear the call?


The fresh and thundery air

senses the fever of spring,

fledglings test their early wings,

all is urgency.

Then the circle completes


with a liquid response

distant and clear,

a worm of sound

sculpted perfectly for my human ear.

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Also by ray pool:


Future's Past

Past has always chased Future's Present;

for Past envies its favored presence.


Mockery laced with lust

as injections plump busts.


Yet, Children of the Sun

will remain to be shunned.


Hot remains split like us

till we reach Exodus!


Hollowed we lie down deep;

your ass best wake from sleep!


Past was shiny, now played out.

Present is dying and s...

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Also by Poetikaly Anointed:

Motherhood, A Poem About Mothers | Human Writes, A Poem About Protecting Human Rights |


The Penultimate Chapter

And so, they stole her from her bed at night

and brought her to her knees before the hunter. 

She felt the cold blade on her; blindfolded tight

and laughed at the edge to make it blunter!


He dropped his crooked dagger and he sighed.

"I suppose the ending can wait for another day..."

He slit the silk in two; she opened her eyes wide!

"It's brighter than I fancy, but I love...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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entry picture

You ask if I believe in God...
How can I not?

To deny my Father
means I leave my existence
to some 30 year old predator
who impregnated a girl half his age
and left her to raise their child
in the wilderness, among wolves 
that feed on loneliness and despair.

Without my Father, I would never know
that after suffering comes deliverance,
pain leads to compassion,
forgiveness breaks b...

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Also by Vautaw:

Daughter | Mother | Moral Abyss | Twisted Love |

affectionbabybirthchildrendeliverancedespairdesperationfaith familyfatherforgivenesshopelonelinessnatureprayerrelationships spiritualityreligion

Passive by choice, Aggressive by nature.

(We all have a dark side, hemmed in by the light,

But controlled, it is useful, your dark slice of night)


It would be a mistake, to pick a fight with me,

I've had enough practice to know where to hit,

Only grace and experience make me act honourably,

Still, crack on if you must, but prepare for some shit.


I don't have the patience to withstand hyperbole,

All the fals...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

A Thousand Miles | National Limerick Day | Little Birds | The Silent Grey | Fading | The Power Of Ten |


you are freefall among the pine needles 

motes of dust and sunset pepper your face 

we had found a box of matches  

burnt every one within five minutes 

gambled away our fingertips 

on who could last the longest 

if i could weigh this memory now 

it would be wolves and yearning 

a liquid mess seething through the forest 

some jawline ruining my welcoming throat 

a fai...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

cosmic fuck poem | click/clack |

Not this

not this

what is it 
that preys upon us
without naming us

that leaves us
spectators to our 
own demolition

as long as we don’t 
speak of it
we can’t describe it

we can plead
a certain 

to whomever
comes next

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Charades | Staring at the son | Hyenas | his secret word | The Wait | Thursdays at the expensive cafe |

New Boyfriend

Things to Know About Your New Girlfriend


I hog the covers when I don’t mean to

I’m pretty chill about the things you do

My hair is never done

Nor my makeup ever worn

And my clothes are messy

I wake up gassy

And my teeth could use a fix

But babe you know

I’ve got room to grow

And we can find our mix


I’m never wrong ‘cept when I am,

But point that out an...

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Also by Josie Harris:

"I Know What Comfort Is" | Generations | Hurts The Same Way |

A Life (1897-1980)

Keen amateur footballer,

playing centre forward for teams

in two local leagues. (Between jobs.)


Fought in the trenches,

enlisting as a private

and demobbed as a sergeant

at officer-training school.


Awarded the Miltary Medal

during that terrible 'Kaiserschlacht'

for repelling an attack in force.

All by himself.


Post-war, turned down an offer

to pla...

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Also by Richie Muster:





This pale replica of status,

denied the the fame that was assumed,

has stretched the yarn to breaking point.

Disciples, carefully chosen,

carefully groomed

make their rehearsed response.


Inhibitions fall from grace

unnerving exhibitions

fill their space,

hurling banshee screams

at supremacy's retreat.

A demonstration of defiance

by an infamous all...

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Also by Dorothy Webb:



Outcasted From Light Into The Caves
To Hibernate.
The 2-D Slave.
Thy Kingdom Come Of A Spastic Land.
I Smell The Blood Of An Irish Man.
A Sadist Creature Always Fated Insane
And Only The Gods
 Could Know Of My Pain.

Out-Casted, Natural Light.
Mutated Freak Of Nature.
My Eyes……..The Secrets Of Hell, Captured.
I Fell In Love
 With The Death Of A Galaxy.
A Burning Heart Frozen
 By M...

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Cannibal JonesComics

Mickey Cupples

It was a rain soaked afternoon in the 80’s

me and a bunch of disgruntled grunts got bored


We lifted a bomb maker called Mickey Cupples

he was a gimp who’d blown himself up once too often


We just wanted to get out of the Belfast rain

an afternoon at the search cell in Long Kesh was always a good option


I sat with Mickey in the back of the pig I just stared at him fo...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Burning in and burning out | Gone from me and you | Oblivioni traditæ | Babel-buzz | Toward the Bliss |


THE MEANING OF BIRDSONG                                                       

Warm May morning, pink azaleas alight,

never been so bright before, so

fiery so soon after winter’s wake

(quite late this year). I toast my feet beneath

a dodging sun, soaking up essential D, and

settle on a garden seat to listen to what I

cannot see: a tree-top high cacophony

of birdsong, every ...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Hazelnut Cakes

You made me feel like death was a better answer!

So tell me where your empathy is?
You're a nightmare I can't seem to get away from
I might be addicted to the abuse you give to me

Your love is like spoiled milk
I keep sipping because 
I like the taste of sickness
I bet you never thought I would be like this
You made me wish for death 
Baby kill me and all your new ways
I want to cut ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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entry picture

Poem 95 of 230: A GOOD LIFE 

For fauna,
Falconry -
Starve or free?
Sheep for wool -
Fed till full.
Chooks for eggs -
Free-range legs.
Milk from cows -
Should well house:
Better grade
Can be made.
Fish for game -
Cut the pain.
Kosher and
Halal band.
Dogs for pets -
No regrets.
And question

This does say
Buddha’s way,
And Blake’s way:
A good life -

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Life goes on...

There were times of splendor, times of fun.. 
Yet now faraway,dying and listless ones..
And the life still goes on...

Meeting and growing each day in love.. 
Yet now a silent song of melody fading off.
And the life still goes on....

Inseparable minds, inseparable bonds.. 
Yet now a pining soul  crying from distance far beyond
And the life still goes on...

Days and years spent weavin...

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I am listening to you, all of you.

I can hear your cries for help.

I am so in tune to your screeches that I have forgotten the static of my own.

I will tell you goodnight and silent my whimpers in order to keep your mind at peace.

It is me, it is us.

We bleed the most because we would rather be killed than kill. 

I do not think it is possible for you to bury me like I bury me.


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The Wasp

She is dead already,

those eyes have murdered her.

They shut her inside jars,

scream their pain, projection.

She needs not to sting humans

but she is overwhelmed.

Searching for open windows,

A chance to kill herself. 

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bullyingfearsuicide awarenesstrapped

Planet Earth

This Planet Earth of ours cries in pain.
Perhaps because we take her in vain.
Who's to say how long she'll keep
Sadly true, her wounds run deep
Where will the children of tomorrow be?
No animals, water or even a tree
Innocent animals we know and love
are going extinct - no hope from above
Contaminated waters - pollution and more
the damage is done straight down to the core
Evergreen tree...

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Also by Jane Briganti:

The Beach | A Second Heart | Words On A Page | True Love | Why We Write | Be Whole |

Laurence Olivier


Laurence Olivier

classical thespian

and that’s a fact


forcefully starring in


movies and theatre

boy, could he act

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Spellbound |

Double Dactyl

A Poem for Jezabiel, Confessions from a Wonderland

entry picture

A poem for Jezabiel

Confessions from a wonderland

Jezabiel, my dearest Jezabiel,
Oh the hell I feel when you are no longer around.
My world spins up side down and the wrong way round and I don't know which way to go.
Breathing is hard and thinking is painful and the memories ache deep inside my soul.
Oh how I wish you would know,
How I wish you would wake up and open your eyes once...

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An Ode to The Puppiteers

An Ode to The Puppeteers

Your marionettes, so nimble, so well known.
The show's real cool when that fat lady sings
Those moody blues to mellow toned trombones.
But tell us, who is it who pulls the strings?
The Quiz-Master with twinkling eyes, smiles sweet.
He tells us, we could win the million prize.
That honey coloured blond is baking cakes.
The treacle tart looks good enough to eat.

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Also by afishamongmany:

An Amazonian Proverb | Home is ....? | Ding! Dong! |

deceptiongrapes of wrathpuppet masterspuppets

Void Brooding.

I wish the abyss would stop looking back at me.
I look in the mirror and I swear that's all I see.
Not a monster but a void I cant escape.
I was born with a heart but it seems mishaped.

Someday I swear I'm going to leave this place.
Find my way to the light that people praise.
But for now I think it's better if I hang my head.
Bite my tongue and drink until I just forget.

I don't know how ...

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The little tea plucker

The cold breeze brushed my cheek,
The cold wind brushed my hair,
The air was filled with the aroma of
Sweet flowers,
I saw her..

A girl of eight years (close to.my age)
stood in front of me.
So close, yet, so far..
We stared at each other dumbstruck .
She was wearing a ragged dress with darts everywhere (where I wore jeans)
with tangled hair,
she stood there..

She was small, ...

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Also by Miyurangi:

The wait |



to go
dog without
a bone
not here
or there
not at
if i
would they look
for me here
what would
they find
would they read
between the lines
see me on
a page
or throw
it away
would my
come through
the blind
would i vanish
like night
in morrning
would it be
as if
i never
did exist
if th...

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Also by cindylee loucks:



Divide and conquer

Lines that tie us, lines drawn, lines before us,

Dark nights, dark days, conscience twisted, tested

No words spoke, no hard choke, you’d missed the bus

I said yes; the easy choice would have festered


Blood, water, which to choose, which my anchor?

Turn you away, and say nay, me your son?

You gave me life; it eats me this anger

Off you stride, toward divide, bread to be wo...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Sulphur Flame | On her mother's step |




I fell off the chair 

Bloody thing

wasn’t strong enough 

To hold the weight of my

broken heart


I picked myself up

Cleaned the blood

from the floor

Put my smile back on


No more chairs for me

From now on

I’m standing


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Also by Julia G:

Me |

I loved you

I loved you 

From the moment I saw you

Black beanie 


Cigarette hanging from the side of your mouth

Dripping in hurt and cynicism


My imperfect reflection


We spent days in bed

Hid from the world

Made our own


You were the light in my darkness

The first to really see me

The first to truly love me

What you gave me I'd never had before


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Also by Brandi:

A Letter |

divorceheartacheLove lost


Came from the motherland of Jamaica
To a country that at the time celebrated the phrase "no blacks no dogs no Irish"
A once proud lion of Queens road's concrete jungle
Now reduced to a skeletal wreck of a man

Lavish clothes and trademark smile
Dented by the plight of dementia and illness 
Now changed for a walking stick
A scowl
And yesterday's clothes

30 years alone
Underneath your e...

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Frees tream: once




Frees tream: once

On other planets where lost howls are heard
There are places far beyond 
The teary shrieks wails and of course the silence
Patterns unforgot but misremembered
Hollowed haloed hurry hurry
The past is almost here
Evernow and always
Just around the 
As the chariot    flie  S . S







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Also by Kealan Coady:

Picking At Stitches With Long Nails | Popadantsy | Take A Deep Breath And Count Backwards From Thirteen | The Good Guy In The Garden | Slanger Man | forever a mirror |

2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 10 The Journey Home

entry picture

Image: Circuit of the Americas, home of the U.S. Grand Prix, besides which this 3.4-mile racetrack hosts concerts in its Austin 360 Amphitheater. I always wondered where it was. As it turns out it is South of the airport, this is the first time I have seen it.


30.4.19 - 192) Rose to face departure day, sad heart, sky of grey

To reception bound, coffee to bring me round

Hoping today t...

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Also by Trev the Road Poet::

2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 9 McAllen to Austin | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 8 McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 7 Kerrville to McAllen | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 6 Lamesa to Kerrville | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 5 Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 4 Austin to Lamesa | 2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 3 Austin |

IMOGEN - 10 months old

IMOGEN – 10 months old


I stand with my back to the sink

While your grandmother rummages

In cupboards below. Gazing up,

She meets your expectant face

Seemingly suspended in mid air.

You are bent almost backwards;

Determined to know what world of wonder

Exists on those shelves.

I fear to move, so like a little bird you were,

Nestling into the crook of my neck,


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Also by trevor homer:


Little Monarch

entry picture

Deeply within am I struck!

watching the shimmering flightof this gaudy projectile, iridescent diver

speed fishing, flashing by O! so majestically!


No sooner returned to perch

on the wispiest of branches, than in a trice

having contemplated his next targetted plunge-is gone!

spear shaping his miraculously plumed body

he pierces the rivers undulating face

in a dart-like ...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Bloodiest flower |


entry picture

I’ve been reading a lot about this lately.  It seems today’s youngsters are beset from every corner with trauma.  Not the small stuff our forebears experienced, blitzkrieg, the Great Depression, the trenches et al but far more damaging daemons.

But let a sufferer tell you first hand.

Rhian, aged 28, (a little old to be a millennial I felt) explained that she couldn’t remember the last time s...

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Also by John Coopey:


Sub Rosa

Where once her warm and sanguine heart

fell ashen grey to rest in cold base dirt

high over the familiar bush and shrub

proud crimson blooms pine for love  


Where their sacred beauty sings to my heart

they call forth the lovely nightingale

high in their cloudless summer sky

to sweetly sing their longing song


There, I too confess a secret yearning

silent hidden d...

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boxcar merlot (05/15/2019)

trains crossing blacked out streets 
mournful howls , stark in the slick obsidian
of deadened stories, and hardened hearts
a thousand miles of ire cast in cooling: 
the warmth of bodies wistful for sleep backed 
by a hapless sliver of ivory 
mists roiling up and up like a damp collective sigh
frozen by shock
in time. 

and in time all things lose their pallor 
their color 
desaturated ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

everyone can agree a relationship is a compromise but recently mine hasn't been very equal -- no, in fact it's like my pain is not allowed to exist and every concession must be made to accommodate the other (05/03/2018) |

Though I've never been much for wine


My lungs suffocating,

with the absence of you

Something in my throat,

that goes by afternoon 

In morning,

As I morn for you,

I die peacefully in my mind.

As I drift into the air,

I act like nothing,

I act like you would.


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If beauty be a tingling taste of terror -

drink not too deep; for he who tempted delves

in the beyond - may see a place in error

where unimagined horrors find themselves.

A statue once there was – serene its face,

though round it one traced pain - the eyes

were fixed and riveted – a dreadful place

they spoke of - where the weight of ages lies.

His soul was a mosaic incomple...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

Poem | The Pillar Of Tears | The Trophy | On the UK leaving the EU |

poem by chris laverty

The folly of lust

entry picture


As a teen, my mam used to put the mockers on my Friday nights out by saying “If you meet any girls treat them with respect, they are someone’s daughter or sister, don’t be having any casual sex or one-night stands”



Last Saturday night I was out with my mate

He is meeting his bird, I am on a blind date

He’d said she was fit, but from where I was sat

She looks like ...

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Also by John McDonough:

Going back on my roots | Mr Robinson |

Lustone night stand

Life And Death

What is this life? 

Is there anyone who questions? 

When I dream, I dream world as real as this.

Who is in me speaking?

Who is in me creating? 

Why am I able to go anywhere I please? 

What is truth? 

Does it lie in me? 

Can I become who I wish to be? 

If I were to become whoever I desire, will this set me free? 

Does this lead to a trap where nothing can satisfy me? 


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Also by Andres Arias:

Mystery |

Bossy Boots!

'Never step on a cow pat because it looks hard.

It might be just crusty with poo-soup inside.'

I warned my younger sister

As we crossed Grandpa's pasture.


She scowled, and ran ahead

Looking back with disdain.

'You think you know everything!



'I TOLD you!

I'm NOT laughing!'

And I really wasn't.

She expected me to clean her up.


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

STICKS | Playing On The River Promenade |

Donegal Eden (revised)

an island Eden

cut off whenever high tide

covered the causeway.

Caz saw it, loved it, ‘we’ll camp

here, where no one can see us.’


as the tide went out

she drove across the wet strand

and parked in the dunes.

the van got stuck axle-deep

we tried, but couldn’t budge it.


Caz laughed. we cracked a

a bottle of Captain Morgan.

watching the sun set

over Ár...

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Also by Rick:

a random revison from new book 'chatting with Saoirse' | Tulaigh Ua Thiomain (November 8 1987) (revision for next book) | A Tower in Silence (revised) |

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