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Finally it comes
In waves of pill wrecked anxiety
I try to see another path
An alterior motive
So we've tried to dig deep
But the water is draining from the lake
And the fire is burning on her surface

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Why Is He Posting So Early?

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Why Is He Posting So Early?


Why is he posting so early?

It's not his usual slot

It seems his routine's out of kilter

Routine's gone, poof, shot


You're right my routine's all shot

I won't be home at 4

I'll be electric bluesing

Dancing round the floor


My interest in electric blues

This you didn't know?

Wailing guitar and bending notes

What a way to...

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Spirit BackPack

Spirit BackPack

carry it heavy
carry it lifting

dead undecided alive

being and not
between knowing

neither here or there.
A dimension beyond

body mind spirit
illusions out loud.

carry it heavy
carry it lifting

You decide.


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This Chemical Romance

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We’ve a chemical romance, we’ve got chemistry

We have covalent bonds that attract you and me


Our shared electron pairs formed a lasting attraction

We’re drawn to each other, a combination reaction


Our chemical elements were destined to bind

My yin and your yang complete and defined


When I’m in your embrace its Oxytocin heaven

You’re sweeter than Carbon12, H...

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Also by John McDonough:

Love Me Tinder Love Me Do ... Looking For Love In The Modern Age |

Chemistrylovelove and romance


dedicated to the men and women of the Syrian Defence force, and the Kurdish YPG,  who, with the help of volunteers from around the world, defeated Daesh and are now seeking to defend the feminist and democratic Kurdistan from NATO-supported Fascist-Turkish genocidal murderers and rapists 


My parents were Christian, Serb,

I remember the icons in my mother’s house,

The smell of meat on...

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Devil Kisses

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Born of the devil’s kiss, an aching in her soul 

her skin not clear but exquisitely marked 

For the devil liked her very much – did he 

Showering her, blanketing her from head to toe with hot, desiring kisses 

The kiss of life, the kiss of death 

Leaving small, charcoal evidences behind wherever he touched 

Like tiny bruises that went deeper than they appeared 

for they looked...

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Do it anyway

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Expressing isn't always about impressing

Sometimes it's a confession

Or the regression of a memory


It might even be

About a maybe

A one day me


That I only see

Approximately more clearly

When it's put into words


It could seem absurd

When it's read

Or tis' heard


But they must be released

In order to cease

My mental marathon


When a...

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poetryWritingwriting for fun


Your words are no match for this real, reality
Clawed, gnarled carvings of scrolled banality 
Metrical schemes and punk'ed, Punctuation 
A stanza frozen,  deconstructed in emotional  isolation 
The means are a shackled, shackles show
A chaotic sentence of structured syllables, a critiqued wheeze  
Howled and meek, of which no prose or poetry will grow 
Just an unfelt ink scr...

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Also by Philip Stevens:

The Jug | Staying in | Shouting ! |

i am nothing

i have a life, but im not living it

i feel like im passing right through it 

there is no excitment

no happiness

...no real happiness at least;

you know, like the kind of happiness that lasts for a few days, weeks, or even months

im lucky if i have a happy moment that lasts a few hours


it's never enough

i'm never enough.


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Poem 58 of 230: THE OLD BULL

Walked along Fog Lane,
Looked at the park,
Stopped in the Old Bull
And had a hark,
While eating lunch,
On how, at dark,
Many years before,
My father’s lark,
Was games of darts there -
I’d filled an arc.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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My Flower

My flower – do these spots your beauty taint?

Do they betray the canker's cold caress?

Have you been licked with recent frostiness?

Fatal embraces in which you rooted faint.


Who's bite corrupts you – sinless as a saint -

and blows the trumpet on your loveliness?

What snake with loathsome lips has kissed your dress?

Does near mortality your petals paint?


I've wonde...

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my flower poem by chris laverty

Park bench contemplation

There are all types

I thought

Canvassing the comings and goings

Of the disorganized crowd

From the park bench


The slow walkers looking straight forward

The effervescent teenagers

The dogs walking their masters

The deep thinkers looking straight downward

The oblivious young couples

The screaming toddlers

The bird watchers looking straight upward

The aged lon...

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unwanted guests

The unwanted guest


We are having guests tomorrow

I hate it upsetting my day

Eight people and one of them is a woman

I once loved and wrote poetry about.

It is embarrassing I used her as a muse

But I’m not interested in her personally.

The only good thing is we are going to a posh

Restaurant and I don’t have to pay.

If they order something dear and it is not

Good ...

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get away from the mess

I made a mess over there

I feel better over here

don’t want to go near it

don’t want to think about it


the mind demands 

something else to compare 

to suggest 

we’re getting somewhere


if we had to go back 

and confront it

there might be 

some kind of damage


we move to a third place 

for context

now given 

the proper distance


we ca...

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Bus Stop Buddha


Is it a low-flying plane?
Permanently overhead.
When you live by the road
you accept your fate.
I've thought of ear-plugs: 
I could be happy as a monk.
Still my eyes would be harangued 
by objectionable sights.
I'd close my eyes happy as a prince,
but that means ear-plugs out
listening like a ninja for the bus. 
Damn that Hawker Harrier 
hovering overhead.


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Conversation in Shades of Blue

Do you believe in God?


   Possibly, but not probably.




   Clever point.  Pensively, certainly.


Is it pertinent to LIFE, a belief in God?


   Such questions!

   Well, I think it depends on your sense of LIFE.

   Perhaps 'GOD' in any version of period, place or peoples

   Is just human IDEA,

   Simultaneously so simple and so complex ,


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morning litany

unheard - unread - unsung  


wakening to a world 

of devout hostility

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barrage | hues | crucible | sun and moon | incessant |

A darker shade of grey

I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey

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Also by Alta H Mabin (Ally):

Crashing waves |


Hard Saddle, Hard Life


it ain't no fun

sittin on a hard saddle

for 12 hours straight

pushin steers up the trail

chokin on their dust

and smelllin their back ends

till you end up smellin like them


i wisht for a bath

and a beautiful woman

to wash away tons of trail dirt

and sooth my achin bones


it's a hard life

this cattle trail business

not the romance it's played up ...

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Will Arlene and Nige

support compromise

to assist an orderly Brexit?


Will they come off their wing

and do the right thing

when nobody really expects it?


Or will Arlene and Nige

refuse to oblige

preferring to block up the exit?


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entry picture

Can you take your stiletto from me dear?
You'll find it in my back
I've had lots of practice reaching for it
But I can't quite get the knack
While you're at it there's your axe dear
It's buried in my head
I've groped and fumbled to reach it
But all I can see is red
(Oh dear I think I might be dead!)

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In a City.

entry picture

Darkness descends.
Distant echoes as a text resends.
Following crowds throughout this neighbourhood 
Strangers in black are up to no good.
The taste of fear circulates on the breeze.
Alcohol dependency creates such unease.
There’s religion for sale in each city centre 
Was Jesus Christ a real go getter?

Nightclubs spill out and soon there’s some drama
The hungry and homeless believe i...

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Self Discovery With What the Dolphins Lost - Reject Entry

Submitted these to a literary journal. 

They said meh 😭

But you know what they say 

If you don't succeed 

Fail,  fail again 😂


I'm so tired of being ashamed

It adds to my weariness

So I'm not what everyone said I would be

So I'm not what I said I would be

Failure is just a preference for something else

And right now 

I prefer to just be myself

I don't have g...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Everything Will Be Alright | October |

Failed Poetry


entry picture




and upon the touching

let a wanton look 

dress your skin, press its wants

- as in a gentle grip- 

shape my thoughts and

press tales of soft request,

taste the very giving  response

of that same skin, while

adorning its naked candour.


Words and foto T Carroll

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I ain't me!

I ain't me anymore

I'm but the memories old

What bits and pieces you left

I carry them all along the day

From my very soul a light reflects

The mirror image of you all along

I ain't me anymore

My emotions well spread all over

The looks i carry or the feelings i wear

The smile strewn in here

The tears rolling along the cheekbone

Like a long done makeup it stays ther...

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Elegy For A Peevish Bee

entry picture

Temper rising, she becomes a blur of business,
works at glass and frame, vents a blast of angry wings
in search of phantom gaps or phased matter.

Close outside, snapdragons sway encouragingly,
zinnias gesture from plastic boxes beyond the window,
rays of light refract, reflect and raise the stakes.

Frustration takes her; she begins to butt the pane,
anguish as real as the vibrations bou...

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I’m dirty and I don’t play clean

Nothing but trouble 

Don’t trust me

I told you before 

Nothing good comes from loving me

Didn’t you learn your lesson 

Don’t blame me


I am laughing now

You cry in your pillow 

You’ll lose every battle 

Oh yes I am the guilty one

Put it on me I don’t care arrest


Lock me away 

You know that you want me


I ...

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Also by Julia:

Mr Chaos |

The Betting Slip

entry picture

Racing past the post

one winner but many losers

wealthy bookmaker.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Nothing is what it seems | Halfway There |

no slip ups

First person, singular, London n. 1


means Abandon

No inibition

No frustration

No coalition

You wake up one day and without any sense

you're not sure if you love it or you're tense

Could be addiction

to the city's emission

if you're lucky, tuition

but oveall a sort of contrition

You want to be in that rollercoaster because it is actually a damn ride

but after that you won't be able to hide.


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First person, singular, New York | First person, singular, Agra, India | Severe nights |

#london #city #run #fast #speed

Seek My Shelter

entry picture

Seek my shelter

Friday,18th October 2019


fear not

and don't get caught

between fact and dilemma

never bother about social agenda


go on your path

and keep good faith

with no fear of death

you can easily breathe


I am here

to protect you anywhere

just follow my advice

keep good faith with promises


care for all those

who repose trust in ...

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Slender Man

entry picture

In the season of rain and deepening night

Drowning shadows of summer

When roads veer to stranger destinations

Beware the hitcher

Round the bend


Standing crucified in our dying day

Rays ailing through his slender form

Thumb flicking like a dying worm

He patiently awaits us

Round the bend


Old time hat shades his hungry eyes

Bat-chewed coat of old October br...

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hitch hikeroctoberslender man

A wind blowing through a life

A disingenuous wild wind

that blows through

the withered and weathered

leaves of a life.

A life left puzzling over its roots,

and its new growth,

outstretched limbs bending in the

ever-present breeze,

bowing down to the mighty

twists of stormy blasts

gathering unseen and unheard

all around and about.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Nude descending a staircase |


Anything Less Wouldn't Do

Family.....I built it all up for you,

Tore down the walls for you,

Opened my heart up for you,

Because when it came to you,

Anything less than the truth just wouldn't do.


Family..... I'll live my life for you,

Take on any strife for you,

Be a light in the night for you,

Because even in darkness it's true,

Anything less than my brightest hope just wouldn't do.



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A Wilted Lily

entry picture

Her life had only just begun

Her purity was whole

Sins or defects: she had none

A clean, unblemished soul.


No cause had she to fear the man

She knew and loved him well

But the trusted member of her clan

Was a demon out of hell.


Innocence he took from her

And felt no guilt or shame

For harming one so young and pure

He loved his evil game.


A fledgli...

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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

Note to self | Stormy Weather | SCHADENFREUDE |

To my muse

Hey you; my handsome button. I haven’t been on my poetry page in quite some time. Looking back at all my writings, i am reminded all of the pain I’ve endured and loops I’ve jumped across, or fell over, per se. Fuck- what a crazy 28 years of life I’ve lived. I’ve moved around some, and experienced some interesting things. Ive learned a lot...about a lot. I’ve felt a lot more than i ever fathomed. I...

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Also by Dana Lee:

Lights |

Honest house sale and maybe hope for a community.

I'm selling a house in disrepair,

So many faults,I do despair !

I despise the house the area is bad,

To sell it as it is I will be extremely glad.


No central heating,no hot running water,

Need a better school to send my daughter.

Due to dampness there is black mold everywhere.

We tried selling it before but got nowhere.


Its on an ex council estate,a bad one at tha...

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The Visit

and then there was the room 

and it was bare

and the bulb was bare that lit it 

and in the corner the man was bare 

his back was turned 

and he sat 

and he held his arms over his head 

crossed in front of his face 

and you could tell he had sat there 

for a while as you breathed

that scent of stillness 

that nothing had changed 

that time was empty 

like a ca...

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

Small Change | Fall |


Put a bullet in my brain
My life's a hurricane
I don't think there's a coming back
Slow dancing into the coffin

I don't want to feel like this forever
If I have to, I will
Cover me in 6 ft of dirt and leave me to rot
I miss when I was your everything
You got me all confused 
I don't want to die

Keep me in your arms
Bury me in my favorite skinny jeans
I've been an unwritten dream la...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Everything | Miss Castle |


entry picture

(A re-post from a few years ago)


I dreamt you were little again;

We were walking through Filey in rain;

You looked so cute in

Your first romper suit;

I dreamt you were little again.


Your mittens were tied through your sleeves;

Your red wellies kicked through the leaves;

Your new woolly bonnet

Had fake fur upon it;

Your mittens were tied through your sleeves.


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Also by John Coopey:



I hadn't noticed the circus in town

all those immigrant species,

flora and fauna on days of rain

until the sun shone again,

and saw then that the ox carts had arrived

the pony traps,

waggons with all their paraphernalia,

chain gangs of spider's webs


all those colours that welcome light

showing off in wild abandon were there,

the dependencies of bees on flowers,


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Also by ray pool:



A plunging neckline revealing pale white flesh,

A necklace. Two necklaces.

Heavy and delicate gold, glistening against skin, adorned with pretty jewels,

Pretty gems,

To attract, distract.

And that smile,

That delicious smirk,

Tasty enough to crave a sample of the flavour.


Cherry red lips,

Lipstick stains on pearly white teeth.

A sharp grin beneath lidded...

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Today was another wasted day

That wilted as it drew to a close.

Energy ran away to where happiness was hiding.

Productivity was taking a nap, hope was in the pub.


Dreaming of a clear day, of a clear mind.

Tears blur clarity and vision.

So I will sit back down, waiting for the gift.

The gift of a new day full of new opportunities.

Full of chances to make you proud.

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Also by Clara:

That's right baby | Jack in the Box | yellow |

Unconditional Love Will Kill Us All

imagine everything in terms of caves
our tribal brains exact the map in real time                                                life-like, you can barely see the wires
but eyes
shifting from vacant to
demonic and the caves electric
as rivers return to the wild
fires and all

         Love is now 
but for another time, a darkness blooms
our future, you can see it bleed
a once lush horiz...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

Rev0luti0n |

Yun sufinama

Na tord mujhey tu itna

Ki phir mujhmey tootney ko kuch baqee hee na rahey


Na chord tu mujhey tanha

Ki tanhai ki panha mey hi baqee umar guzarti rahey


Na pardh mujhey tu itna

Ki sunnaney ko koi dastan mujhmey baqee na rahey


Na krwa intezaar tu itna

Ki inteezaar mey hee baqee zindagi guzarti rahey



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Someone to miss me

Preamble: this is a little ditty inspired by the beautiful but slightly puzzling song "Te Manquer" by Grand Corps Malade, with its refrain (in English) "I just want you to miss me".

Do I want someone to miss me
Or is it enough to know
There are folk that will miss me
The day I have to go?

Do I want someone to miss me
Or would I rather share
My time with those that would miss me
But don...

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Also by Becky Who:

Climate change? |

grand corps maladeLove

Don't Bargain

When you have come to buy love

don't bargain.

Its handy,movable and at reasonable price.

Apart from some passionate concocted nights

some well formed kisses are free!

Threre are some extra packages

for memorble photo snaps.

Besides you will be given some

wonderful lonesliness to cherish.

Dont think twice.

What more can you expect !

If you can not pay 


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Pity |

sea to song

entry picture

effective myth, metaphor, & mysticism transcend

semantic efforts to articulate dynamics erupting

dreamlike amidst more trusted, linear conceptions

of reality, imagination, experience, & being


by presenting arrangements so engaging, uncannily

familiar, irreducibly insightful, idealogically slippery,

that the foamsplash suddenness of its crashing

across a previously unnotic...

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It is hard to celebrate family things,

Birthdays, anniversaries, happiness they bring,

Are tinged with sadness that you are not there,

But laughing on those days, does not mean we don’t care.


We love you and miss you, we long for you here,

To make jokes, to laugh along, to shout out and cheer.

The family together, gave you nothing but delight,

We just wish you were with u...

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King of Swords –The High Priest – Authority, rationality, sound advice

entry picture

King of Swords –The High Priest – Authority, rationality, sound advice

Interpretation: The king of swords represent a strong Willed man with a perceptive intelligence. He is the supreme ruler of his domain and he is extremely steadfast in his ways. He rules with a firm and dominative hand and stand supplanted in beliefs. He rules with his head and not his heart which often leads to having to ma...

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Also by RaVeN Mathews )0(:

Queen of Swords – The High Priestess – Intelligence, solitary, a strong Willed woman. | Knight of Swords – The Warrior – The hero, a righteous anger | Page of Swords – Messenger – Quick thinker, unexpected news | Ten of Swords – Defeat – Complete stabbing in the back, an irrevocable ending | Nine of Swords – Despair – Night terrors, suffering, a sense of misery | Eight of Swords – Fear – I just can’t, Restriction, bondage | Seven of Swords – The Thief – Stealth, deception, unexpected behaviour | Six of Swords – Rite of Passage – Leaving troubles behind, brighter days ahead | Five of Swords – Wounded pride – Negative energy, the Nyaa-nya-nyaa-nyaaa | Four of Swords – A restful place - A place of sanctuary, a place of peace | Three of Swords – Tears and woe – A bleeding heart, a Necessary cutting | Two of Swords – Balance – a sense of being Immobilised, blindfolded and impasse. | Ace of Swords – Victory – The Sword of Righteousness. A sense of power and strength in adversity. |

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