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These missionary times

With an abiding glint of love in her unfaded eyes, 
Brown eyes that inhabit my dreams and memories,
My mother has dementia, a cross to bear
So saith her silver-tinted hair. Laboured for her family.
With her handbag gripped in her laughing lap,
She still smiles at my silly jokes and repartee 
We share so many ways yet she's the opposite of me:
Freer, grander, more baroque, a heroine.
The cl...

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Why Do They Call You Summer?

entry picture

Why Do They Call You Summer?


Why do they call you summer

When your name is April?

Your fragrant scent of early roses

Permeates the room

And sunlight cuts across

The blue Axminster carpet

Bleaching the swirling dust

And warms tables to the touch.


I long for your cool hands

Across my fevered brow

But all you give me

Is clammy, blanketing heat.


I ...

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all the sensesday 25NaPoWriMo 2019record breakingrhetorical questionseasonsspring heat


I'm feeling a little happy 
Like I could blast off 
So how could you really love me
I'm trying to finally better myself

I've always been a concept
Not an idea that you would keep
But you would go back and think of
It's not perfect it's just swell

So for the first time in weeks I'll close my window
I know that at least I have myself
And a couple of depressing days coming
Without them...

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Tanka ?

Within my grave

Twisted upon my face

The smile of death 

As you slip away

Forever silent in my night

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Mind | Senryu 1 | Wind Birds | Three Senryu (I think) | Crimson | The seer | Ballad of the Willow |

My Love

Let's take a moment to reminisce.

Look into my eyes and speak the words you have within,

Express yourself to your deepest core,

Speak until you feel you have no more words...

Let me know how you feel. 


My heart skips a beat,

Before it begins a rhythmic dance, 

As I gaze into your eyes,

Into your soul,

With so much love it aches.


I am home whenever I am with ...

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entry picture

What we think is lovely

shapes what we think

is not.

What we think is good

defines the bad.


Life defines death.

Long defines short.

High can't exist without low.


The Spirit-filled teacher

sees clearly,

is not trapped

in the pull of opposites.

She teaches

with her mouth shut,

nurtures others

with non-possessive warmth,

setting them free.


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beautydeathlovelytao te ching

women contain multitudes

She climbs the ruins 

Of the same old city

Where not a single heartbeat

Has been found

In the time running out. 


I let loose and rise upon

The sacred fields

Where the feral moon 

Howls in the

Morning mists. 


For a brief eclipse

Of two women

One shines brighter 

One lurks in the shadows -

Beyond this terrible earth.


Dirt crumbles 

From ...

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These Triangles

entry picture

These triangles 

Find their place atop the tangled lines 

Timing is everything 

These triangles will save your life. 

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Hand in hand 

Though only gripping yours 

And your grip counting twice 

The two of us holding on 

And all the lonely bastards in between and behind 

Together we revel in sadness 


Reading in the lines 

Through silent whispers that scream for lonely masters 

Gripping tighter to your hand 

The only thing worse than the darkness of lonely is feeling it alone 


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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

After the boys of summer are gone |

That good feeling

It's sadened in the face of glory,

Capricious in the gauntlet of fear,

And a feathered man dangling from strands of hair.


Yellowed in a mouth of foul,

Copper lining the walls,

And red in my ears.


Gothemed in the berg,

Sinking to the floor,

A mountain of disbelief and despair.


Forgotten and afraid,

In what was left before the end,

A god of the people,


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Tangled and bruised by the brutal truths.. 
Hiding in the warmly lit alleys of hope
Escape, seems a blissful route..
Comfort of illusions help to live and cope.. 

Reality strikes with consistently lethal blows.. 
Shattered, fractured, stifled moments.. 
Often leaving heart and soul somewhat hollow..
Mind awakens to unreal incitements.. 

Storm of the night left the branches barren.. 

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from being
put down
too loud
in the
circle in
a square
didn't fit
put on
game face
kept nose
no one
notice me
yearned for
found a
now have
closet full
of ghosts

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Also by cindylee loucks:



A human feeling

entry picture

A Human feeling

Thursday,25th April 2019


Human beings know

and go

by their own knowledge

and edge out their differences


they know how to struggle

and gamble

for the real outcome

and welcome


human sufferings have no bound

and they are found

at each step

and go non-stop


those who have suffered

they shall always offer

and extend the ...

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To Forgive Oneself

I ask this of you: Do not forgive me just yet

You see I'm not quite ready to be pardoned

Spare me time to grieve over my moral debt

For only then can one's guilt be abandoned.


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Loves last breath heaves a heavy sigh,
As a cloud white curtain lifts.

The house is calm after last night’s storm,
The street stands silent witness.

Salt of the earth pillars of stone,
 Identical to each,        

Light ghostly chorus, as if to say,
'There will be changes here today’.

A sullen sun squints down as she
Prepares to abandon ship.

While others t...

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Also by trevor homer:


To Winter


I understand your essence,

that you cannot help yourself,

that Gaia turned her face away from Sol.

Is it a gesture? A way to give her succour?

You let her have a song to sing

while I endure the tempest?                            

Fickle Winter, you do me a disservice.


Sometimes, you are beautiful and show me

tiny miracles of light, prismatic splashes,

a rainbo...

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Napowrimo 2019

The Darkness of Aquarius is Knowing


heart based virus
rot as
brains in a loosebox
the hidden heart
of a star and our
eternal hyperselves 
usually beaming 
with joy's unthinkable equivalent 
now dull and dayless 

and the darkness of Aquarius is knowing,
knowing that we built 
The Great Cymatic Well 
all by ourselves
and swim now 
always in a state
of half-drowning in the age
of the W...

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The Boy In Him


Give the boy

a rock, a stick

and he'll make up

a game

a trick


the fun for him

the finding of

a lizard

frog or

doodle bug


a shallow pond

some instant mud

acorns or limbs

the boy in



is what we love

his boyish ways

we wish a boy

he'd always



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The thought’s the baddie – truth cuts, reality bites

but the blade’s now dull, the teeth worn, the maw weakened

through over use, in eager, demented mind-gnaws.


Paranoia nurdles into your head, lying,

makes-believe pain awaits, humiliation traps

the brave, forcing hunker-fear and isolation.


Your thoughts won’t happen, reality is not that:

seek and find, ask and recei...

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The first snow
Early this year
The middle of November
Wiping away years
Of deprivation
Awakening the senses
Of cold refreshing renewal
As frozen water
Sprinkles down and
Melts against my face and clothes
Tiny sculptures
Crafted by nature
To enlighten the soul
A shower of fluff
A curtain of a
New reality
Carrying me away
As it coats the ground
With whiteness
And yet it engulfs me

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entry picture

The weight of my sorrows no man can lift,

The size of my heart which is starting to shift. 


The heights of anxiety make me manic,

The lengths I would go to cure these panics. 


My emotions are at full capacity, 

Trying to decipher happiness’ anatomy.


My soul harbours in a forlorn dimension,

Awaiting a celestial beings guided ascension.



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Most Maligned

entry picture

You may be the one that darkness calls friend

The bringer of gloom, who draws curtains on the room

But to me, you are both beginning and end


You close the door on Autumn’s warm glow

Make coats button up tight, as you turn down the lights

And freeze dew drops wherever you stroll


They say you give us so few reasons to cheer

Put no food on the table, work and schools yo...

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breaking news

another bulletin 

the brain

everything is now

these days

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Skylark Tanka Journal

Ride On




Crouching on street corners

moving in shadows,

living in towers, crawling through ditches.


petrol bombs






Hated by Rebels

hated by Loyalists,

defending rebels

defending loyalists,


The Green and Gold,


The Red White and Blue,

it's just colourless ...

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If I forget…


The slow blissful days filled

With miraculous nothings

Are with you


The light hand reaching out

To whisk me from the dark, cold places I sometimes live in

Is your hand


The names, the dates, the places, the faces

And finally, fatally, 



Like my father before me


Please know

I am not me

And letting go

Is not treason

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On a snowy day,

In a dimly lit street,

An ailing girl, utterly dismayed

Perches under the canopy of an enormous tree.


Looking towards heaven,

Her eyes well up a little.

Perhaps she’s waiting for someone special,

But all that comes to her are snowflakes, frosty and brittle.


She digs up the icy earth

With her gloved fingers.

And buries a white rose beneath the...

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An eye opener

A journey through wilderness,

I emerged from the shadows .

Leading to a new world ,

Of love , life and living .


An unknown comfort ,

Of sound,touch and sight .

Unknown emotions ,

Of possessiveness,  dependence and satiation .


Flying high with new light, 

In your hand is mine. 

A smiles that never ceases 

With you by my side .


When with you,

I n...

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If home is where your heart is

what happens to a homeless heart

whose situation is heartbreaking?

Heartless are the actions of those

who have caused such heartfelt sorrow

and should indulge in some heartsearching

to mitigate this heartrending state of things

saving the wanderers great heartache.

Otherwise a homeless heart might cease

to have a heartbeat  and become fatal...

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Divided City, Divided Land?

entry picture

Divided City, Divided Land?

In hope, the Peace Bridge spans the majestic Foyle
Although the sectarian divide is plain to see
Since our time there, it's difficult to imagine
the tragic events that hit Derry City,
or Londonderry depending on your allegiance if any

The loss of Lyra McKee, on Good Friday of all days
has rocked the city to the core
The loss of Lyra, a child of the peace pro...

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double standards

you give money to patreons
and gofundme
cos the content looks neat
but won't bat an eyelid
to the homeless dying on the street

take a photo with them
do it for a couple of likes
meanwhile when winter comes around
they're outside dying on anti-homeless spikes

this is a raising epidemic
doesn't it make you feel sad
that could be your brother

as the rich get richer

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homelesspunk poetryrealization

Mothers Ruin

Trouble brewing

Mothers ruin

Gin and tonic


Filled with ice

Oh and a slice

of lemon in

and round the rim

to give it flavour

Just the one?

Do me a favour!

There’s pink gin

Orange gin

Elderflower too

Plum, vanilla, Rhubarb

To name but a few

Gordon’s, Greenall’s and Whitley Neil

Beefeater, Hendrick’s

Gin’s the real deal!

So when you g...

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entry picture

(A re-post from a few years ago, but seeing as the great man is back I thought it worthwhile to revisit.  AfficiaNandos may recognise my debt to George Formby's "Fanlight Fanny").


You can tell he

Loves the telly

For his chance to smarm

He would give an arm

And a leg;

Aimed to prove he

Was a smoothie

On our TV set

As he got the better

Of Nick Clegg;

Charming an...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

The quest to mingle,
Makes everything tangled 
Mortal a jungle
The fight a battle

Wander journey to town free
Not even water to grow tree
Breath isn't what you see
Much focus, looks like sea

Drive of a thing and passion 
Alone with emotion 
Knock knock, temptation 
Thoughts the invitation 

A standing ladder for all
Time determine the hall
Even while standing tall
The gate won'...

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

Goodbye |

Flea Market

Fighting through the milling masses,

flowing fast as cold molasses;

flamenco frocks and Taiwan trinkets,

tempt us with ice cream and sprinkles.


Plastic shoes and printed t-shirts,

sweet turrón and nutty biscuits,

after-shaves and dodgy perfumes,

sun-hats, shades and swimming costumes.


Shoddy bracelets, charms and knick-knacks,

candles made from local beeswax;


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NaPoWriMo Day 24


when they begrudge you and call you a curse
with sly smiles and subtle words

what right have the shadows to prevent you?

my love will be an axe      a scythe            a flame

and you will dry your tears in the sun...

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Also by elPintor:

transitions | animals | mirrors |


I'll tell you this for nothing and you can believe it or not,

I've been around a while and I've felt life crack the whip,

And the spirits of decisions make sure they're not forgot,

And I promise you they'll haunt you until you take ownership.


Own your fears and mistakes, the heartaches, every last one,

I know the things I got right and I'm proud to own them too,

But that's t...

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she stood still

sometimes i wonder how we got to this point

a point where you wonder whats the best

a point where you want to restart and forget

because i thought we're doing our best

giving all the love we have left

but look at us now, 

one has left and doesnt have any regrets

and the other one stood still, full of questions.

shes waiting, waiting and reassuring him that she believes.


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brokenenglish poemheartachelovepoempoetpoetry

A turkey in sheep's clothing

"Fattening up time" the wall calendar read

which meant only one  thing to old farmer Ted.

Christmas was coming and there's money to be made

you see the bigger the bird the more he'd be paid.


He'd saved up all year and bought high quality feed

to ensure that his flock was the best he could breed.

So this year Ted's turkeys would be the tastiest in town

and the best biggest...

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Christmasfarmerfunnyhumournarrative poemstoryTurkey


entry picture

I want it to be over

The voices in my head 

Telling me to end it

And let go of everything I’ve dreamt


I want it to be over

The feeling that I’ve dread

The endless loop to stop

I don’t want to be afraid


I want it to be over

I want to start again 

This time no voices 

This time I’ll put an end.

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Also by Ana Dobrev:

Guilt | 5am |


Her Self Love

Hi, she said with one big sigh, the day was difficult and she held in her cry 

She was shy but always found her way with the bad guy who always liked to lie 

Wishing for something new b/c she wanted to finally turn the blind eye  

On her cycle of men; realized that it was her making herself feel this way, she was high 


On the fact that someone was always there but still felt lonel...

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Forever you’ll be my favorite part❤️

Out of nowhere you came crashing into me

Like beside each other is where we were always meant to be

Giving me butterflies and making my heart skip a beat

With just a simple glance my way

Some say it’s too good to be true

Those feelings will diminish they say

One day they’ll fade away, But oh baby, I know these feelings I have for you will always stay


*-You’re the one who ...

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Also by Leslie stout:

Let me love you | Unconditional love |

How to waste a few hours

Jigsaws are great at the outset aren't they?

Enthusiastically you build the border

then crack on with the interior

and can barely contain yourself

when completing an interesting area

but then as soon as you start to see some clarity

you find all that's left is sea and sky

and you know it's gonna get tougher

so you break it up

stick it back in the box

and donate it to ...

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Goole Revisited

Hello Humber gateway,
you old dock drab,
winking at passing commerce
with your ample warehouse acreage,
welcoming skirts hitched
up the legs of the Ouse and Trent.

Under stretched skies,
I am a salmon swimming the sixty-two,
past rotting coal fired corpses,
where orderly pylons queue the lanes,
sturdy girls whispering old secrets;
gossip from a shabby adolescence.

On a three-quarte...

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Flash In The Pan


OMG, there goes another one.
Spectators are asked to step back in amazement,
warp necks for one more firework display.
A whizz-bang over before it can really amaze
needs little bravery to turn away from.
People, turn your eyes to heaven thinking
to dive into the infinite 
that has held us all this long, for the stunning
mystery of it. And should a star move into view
what can you do ...

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Don't Sell your Soul

entry picture

For my friend Ray, I hope you haven't.


Don't Sell Your Soul


I told him not to sell his soul 

That it would be unwise

The devil cheets and always wins

The end is your demise.

I told him not to sell his soul

It would be careless and askew

Satan laughs at all the fools who follow at his shoe.

I told him not to sell his soul

That he would never get it back


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Vincent Price, actor extraordinaire

reaches into his cloak with large sympathetic hands,

smiles with that crooked cataclysm of a face,

eyebrows as restless as Tower Bridge,

pulls back the velvet to reveal plum red lining


and have us fooled;

what might happen next?

will there be bats or spiders

or perhaps the Tingler.


He merely recites in broad sweeps

as camp...

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Also by ray pool:


Murmurs of love

The touch of heaven

A feeling that no one feels alone

Is deep within this heart 

What  can only be adored

All around the world

Only four words that means more 

Is love only that can bring us near 


Whenever darkness looms around 

Fog of cries and rain of suffering spreads beyond

There and there only a hand can give the strength 

To fight all that away

To stand ...

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