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Why You Can't Find a Master Class on Death

You can find volumes of information
On how to die, but the materials are
All prepared by interns and trainees.
The true masters on the art of dying
Have all lost interest in our struggles
With mortality and how to be shed of it.

Still, we want as much information as
Possible, so we can be prepared when
The time comes. We hang eagerly on
The words of those who nearly died,
Just so maybe...

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Also by Randy Horton:

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deathhappy deathnear deaththe art of dying

The Man

I see a man who has nothing

He wears a mask

I watch as he walks into an ocean of


Everyone he knows

Watching from afar

As I watch

I realize

That man is me


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Also by Daniel Amici:

Do I tell her |


She says that she needs a daddy 
But I'm more of a baller
She's calling for an SS emergency
But I've been calling for a SS Anne
I can't build no Castle 
I'm just a lonely bastard
so cut me off a little faster


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Songs From The Womb

Through my life I’ve collected voices
maybe twice a decade a new singer comes to me
and I can’t let it pass by
without holding tight

Through the years certain songs seem magnetic, somehow
whole albums written in a style I know too well
for it to be coincidence
and I have to hold it close

When Joni sings of ‘skating away’
something jumped out of the speakers
and Leonard says a ‘highwa...

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Also by Tom:

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hatchingJoni Mitchellleonard Cohenmusicsongs


entry picture

When the birds take back their language,

when the trees unloose

their tenderly hands from around you,

when the air doesn't breathe

and the seas are tearing,

when the flowers whisper:

No, you own nothing,

then remember:

You're visitor,

honoring the hospitality.

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Also by alexis karpouzos:


beautyfriendshipheartlifemetaphysicsmother naturepeacefulphilosophypoems on spiritualitypoetrystillnesswisdom

Sea Oats Already Know

entry picture

Beat, beat, beat

breathe in


My heart and lungs

they already know


Waves know just when

to bend


The crest crashes

when it feels high enough 


The seagull glides

by pulling on air


Sand crystals swirl

around half-buried twigs


Sea foam blows

down the body of the beach


Clouds rush

to reveal the warmth of September



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love poemoceansea oatsseagull

"You talk the talk.."*

"..do you walk the walk?"*

Principles are easy to talk about but hard to live by.

*all credit to Animal Mother and FULL METAL JACKET for the title and line in quotes.  If you think this applies only to men at war, heaven help us all for your duplicity.


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Do you see a world shining,

A sun rising?

The gashes in the walls?


Crumbling besides this great horizon,

Crumbling in my ears,

Gathering by the sea.


Pebbles are small,

You are real,

Upsetting falters in facades.



Don’t you see the walls?

Next to the horizon?


Overshadow me,

Besides me,


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Lonely by definition | Life is cruel |

An Ancient Language

An Ancient Language


It is not Latin or Ancient Greek

that we find a language so rich and deep

It is not borne of a vocabulary or tongue

but from the heart, soul and mind of man

Found in the mists of time it comes to us

rich and varied are its sounds and cadences

For it can speak across all boundaries

reaching beyond impassable frontiers

Its sounds are an orchestra r...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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Real world

entry picture


Tuesday,17th September 2019


What we see through eyes is really not real!

what we think or dream of is unreal!

what is likely to happen is real

so compromise with the mind and make the deal


world same

people are also the same

so claim your self

like a hidden treasure in the shelf


to dream and do really nothing

it is condemnable sort of the ...

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At end of day, man on his knees,

Cried out to God “Lord, help me please!

My sins are dark, that much is plain –

How can you pardon me again?”


And, like God’s kiss upon his face,

He heard “I am the God of grace”



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The loudest silence I have ever heard,

and dark, so black I hardly see the night.

No moon, and just a smattering of stars

whose ghostly glimmer casts a shimmered shade

among the trees, where night-birds sound their cry.

A rustle in the ferns belies the breeze

that barely moves the leaves, and signals prey

that prey themselves, and so the chain endures.


For I, who spurn...

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blank verse

Meatballs Tonight


Oh what a sight

mounds of delight

not wrong just right

meatballs tonight!

Red meat so bright

tongue loves each bite

done seen the light

meatballs tonight!

Taken to new heights

Got the green light

seconds we might

meatballs tonight!

Hunger our plight

now no more gripes

our lips we swipe

meatballs tonight!


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Festival toilets

The weather is great

And the music is good

But I realy truly wish that I could

Hold it all in

But I need to pee

But those festival toilets are not for me

Because they smell so bad

And they look so grim

I feel like I'm going out on a limb.

It's too late I've breathed it in

The potty is filled up to the brim

Look at it it's overflowing

Maybe I should just get goin...

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Also by Andrew Mark Bedell:

Ordering drinks in a night club |

figure of fun

you left me in a pool of tears feeling like Pagliacci

you left me crucified by your betrayal feeling like Jesus

while your sinfulness is free to go on wherever you are

your handsomeness flag flying high

for other women to pay their sexual allegiances to


I'm just another lamb for the love slaughter

brooding on thoughts of your arms around another

traitorously dishonouring ...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

an ideal deal | is this the hope-ward road? | with hAvOc as a memory | inexplicable entities | unforgettable underdogs aka real human beings ( a just HAS TO BE for all on WOL ) | weak days | withdrawal |

No chicks at the flicks !

Dawn and Marge were at the flicks watching The Golden Compass.

In the foyer a farmer was causing quite a rumpus.

He'd bought two tickets one for him and one for his chicken Nance.

"No chicks allowed !"So secretly he stuffed Nance down his pants,

Sneaked her in and sat next to Dawn and Marge.

The movie started and the chicken's head from the farmer's trousers did discharge.

Dawn s...

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Also by hugh:

Palestine protesters demonstrating outside H.S.B.C. | A political plea.ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! | Friday the 13th,a sad day for Sammy the skeleton | Friday the 13th,female integration | Breaking news,passenger flies plane from Manchester to Alicante | How old? | Homelessness | Souper wit | A rat's prayer | Aspirations of a Refugee | Vote Remain |

Are you okay?

Driving home Sunday,
Oxfordshire evening sunshine 
burnishing spires and flaming
rape fields too bright to look at.
Mulling over the day and
you asking me if I’m okay
more than once
due to the uncharacteristic silence,
my brief absent-minded answers
‘Of course’.
It’s like coming up for air whilst swimming
only to dive straight back beneath
the reminiscing waves, to
warm end-of-summer ...

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a sad rose 

in the orphanage


waits to be adopted 

for many lonely years


nobody wants her


people prefer 

flowers with no thorns...



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Also by Julia:

Little Bird | Invitation |


The mighty pen

On the run

Ink is blue

Happiness mirth

The red one sure

Isn't too much fun

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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entry picture

 Some thoughts on not being fearful to share your creative side with others....

Why are we here?

But for the sake


Each other

Escaping our

Internal prisons

Expressing a prism

Of Colourful 


Never seen before

When you let

The light

Of hope

Shine through

It creates

The most 

Amazing Spectrum

From the rain

Of sadness

And the


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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

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Absentee fathers

A modern phenomenon;

Millions being raised

In a one-parent home;

'Throwaway partners'

-a causative factor;

Adults should know that

Young lives matter!

Kids need assurance

During formative years;

Two loving parents

To calm their fears;

A devoted father

I was blessed to have had;

Nothing can replace

The love, of a dad.


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Naked Unconditional Love

The air was heavy with desire as his hand touched her naked breast

His mouth found her erect nipple and his tongue felt her areola 

He sucked hard and a burst of emotion shot through her body

She held him close, encouraging him to continue

She loved him more than anybody or anything on earth

When it was over he fell into a deep satisfied sleep

She slept too, knowing that he would...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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the outdoors

The outdoors


Once, I walked on newly fallen snow

It was sobering,

but then it got cold, and feet froze

enough of sobering.

Thick, woollen socks and boots

I’m not an outdoor man

Traversing the North Pole is not

For me, I’m not a penguin.

 I like to stay by the window when

 it snows look romantic, festive too

thinking of yuletide of yore.



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But Am I Crazy ?

entry picture

But Am I Crazy ?


I've built this world of fantasy

And placed it in my mind

Filled with all my characters

And others (when I find)


But am I crazy ?


I have nice conversations

(Cups of tea not yet)

I'm 'fraid they're nothing special

Don't mix with no jet set


But am I crazy ?


There's Thalia my Muse of Mirth

Met when the Muses toured


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Eternal dance

Dancing and Twirling in the luminous lights.. 
Souls drifted to reach dizzying heights.. 
Not known are the  naive ways of heart ..
Tugging, pulling the forbidden silken threads.. 
Fragile steps learn the beats of art..
Bold cruising, finally the inhibition sheds.. 
Eternity it takes to end the marvelous quest.. 
Dancing in unison, symphony at its soulful best.. 

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If I Take My Leave

entry picture

If I take my leave of the green green wood

Home to Herne the Hunter and Robin Hood

Sunlight finding its way through the branches…magical

A living breathing ecosystem starting with the botanical

The symphony of nature provided by operatic birdsong

Natural balance perfecting, every creature does belong


If I take my leave of the green green wood

Would it cease to exist? I wo...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Labels | Art Of Being | Island of My Mind |

#Ecology#nature #poem

The hope of a sunflower

entry picture

a sunflower smile
on this windy sunny day
with hope of some rain

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Also by Allyzone Spoken Word:

Battlefield | Infinite beauty |


Burning time

All my lights have been fixed

All the paths have been switched

I am here and still in a dream

or am I awake and fighting to scream


Now my eyes can see what's ahead

what I must believe and not destory myself again

I can't compell the shit I have lived ,all the tears that i have shed

alone in my bed and fighting to find a reason to not make this the end

I'm living now a...

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Also by Jaxx:

How do we know. |

I am Love (Updated)

entry picture

Thank you to all those who liked or commented my previous posting of 'I am Love'.  


I found an old recording of the poem, so thought I would add it to the original page but it didn't work. 

So I am posting it here.  However, you may have to turn up the sound.


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so beloved

what passes for 



are just 



your morality 



night comes 

and you embrace the opposite 


survival of the fittest 

someone wins the other submits 


you try these poses on 

like underwear twisted 


at the foot 

of the bed


and you think about

all you’ve consumed


and what you’ve 


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Time's fool

entry picture

My life is a work-in-progress

my writing and poetry too

the advice is still, unfortunately, 

to take another route through.

A love-struck Romeo too. 

Some writing is not about something

some writing is of itself;

some writing is something to lean on,

a floating melody of swans; a yelp of pain.


When first we feel, we fall,

under the shadow of the shelter of t...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Dark Matter

He has heard it once,

we are primordial sound.


These intricacies of being.

The complexity of what's been woven, 

never knowing as we sway.



as motion threatens to leave us.

Light is to dark, as dark is to light.


Such maddening scenes of sacrament, 

that bellow from below. 

Those souls lost,

whom plead for redemption;

this light does not g...

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Also by Chaz Allen:

Courage | Climb | CHI | Celestial |

A feeling inside VS my wondering eye

Day 2 day

A certain situation has been the same way

I try to act nonchalant as my mother would say

Hoping things will change as a Christian you know I prey.

Subconsiously knowing its inevitable cause that’s how he chooses to play and has my constituents in the matrix to put the icing on the cake.

She needs to fall back for her sake

crazy...if I was ther I’d never want to wake


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Also by northern_nay:


I Missed the Bus

Where is my Muse

I missed the bus

Will there be another

Oh, what a fuss

I was hoping, at best

To go for a ride

On that magical tour

With my mind open wide

To find inspiration

And maybe a friend

As Don did with Thalia

Oh, who am I to pretend...

So I wait on the corner

With my pen and my pad

Thinking that, maybe, 

This Muse thing's a fad

There's a bus ...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

No More Hellos | Paying it Forward | Him | The Moors |


My Faith and Inspiration Found

Let me even at the expense of my evolution remain

a sharpened blade tucked inside a dusty sheath. 

Let me never taste the sweet liquors and fruit of fame

For I would rather share a glass of tepid water with

the hands that clean up after the ruthless beasts of war

Gladly I'll put the pen aside and grab a hod and shovel

and never write another word; keep silent forevermore. 

be ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

The Wait | I Refuse | Wedding Wish |

Thoughts on England while abroad

England – I never thought I'd feel

so wishful for your autumn days;

abroad I roam yet wish to steal

          from tiring rays.


Empty these southern climes now seem;

empty the sun, the sea, the leisure,

the passing souls. This former dream

          gives now no pleasure.


These shedding leaves announce September -

the birds depart - I wish to part.

These fad...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

In Despondency |

poem by chris laverty

This Wouldn't Happen On The NHS

There was a funny incident in surgery today,

I chopped a patient's penis off in protest over pay.

I told him if he coughed up I would put it back of course,

He said, "If I pay double can I have one from a horse?"

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Also by branwell kent:

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Listless Life

My listless life just drifts on by
Like the clouds that float up high
All is still. I see nothing move.
And of all things I disapprove.

And so turn thy wheel. Let life be good.
Then let us all be understood
Let the Sun now break through.
Let this golden globe echo my life's view.

Take me from this world of trouble
Prick and pop this secret bubble
And through the tears of heaven let m...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Waterfalls | Romance and Me | Life for Everyone | Shakespeare |

LifePhilosophyStuart Vanner


entry picture


A dark side.
Figures lurking. 
From forbidden realms. 
Menace approaches. 
Weeping soul.
A strangled cry.
No mercy no mercy.

Blood moon dripping.
Shadows prowling. 
An entity searching. 
pounding heart.
Soulless eyes.
Creeping on this night.
Smother, smother, smother.

Bursting lungs.
Running in panic. 
Blindly in circles.
Desperate and isolated.
Far ...

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Also by Harvey202020:

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The petals unfold 

the breaking bloom of 

hairline cracks in fragile glass

the ringing tones - singing 

of friction pressed upon the lip

of silence

speechless words unspoken

moving eyes - stare back 

a multitude of gazes

fractured - the crisp sound crack

of shattered glass

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new dawn | catcher of my shadows | narcotic |

Never Closed Always Open

entry picture

Inside the grounds of a Children's Home in Liverpool a young boy plays - - -

Hideaway green

together fields

climbing grey

stone wall

young boy

eager mind

song writer

ideas grow

imagination adventure - - -


Years later

music lovers

singing Strawberry

Fields Forever

walking through

Fab Four

Beatles gateway

always open

never closed.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Moody Blue |

Old iron gates opened to Beatle fans

A Beautiful Fairy Seen

entry picture

Fascination gone into an admiration,

The new display is just an exaltation.

Like a fairy the new style,

Red lips and a pretty smile…

The image subjugates and conquers,

Hallucinates and confers,

The beholder’s thought with joy & tears.


A fairy’s descent with an advantage,

She places the world on a rampage.

With a revelation of her appearance

She adds more efferves...

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love poetry



How often do I hear that the years are just flying by,

assertions made, in the main, by those who have seen

many already and are startled by the sudden onset

of things that simply slow you down so less gets done,

yet not less than you would confide to anyone.


I think about my own struggles with the spoken word,

for example, those painful moments when, say,


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Also by Peter Taylor:


An Ideal World

Well now let me ask you is it right to not highlight the plight of those hidden from sight,

Denied the bright light as they stumble through night and they get uptight cuz their fight might be right,

And let me ask you would you agree that it's not up to me or you or we what the world should see,

Or proud pomposity, or loud verbosity, to even possibly, censor what should be free,

And wo...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

The Cutter | Lead Me Not | I Bought A Kayak | A Stone For The Miller (Collaboration Feat Mae Foreman) | The Key Fumbled |



reap what's
harvest what's
to top
now the
ebb and

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks


I am appalled that Advertising thinks: 



In the early evening

Watching some casual programme,

The face of a young woman fills the screen in my lounge.

And I think: 'A pantomime mask! 

But still, a pretty girl.'

Her eyes are focussed on the camera

And therefore straight into mine.

And then -

She begins mouth movements

With her brightly pas...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Depressive Moment |

A view from Mainland

We had to return

a final time to catch the

calls of black head gulls

and watch for otters bobbing

in the rain-splash of the loch.


Circling the shallows;

a nuisance of grey-lag geese.

We turned our gaze to

the Ring of Brodgar, Stenness,

and the hills of Hoy beyond.


Harray was calmness...

As clouds scudded from the west

and the wind grew strong

we fol...

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Also by Rick:

I looked up (final version (for now) ) | I looked up | broken home |

Mr. Sand Man

My balance is very finite

I felt it coming

I dreamed of my past life

I felt the love we held as I gazed into her eyes

I awoke and felt the pain in my heart

tried to ignore it, but it grew

the ugly couldn't mask it forever

it found me in deep stillness, and whispered the forgotten lore

the scabs were ripped off

I couldn't stop the bleeding

it hurt

no matter the pres...

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কিরি কিরি

entry picture

আমরা এমনিই হাঁটতেছিলাম

চা খাইতে বের হইছিলাম

বড় রাস্তার উপর আইসা দেখি একটা নায়ক নাঁচতেছে

রাস্তার ওইপাড়ে তার প্রেমিকার বাসা

আমরা আগায় গিয়া একটু উৎসুক হইলাম

অবস্থা থাকতে থাকতেই নায়কের সাথে যে ছিল

তাকে গিয়া জিজ্ঞাসা করলাম এইটা ইউটিউব না সিনেমা?

নাকি টিকটক, ছবির পরিচালক কই

কোন হেল্প লাগবে কি না,

আমরাও পেছন দিয়া একটু নাঁইচা দিব কিনা

সে আমাদের ভাগায় দিল। আমরা রাস্তা পাড় হয়ে ...

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Morning sunrise

The jagged turreted skyline

emits its own kind

of dull fabricated ugliness,

hard smoked-filled tubes,

funneling the excesses

of materialistic output,

contrasting with the subtle

smooth outline of

the faraway forest

a rolling tide of greenery

an invisible outpouring

of breathable atoms

lovingly carressing

our stifled lungs.

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Thorn in her side | Turning my back | Confess |

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