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A Rose By Any Other Name

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A Rose By Any Other Name


If I were a doctor

Treating your wounds

And infections

Your bile and liver

You would welcome me


If I were a restaurateur

Feeding you for free

Flavouring your drinks

Would you not welcome me?


I am clockmaker

Yellow gold

Like summer sun


I drift

On the breeze

And still

You do not welcome me


I am the l...

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Broke-Down Poem


The main thing about

writing a poem

is to know when

you get to the end


some poets do not

and go and on


like a car

they run out of gas


then they just park

and leave it on

the side of the road


a poet must know

where he's going

and stop when he gets there


unlike this poem

which started good

but then sputtered to a stop


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Flea Market

Fighting through the milling masses,

flowing fast as cold molasses;

flamenco frocks and Taiwan trinkets,

tempt us with ice cream and sprinkles.


Plastic shoes and printed t-shirts,

sweet turrón and nutty biscuits,

after-shaves and dodgy perfumes,

sun-hats, shades and swimming costumes.


Shoddy bracelets, charms and knick-knacks,

candles made from local beeswax;


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NaPoWriMo Day 24


when they begrudge you and call you a curse
with sly smiles and subtle words

what right have the shadows to prevent you?

my love will be an axe      a scythe            a flame

and you will dry your tears in the sun...

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Fulfillment theory

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Fulfillment theory

Wednesday,24th April 2019


When you reach a dead end

just think and send

gratification signals

to all the individuals


It is your stagnation

with no satisfaction

and thinking in vain

how happy to remain


look back

and crack

on those negative actions

which now need your positive reactions


remain on top

but stop


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I live beneath a spiral chain,

a silver flow, associating


The best of me, the worst of me

won’t let me sleep,

assaults what was my fontanelle,

hurling endless arrows,

silken whispers,

sometimes hammer blows.

Voracious, it would plait me      

in perpetual prolixity.


I struggled to untangle braids of lexicon,

loquacity; a glossolalic battle


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Napowrimo 2019

Quintessential, Haiku

The only thing I did that mattered

at all in this wretched life;

was that time I held you in my arms!

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I'll tell you this for nothing and you can believe it or not,

I've been around a while and I've felt life crack the whip,

And the spirits of decisions make sure they're not forgot,

And I promise you they'll haunt you until you take ownership.


Own your fears and mistakes, the heartaches, every last one,

I know the things I got right and I'm proud to own them too,

But that's t...

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she stood still

sometimes i wonder how we got to this point

a point where you wonder whats the best

a point where you want to restart and forget

because i thought we're doing our best

giving all the love we have left

but look at us now, 

one has left and doesnt have any regrets

and the other one stood still, full of questions.

shes waiting, waiting and reassuring him that she believes.


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Quote Unquote

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We were challenged to write a poem inspired by two randlmly chosenpages in a dictionary, thesairaus or encyclopedic book. This is my offering


The light grows from his bedside lamp, illuminating hitherto unseen leaves of Humorous Quotations.

He pores through dry pages of politicians' dry political thoughts

Seeking inspiration from giants of history


Is this all they left behind...

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the memories

her daughters fought over

but in the end didn't want

priced to clear

at the car boot sale

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InkSweat and Tears

A turkey in sheep's clothing

"Fattening up time" the wall calendar read

which meant only one  thing to old farmer Ted.

Christmas was coming and there's money to be made

you see the bigger the bird the more he'd be paid.


He'd saved up all year and bought high quality feed

to ensure that his flock was the best he could breed.

So this year Ted's turkeys would be the tastiest in town

and the best biggest...

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The Middle's Dropped Out


And they move with precision
And they’re not listening

To you or by one else
You’ve known

And there’s a man
A throw’s distance

Asking for a pittance
And it doesn’t even rate

As an unpleasant

The middle’s come out
It’s been gobbled up

And although they didn’t want it
How they benefit from it

And although they hate him
They can’t stop what they’re making


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I want it to be over

The voices in my head 

Telling me to end it

And let go of everything I’ve dreamt


I want it to be over

The feeling that I’ve dread

The endless loop to stop

I don’t want to be afraid


I want it to be over

I want to start again 

This time no voices 

This time I’ll put an end.

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Her Self Love

Hi, she said with one big sigh, the day was difficult and she held in her cry 

She was shy but always found her way with the bad guy who always liked to lie 

Wishing for something new b/c she wanted to finally turn the blind eye  

On her cycle of men; realized that it was her making herself feel this way, she was high 


On the fact that someone was always there but still felt lonel...

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Forever you’ll be my favorite part❤️

Out of nowhere you came crashing into me

Like beside each other is where we were always meant to be

Giving me butterflies and making my heart skip a beat

With just a simple glance my way

Some say it’s too good to be true

Those feelings will diminish they say

One day they’ll fade away, But oh baby, I know these feelings I have for you will always stay


*-You’re the one who ...

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How to waste a few hours

Jigsaws are great at the outset aren't they?

Enthusiastically you build the border

then crack on with the interior

and can barely contain yourself

when completing an interesting area

but then as soon as you start to see some clarity

you find all that's left is sea and sky

and you know it's gonna get tougher

so you break it up

stick it back in the box

and donate it to ...

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Firefly Winter

I want to go back to the days
When no one knew that we were something
Back to the nights when I cuddled you
I was scared of you not being by my side
I know these words are in vain but they're all I have left

Back to the days when you read my poems everyday
When you were excited to talk to me
Back to the days when I gave up the computer for you
God dammit do not understand I love you


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Goole Revisited

Hello Humber gateway,
you old dock drab,
winking at passing commerce
with your ample warehouse acreage,
welcoming skirts hitched
up the legs of the Ouse and Trent.

Under stretched skies,
I am a salmon swimming the sixty-two,
past rotting coal fired corpses,
where orderly pylons queue the lanes,
sturdy girls whispering old secrets;
gossip from a shabby adolescence.

On a three-quarte...

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in her
as her soul
slowly dies
keeps secret
tears she cries
words that
are spoken
veils a heart
that is broken
on her lips
a smile
hides the journey
of a thousand miles
walks with
a skip
mask never
won't ever
what she doesn't
want you to know
wrapped in
colors bright
perpetual night
clouds the
can't see things

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Also by cindylee loucks:



Flash In The Pan


OMG, there goes another one.
Spectators are supposed to step back in amazement
as if bending their necks at a firework display.
A whizz-bang, over before it can really amaze
needs not bravery to turn away from.
People, turn your eyes to heaven thinking
to dive into the infinite 
that has held us all this long, for the stunning
mystery of it. And should a star move into view
what can ...

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Don't Sell your Soul

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For my friend Ray, I hope you haven't.


Don't Sell Your Soul


I told him not to sell his soul 

That it would be unwise

The devil cheets and always wins

The end is your demise.

I told him not to sell his soul

It would be careless and askew

Satan laughs at all the fools who follow at his shoe.

I told him not to sell his soul

That he would never get it back


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Vincent Price, actor extraordinaire

reaches into his cloak with large sympathetic hands,

smiles with that crooked cataclysm of a face,

eyebrows as restless as Tower Bridge,

pulls back the velvet to reveal plum red lining


and have us fooled;

what might happen next?

will there be bats or spiders

or perhaps the Tingler.


He merely recites in broad sweeps

as camp...

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Also by ray pool:


The ruins of Nineveh

Those rich metaphors drawn from the earth and sea,

Rich biblical language of baptism and burial and birth,

Blossom and harvest, wise ones, holy fools, women.

From the lips of children learn that clinging to life

Is not sufficient: the worried well can still go to hell.


Smoke over Mosul. Mosul’s churches where once

The Jacobite heart of Christian belief was celebrated


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Murmurs of love

The touch of heaven

A feeling that no one feels alone

Is deep within this heart 

What  can only be adored

All around the world

Only four words that means more 

Is love only that can bring us near 


Whenever darkness looms around 

Fog of cries and rain of suffering spreads beyond

There and there only a hand can give the strength 

To fight all that away

To stand ...

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Feminism builds on needs!
Tell me something, are you freed
From all society’s greed
If you don’t think a woman
Is the same as a human
Where have you been hurt?
Don’t make me your just desserts
Looking at me like something tasty
Feels like your arguments are a little hasty to judge me
Like I’m not somebody
With hopes and dreams and feelings
Why you wiping down that glass ceiling
Sister ...

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Also by Josie Harris:

Love | Tiny |

Doors closing


a term I seldom use

Summer clothes

Packed in tight


A voice declares

"Doors closing"

Faces stilled

Such quiet

hushed phenomena 

What would our ancestors 

make of this crushing


Strangers allowing strangers

their Intimate space

Expelled air 

The body's breath

A nervous cough suppressed 

A weary sigh

eyes meeting 


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Shoes | Love cannot ride a bicycle | These shoes are made for wanting |


We live with sickness despite moving on

Beyond the ignorance our ancestors looked upon

And accepted as being a part of the life

They lived - praying that they might evade the knife.


But even today with human knowledge increasing

By the hour...by the day - via research unceasing,

It makes me wonder if illness is like a sin

Caused by our folly - from without and within.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:





So I get up and hear my name,

A surreal sound I don’t recognise.

Should I be here? I ask myself, thinking

‘I should have come in disguise’.

What happens when I get to the mic’?

I then realise

There’s sweat running down my face.

I feel like I should run.

The panic subsides and I hear applause,

Happy I decided to come.

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Also by trevor homer:


I address to the garverment of my country

You, morons, with the wood brain,
Sawdust your heads contain,
Listen to me, you damn bloody fools,
Lift your asses from the stools!
Go! Toddle of hobble to do good deeds!
Grow fruitful seeds!
Moderate your own greed!
Find out what people need! 
Feed the children and old men!
Heal the children from cancer and then
Build the roads and give the gas!
I want my country to be superclass.

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garvermenthuman conditionhuman rightslife

Colour - Black

Although you are

in essence an absence

you are always deliberate,

mysterious and silent,

a shadow following,

a shade from the sun,

impression gives colour

but you remain intact

with none.

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Woody Guthrie

your songs were authentic

as you sang of the land

the land that was yours.

You rode that ol' railroad

a blues dust bowl singer,

just a tired and lonesome

'Hard travellin' man


You were a poet

a bard and a dreamer

facing the world

with guitar in your hand,

you sang to the people

who picked up on your meaning,

you gave us Bob Dylan


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Also by Dorothy Webb:



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Why do I now prefer writing in my bedroom?

when I have a perfectly good study

- a space cleared for thought?


I feel inspired to dream while I’m awake in here

- not there. Is it because I’ve just coated

the room and everything in it, a lilac pink? 


Is that the colour of my inspiration?      ...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

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InspirationMother's Lovepoem

End of the World

I breathed in the cold and hardened my heart,

I flew with wings made of bone and crystal tears

I walked in a desolate gallery of unknown art,

And shouted with impudence in spite of fears


I bound my sorrow tightly and didn't let it squirm

I laughed at the silence just to hear a voice

But shuddered when the dark answered in return

Should have stayed silent, now regret my ch...

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Spring songs appear like ghosts

Hovering over the horizon

Happy memories

Playing in fields of daffodils

Golden rainbows

Mixed with stripes of hyacinth blue

Amber shadows projecting skyward

Against the rays of the rising sun

Time stands still as trees blossom

And fauns scamper among daydreams

Everlasting solitude of rebirth

For the dawning of a new day

A new seas...

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A Journey Forward

A Journey Forward


I do not fear being carried aloft

with all cares cast aside with me enwrapt

Sprinkled with holy water to cleanse

with clouds of incense to uplift

My departure will be as silent as time spent

to fly on the wings of angels to him who sent me

No regret shall accompany this onward journey

only the bells that ring the memories of times past

Farewell mor...

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think back/pink black

i am idiot young and 

in the back of the car 

i close my eyes just so 

the light of the sun 

between the trees beats a tattoo 

behind my lids and lenses 

and that is all I want to be 

just then - isolation 

pink black pink black pink black 

a heartbeat from 8 minutes before 

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Also by Stuart Buck:

providence | i am made of water and so are you |

Just being me

I want to change people views on me,

In which theirs eyes has a distorted view they see.

I was once wild and free,

But now theirs a broken heart inside me.


I used to fearless and free,

But this pain has gripped me .

I once thought love could conquer it all,

But with it comes the greatest fall.


I let my barriers break to low,

I took a risk so my feelings were on...

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Also by Joy LuvCamnkiancaleb Morris:

The branches of love |

You would never believe me

You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
there are thorns in my conscience.. 
Of leaving faith and allegiance.. 

You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
there are hidden layers to the spoken truth.. 
Persistent lies lived in the times of youth..
You would never believe me if I told you that.. 
dark demons still reside in these caverns.
Dark and light shades of moralit...

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Once more woken by my body’s aches

called away from recent dreams

that in a moment flee cool reading rooms

through one of four blue wooden doors

each to reach nothing less than

muddles heaped across a field of

bubble-wrapped, incoherent scenes.


My return each morning on zero gain

is caught on mundane memories

so trite as to leave them in the dar...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



You love me?


What is that

To love someone?


You need me

You want and take

On your own terms


But what do you give

In return?

What sacrifice is your's for love?


Your love has limits

It's caused such pain

You do not know me

Just my name

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In deep pools of stillness 

I drink of time 

as spherules drop

to ripple

Life’s reflection 

Seconds dance forever

Briefly stretching time

Eternal drops of motion 

spilling through 

my mind

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Senryu 1 | Wind Birds | Three Senryu (I think) | Crimson | The seer | Ballad of the Willow |


You have no idea,

I think, as I finish another line, 

That this is all for you -

Wouldn't you be surprised. 

Pages upon pages 

In order of time...

So silence was never quite silence,

You'll find. 

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

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River Bells Ringing

River Bells Ringing


the moon behind clouds

confesses her place

her hiding space

till the clouds away

fly startled and fay

like a night bird sleeping

in a peppermint tree

and the river bells ringing

g major and clear

and ringing the changes

and plain bob minor

peals his ranges

deals truth from lies

and the river boat rocking

to the river bells ringi...

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Brisk and colorless,

A pitted husk masks the ceiling,

The green earth rocking back and forth.


Horses halt before the golden trenches,

On this brisk autumn night,

Wind shaking their docile springs.


Your tongue raises to another tone,

Proclamations of the weathered elements,

And places of shadowed glory.


Blackened hands,

Covered in the dirt of yesterday’s...

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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Shadowed Images | Goodnight | Delinquent | Continue On | Let's begin again | It is |


the well

There is a type of loss that embodies the feeling of standing still while everything around you is in motion.

This kind of loss stalks memories and preys on helpless moments of joy like a stealthy predator.

It is a cup of sand for a thirst so unbearable;

A full-body dizziness,

Nausea so intense that it hurts.

It is an unnatural fear that paralyzes one’s existence.

There is a loss...

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Also by Clarke:

Ode to Harleen |


Breaths escape me, choking on nothing.

The world spinning, a swirl of memories return.

The blood, the pain, the agony.

How my childhood was taken from me.

The bruises, the screams, the silence.

Why me? Is what I ask myself every day.

The truth, the lies, the emptiness.

The way the world turned into a nightmare.

The crying, the sadness, the trouble.

I don’t know wh...

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Being brokencryingescapesad poems

Highbury Fields

That sixteen-year-old words 
scratched there in a diary
could bring the two of us here
seems almost supernatural

A spring-evening walk, so like us
the us we were as teens
when you were my first and still my only kiss
as we walked the peaceful parks of home

Now so many years stretch across
a wide valley of unshared experience
squealing and dancing between us
slowly and methodically w...

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friendshipold flameold friend

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