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Don Matthews on Everybody died 2050 (5 hours ago)

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I saw the lights switch off and on In their minds


The pressure pushes down
On the children
They respond by 
Creating a future 
We’ll never understand

And whether we help them
Or hurt them it’ll make no difference
As it won’t be a world 
We’ll be welcome in

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

monday, what happened? | Needless To Say | Me(me) | get away from the mess | The art of flim | #2 | Your cheatin’ heart | It stinks | warning: poetry spam | bathroom pass |


Opportunities to the left and right

Not a single talent or desire in sight

Sitting inside lettin out a sigh 

Running out of time 

What's the meaning of this life

Who was I meant to be?

Who do I yearn to be?

Not a single answer in my mind

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What's in it for me?

What's in it for me?
me me me

If I don't care for me
who will?

me me me
me me me

others make a difference

feel the difference in a word
me  us     me me me      us

When you feel it
you now know the power.

What's in it for us?


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Also by Fred Nicholson:

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Today is not a good day

Today affirmations do not affirm me

Meditation is not mindful

Breath is not counted

Thoughts are not observed and gently let go

Today I am holding on to pain though

Misery is not strength and

I am not strong

Today doubt is king

Insights are blind

Realizations forgotten

Today is not a good day

There is blood on the window

Splattered lik...

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

The Sound of Dreams | The Visit | Small Change | Fall |

Late October

Dripping into what passes for daylight

In these northern climes

The moon fades, wind and rain shower,

Trees sway, on this formless holiday

Light, such as it is, tucks away dream,

Children - washed, tired, pale - 

Know it's halloween 

I know it well:

Tired ghosts forget to rise again,

Witches stagger into work

As all their magic fades away.

Clogged motors roar


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Also by John E Marks:

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Untitled work in progress


Statuesque, on a pedestal, the one goddess Beauty 
released your heart -like a leaf from a tree-
to voodoo dolls dancing in the foreground.
Released your heart  -and your dream was a nightmare-
to pieces of silver you will have to eat,
and the lonely miles and miles, combusting.

How the eons speed for the one goddess Beauty. 
It is that your heart may return.
Gaudy plates loaded and...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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the eyes seek

the strong dark coffee


gathering lights reflection 

a world into a world

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litany | barrage | hues | crucible | sun and moon | incessant |

A Poem About Hatred

We cannot end the nightmare

only explain it.

Cruelty permeates benath the societal fabric,


As it rises to the top like curdled cream.

It oozezs through

and overtakes the unsuspecting.

Spreading from host to host like a cruel fungus.

Twisting and morphing.

Until we succumb to the sweet vitriol.

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Also by David Karban:

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Everybody died 2050

entry picture

Troubled times indeed.
Polluted skies.... contaminated seas.
A revolutionary people cry aloud.
Desperate for change.... always passionate.
Begging for some resistance to corporate greed.
 Unfortunately, big business is burning the last seed.

A world full of corruption 
Struggling to act with any kind of morality.
Consuming everything everywhere in sight.
Nature dies under the cover of t...

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Also by Robert holyland:

Not meant to be ? | Redemption | In a City. | Seventeen steps | Goodbyes. | Disease pleas |

Drunken Monk

entry picture

On hearing a story about 'Auto-Brewery Syndrome ( ABS) I was inspired to write my first Limerick!


There once lived

An incontinent monk

He never drinks

But still

He gets drunk

The doctors

Were flummoxed

For he

Brews beer

In his


Now they

All want

To squeeze out

His trunks!

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

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humourous poetryLimerickNews story

The Halloween Party

entry picture

Each invitation specifies

a ghostly tale

must be read


Spiritual present felt

unnatural room temperature

candle light flickers


Eyes continuously blink

silence cuts deep

before I speak - - -

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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Betting Slip | Nothing is what it seems | Halfway There |

a scream is heard when the candle goes out

One good turn deserves another

I'm walking down a Manchester street,

A man with a blanket and a bucket I do meet.

The bucket is full of loose change,

He lifts up the bucket outside the Range.

He shouts out ,"Spare change ,"in front of me,

I grabbed a handful and went to Greggs for my tea.


To return the favour I bought him an alsatian,

Much more money in his bucket ,quite a sensation.

His base was to...

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Also by hugh:

Once upon a time there were three nuns | Honest house sale and maybe hope for a community. | House purchase a risky step | A rubbish job for Boris | We love Manchester | World mental health day,10th October | Blackpool insemination plan | A hair raising question | One! Two! Three! Four ! | Domestic abuse | Skinny dipping | A tree branches out | The Smellyphant |


Ironic perhaps that this world unravels

In line with humanity's extended travels.

Better perhaps to stay at home

And resist the urge to "up and roam".

The television - now twenty four hours global

Brings the world to us and it seems ignoble...

Ungrateful even to pack up and go

To places our TV screens will show;

Why add a carbon footprint to all the rest

For distant plac...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



For my friend, Don Matthews. Thank you for the challenge of transforming "gobbledygook" into meaningful poetry. 


mai mai dah   nyuh nyah    ah eh   

gee doh   ooh ooh   noo may

dah dah   yoo may   roy danh




my little one -

still learning to speak,

articulate rhythmic poetry

from your tiny voice,

soft yet profound.


I hear you -

consonants and v...

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Also by Emilia Callahan:

Untitled (cold water) | Olive | Untitled (variations on coffee series) |

Men Don't Read Instructions



in fact men

barely read at all

why deal with all those complications

it's easier to wing it

and hope for the best

that's why you have unicycles

they were supposed to be bicycles but

a man didn't read the instructions

when it comes to medication

men seldom read the directions

they just swallow hard

they figure if it says one pill


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Also by d.knape:

Do Not Go Gentle If You Dislike | Hard Saddle, Hard Life | Unassisted Living | Mexico Moon | Homemade Cards | Blue Sky | The Commission For Less Education | Sad Returns | Encouragement | A Lighthearted Poem | Lettter To A Cousin | Dishplay | Sage Advice | Hate On Trial | Sent From Typewriter | Last Car | Intelligence Briefing | Big Toe | Cold Front |


Time when you convince yourself

that you are in a blissful ignorance 

Only deepens the unconscious 

The desire to be someone better 

To be somewhere else 


The mediocrity of a given situation

Leaves you in a bind

Where the only solitude 

You can find is desolation


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Resilient Ethiopia

Subtly hacking its social fabric
To dismantle ancient Ethiopia
Its enemies and opportunists
Come up with this and that trick
That aims at dislodging
Every brick....
Time goes on tick,tick,tick
The problem reaches on its peak
Many harbor fear
They may lose
Their country Ethiopia
They hold dear
But always
When it is left with
A declared last chance
Displays Ethiopia resilience.
"Are ...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Poli(trik)ians |

Ethiopia peace


Waking to see autumn's lustre

lit on my beech


rust leaves gilt glowing

red gold bathed by


a rising sun's first grasp

of day.


Turning to see gold amber cirrus

low light the east -


beneath a darker grey purple

cloud bruise


that golden gleam of

dawning dawn.


So my sad grey purple dreams

dawn dim


their dark ghosts disconnect ...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Autumn Rain | Dark Lullaby | The Sterling Castle, 1703 |


the foreign bird

The foreign bird

I knew him well trying to blend in

Speaking the language too flawlessly

So, the embarrassment when he

On occasions, got it wrong.

It was not his mother tongue so

His speech was too slow and learned.

Made the language into disharmony

In a country where people speak

The tongue with a certain insouciance.

He, although people are polite, hasn’t

Got man...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

the bloddy brexit | the war | unwanted guests | consensus | what happened | waiting for surgery | the acceptance | aq tired day | sic transit gloria | FORTITUDE | I remember | when old sailors go | auttumnal reflection | the Obama precidency | ghosts |


entry picture

One lone leaf on a tree

An our ago there were three

A strong Autumn wind flew by

Carrying one of the leaves into the sky

Soon after that another breeze blew 

And carried another leaf away too

Now there's one and only one

Quite soon now it's time will come

To be carried away with a cool fall breeze

And be burried in snow in a frosty freeze

As it sits it's time grows sh...

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

I Fell Today | TRUTH |

My Second Adventure Into New-Age Poetry

entry picture

My Second Adventure Into New-Age Poetry


(I have posed important questions we all need to ponder in this day of hither-thither rush.

Read and be blessed)


You and I are travellers of the multiverse.

The goal of sub-atomic particles is to plant the seeds of passion rather than greed. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is energy.

The cosmos is calling to you v...

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Also by Don Matthews:

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I don't drink much

Buy when I do

I find honesty is easy to do

I realize people

Don't think much of me

Because I've chosen

To live my life fiddle dee dee

I'm no achiever

I'm just rot on a log

And I'm okay 

Cuz I'm happy mostly

But when I'm not

It's cuz the eyes have bored

Into my skin

Usually thick with stones

So what can I say 

Right now my blood sat...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Self Discovery With What the Dolphins Lost - Reject Entry | Everything Will Be Alright | October |

Nasaktan ka kasi ganon ka kasaya

Nasaktan ka kasi ganon ka niya pinasaya.Nasaktan ka kasi umaasa ka na babalikan kapa niya.Nasaktan ka kasi minahal mo siya nang subra.Na aalala mo paba nung sinabi mo na ako lang sapat na.Na aalala mo paba nung panahon na ako pang ang nang jan para pasayahin ka.Umaasa ako kasi akala ko na nang jan kapa.Pangalawang sakit nang puso ko ay yung napaka daming tao sa mundo hito parin ako naiiwang mag is...

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Eulogy for an ex-CIA Agent

entry picture

You fell out the kicked window

What did that look like?

You jumped out the pushed window

What did that feel like?

You leapt from the punched window


Killing the monkeys in the lab must have upset you huh?

Didn't you learn that first you have to kill your feelings?

You big sissy.

Wait, you sailed out the manhandled window?

Can we take this step by step please?


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Also by Michael Triandafils:

Two Desert Poems | Sharpei Skin | Dear Fundamentalist Friend | Song Production | Bottle | The Ballad of Pablos Juan | To The Subject of Every Photo Taken Before 1900 |

just being myself

I am myself in how I act and react yet...

I'm too cold


I'm too much


I'm too direct


I'm too aloof


I'm too needy

Which is it? 

Whatever it may be, it's not important how you see me any more.

If I was important to you, you would take me whatever I may be.

I am just being myself

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The haunting

2am is haunting 

It’s terrible and frightening and daunting 

I lay here wondering, pleading, begging crying hoping and eventually ... defeating 

Backwards and forwards about where our love is 

It used to be so bright I could barley see anything else 

It used to light up cities and sky’s 

Now I’m desperately running my hand across the bare floorboards, sobbing and praying to find ...

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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

Gave enough |

Not the nympho

When I join in you become serious.

Why aren’t you laughing anymore?

How can you see lust

in my eyes when it’s your clothes on the floor?

Dude youre delirious: it is just,

the reflection,

of your abyss and your obsession.

Why are those words suddenly dirty?

It’s not a joke coming from me?

Being polite is an open invite.

It’s a verbal contract;

by being flirty

I w...

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A Collage of Autumn

A Collage of Autumn


A silent thunder of darkened clouds approach

light is diminished into a perpetual shadow of gloom

Sinister cohorts of ghosts dart about in macabre dance

the drums of the damned fill the air with stark foreboding


The obscure memories of past years appear from the sepulchres of time

a barely noticed cenotaph assumes a different identity

War is never...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Reason | One of Many | You´re Living in the Past | Nan´s Kitchen | Loathing | Bigger and Better Bombs | In Love | No Frontiers | History in Denial |

A Disease Called Power

entry picture

I will begin by pointing out that this is not intended to be a partisan political statement, to offend or attack anyone in particular. I write and express what I feel and observe, as a simple citizen. I intend to declare my pain and astonishment seeing that my country is being systematically destroyed and its people humiliated and decimated. In the last 2 years nearly 4 million have emigrated, not...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

My tears | I felt like a woman | Only 10% |


Praiseworthy Anthony

It means praiseworthy his name
here to change things
Hes changing the game
Walks round clueless but alive and awake
So awake
So very awake
So awake so he wakes up the cockerel
Alarm clock to a wake up call
I see it all
Stronger by the day..no day wasted
Not now is he wasted
Like was back then
But even then God controlled it
He gave him a story
and Anthony told it
The jealous ones so...

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A game of thoughts!!

The mind unpredictable

Thoughts generated instantly

Never the same

crosses the brain

Over the bridges of emotions

Soaring high to success,

falling down to failures

Each thought has its own value

although momentarily

When repeated words echos on

Decisions and actions bang on

Gravity of situation 

Dealing with perfection 

Each brings with it,

it's own reflec...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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Silent Poison

The silence stuns the sound,

points its finger at the hand

that feeds and drips

the poison into the breast

of the woman tightly

clasping the new-born baby

that no-one wants to own.

Turning our heads away

from the frightful and unsightly,

afraid to cross the threshold

into the fresh bold life

that could change our vision,

open our minds,

lead us into genesis.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

A wind blowing through a life | Nude descending a staircase |


Thank You

entry picture

I didn't know how to live

Stuck in a continuous cycle

Being my own worst captive

The devil had a hold, i couldn't break free

The devil was in control

And that's when you decided to leave me

I sat and shot and shot some more

I didn't know what to do, didnt know how to stop 

Then i woke up and realized it wasn't a dream

I had lost the man who ever meant something to me


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Also by Stacy Eskin:

Let go | Lost |


I just met the most perfect girl
So I'm going to push her away
Before I can ruin her life
Please hate me at the end

The alcohol speaks louder than you
Scream at me and tell me I need help
I'm fine choking on the alcohol now

So dose this acid rain hurt? 
I'm acid tripping.

Please don't come around
If I'm on the ground
Cutting at the skin until it bleed
I know this isn't what I nee...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Depression | Everything | Miss Castle |


The evening sun scorches the shade.

The trees, in their glade, are forced to choose;

Stand tall and brave - or turn to crave

the cool safety of the dusk.


Like soldiers from another age, they are proud and tall,

Defenders of nature with their all.

Their bark tells the story, of seasons full of change.


Frost. Ice. Mud. Heat. Few, then a lot... of peoples feet.



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Ki pressed again

entry picture


She touched

and upon the touching

smiled a wanton look


dressing your skin

she pressed against  your

skin in a gentle grip

her shaping my thoughts

and pressing tales

of soft request


tasted the very liquor

of her response;

of that same wet skin

while adorning its

naked candour.


Words and foto T Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Ki |

Oh Happy Days

Though they vow to be pure

   and refrain from temptations

The nuns of St Joan's

   know the sins of the flesh;

Their friendships with men

   are much more than flirtations

And that's why their nunnery

   has its own crèche.

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Also by branwell kent:

Another Daydream | Madam, My Card |


entry picture

(A re-post from some years ago and one which owes a debt to Dave Bradley who referenced something like this in a Discussion thread.  I have chopped it into little lines for the purists among you.  Personally, I see it as prose).


The Dream-Spinner held aloft his prize.

The vanquished fled from the yurt.

Cheku growled his disdain.


Three times Cheku had held aloft

The sacred ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Newcastle, Ice Cream, Coffee, Culture and Katie

a final version - my comments regarding this pome are in the 'comments' below


Newcastle, Ice Cream, Coffee, Culture and Katie


Sitting in the ‘Shoe Tree’ cafe,

enjoying a cappuccino.


At my table, not beautiful,

but oozing style and character

sat a striking woman, reading.


I grinned at her soya moustache.


She took out a tissue, wiped clean,


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Also by Rick:

Miller's Dale (after Adelstrop) | Five Walls at the Hatton with Kate (significantly revised) |

Party Time

A fiery clown has come down

Over forests, lanes and towns.

No trumpets blown, no drums rolled,

Out of the morning mists he strolled.


Yello! Yello! It's party-time!,

He smiled. His reds and golds he sprayed around.

And God's whole house was swathed with hues untold.

All about the orange glowed, crimson leaves displayed.


The ceiling now was light with blue.


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Silky Skies

Silky skies

and lazy days 

Of azure blue 

the beat of wings 

and the flutter of a dream, 

Take a breath 

and remember this moment 

To warm you in the coldest of days 

Return to this moment 

Again and again 

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The Barque of Us

Should the barque of us go adrift

Let us berth to the harbor of us, my dear

Though the times and tides may shift

the miles marked together-a bridge to pier.

And if you’re too weary to climb ashore

I myself shall come and meet you at sea-

-be an island for you…Be a buoy for me!

Thus now and always and forevermore.

And if the flax ties that bind us come undone and loose

I ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Player |

Sick day


The gray clouds moved in

All colours fainted away

Everything now black and white, no just black


I can’t breathe can’t think

Somehow can still grasp

The true meaning of misery


I can’t smell can’t feel

Somehow can still sense

The wind of despair


A man’s cold

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Also by Jeannot:

Park bench contemplation | War and peace | Reaching out | Deconstruction | No replay | Simple song |

1 in 8 billion

A special somebody

To illume your days

And embellish your life

In a myriad of ways.


In a throng universal

Someone  chose YOU

To stand with, on summits

And in valleys too.


In times solitary

Never truly alone

For their heart synchronizes

The beat of your own.


With cosmic narcissism

Indeed, it is rare

To love and be loved:

What can compare?


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Also by Chrystel Roberts:

A Wilted Lily | Note to self | Stormy Weather | SCHADENFREUDE |


What rhymes with bucket

is my thought for the day,

no prizes i'm afraid

but don't go away,

There may be other challenges

who can say.

Until then,

fuck it, i've said it anyway.


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Also by ray pool:


Never helpless

entry picture

Each of us is born magician,

but we should know how to

use our magic wand-------- Sania Zakir


Never helpless

Sunday, October 20, 2019

6:34 AM


Never under-estimate human brings

they are committed to bring

the miracles on the earth

for all of us to know the secrets and take easy breath


Human beings were never helpless

but kept t...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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entry picture

There's testosterone in the air tonight
My teenage son is spoiling for a fight
He relentlessly practices with his fists
Goading me and poking me, he never quits
In socks or trainers he measures up
The endless tale of the old dog and the young pup
With youth and vigour, optimism and cheek
He probes my guard telling me I'm fat and weak
And when we struggle and grip
When my back aches and my...

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Also by Peter Ridgway:

Stiletto | The beast | Hide | Communication |



entry picture

Finally it comes
In waves of pill wrecked anxiety
I try to see another path
An alterior motive
So we've tried to dig deep
But the water is draining from the lake
And the fire is burning on her surface

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Acirema Tales | Sleeping in the rain |

This Chemical Romance

entry picture


We’ve a chemical romance, we’ve got chemistry

We have covalent bonds that attract you and me


Our shared electron pairs formed a lasting attraction

We’re drawn to each other, a combination reaction


Our chemical elements were destined to bind

My yin and your yang complete and defined


When I’m in your embrace its Oxytocin heaven

You’re sweeter than Carbon12, H...

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Also by John McDonough:

Love Me Tinder Love Me Do ... Looking For Love In The Modern Age |

Chemistrylovelove and romance

Devil Kisses

entry picture

Born of the devil’s kiss, an aching in her soul 

her skin not clear but exquisitely marked 

For the devil liked her very much – did he 

Showering her, blanketing her from head to toe with hot, desiring kisses 

The kiss of life, the kiss of death 

Leaving small, charcoal evidences behind wherever he touched 

Like tiny bruises that went deeper than they appeared 

for they looked...

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