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sweet lovin' in morocco

V Maroku se bova ljubila na vročem pesku / sanjam te že od prejšnjič / pojavil si se, prepleten v mojih laseh / če te nisem čutila takrat, te zdaj čutim povsod / prekosaš vsak spomin /


In Marocco we will make love on the hot sand /i dream of you since before / you appeared, intertwined in my hair / if i didn't feel you then, i now feel you everywhere / you outdo every memory

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Also by Mila F.:

7.february 2019 | začetek / the beginning | 1 | 4.10.2018 |

Some Assembly Required



im sitin here

thinkin about my life

which is i guess is

what they now call meditatin'


it didnt go

the way i wanted it to

yet somehow it turned out

in the end


ya just never know

what will happen when

you put a life together


kinda like

a little job

that turns into a big one

a life can get complicated


like puttin' together a b...

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Make every second count.

Accept the best and reject the rest,

Make every second count and in yourself have no doubt,

Because no one knows where you go when you die,

So always laugh and never cry,

Be positive at all times but don't commit any crimes,

Find love and hate in equal measure,

You can find resentment that will be such a pleasure,

The mysteries of life will soon unfold,

Long before you get ...

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Also by Pip Thomas:

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Waves of colours cruising across the passage of time.. 
Crimson violent rages of youth determined to wipe out grime.. 
Yet xanthous cowardly and naive 
To unlearn safe lessons to
Uplifting hues of orange turns addictive.. 
Materialism and fame gets alliterative 
Leaden grey old age brings listful weariness.. 
Rainbows of life are mere shades of misery and ecstatic happiness...

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#poetry #lit #creative #writing #pain #misery #voi




I`m a stallion

Once run for miles

To cover a mare


Tamed pulling a cart


I have lost the spirit


When the man whips me

It because he hates his wife

I think of hay.

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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The Cracked Pot

As she cracks, water

Gushes from her open veins

To nourish new growth

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WOL's Blogslide Causing Problems

entry picture

WOL's Blogslide Causing Problems


Post a poem at the top and it slowly slides down. Hence 'blogslide'


WOL's blogslide, it limits me

To one poem each day

And if I go post more than this

The previous slips away


It's causing me great problems

Why? because my mind

Won't slow down it's neural clock

New poems always finds


Can you imagine pile-up?


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Southern Belle

I should have told you this a long time ago
I miss the alcohol on your breath
I should've never let you out that day
I should have hold you down in the bed
Should have told you how much you meant to me

Never regretted much but these things I do
If I could go back I would hug you tight
I'd never let go of you, have faith in me
I'll always be forever yours

All the promises my love I've ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Fragments 8

entry picture

Panting by sue cuthbert. I'm unable to put my own up at the moment as I can't figure out the editing software.

Her blog is http://www.suecuthbertpaintings.co.uk

A self portrait that can't be seen by the eyes but is painted in the eyes.

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Also by Daniel King:

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Self-preservation requires

that I may no longer let myself

fix my gaze, or let a glimpse alight,

on old, ever-treasured photographs:

those you lit with light brown eyes and

gently reddened lips together forming

envied smiles, talk of the town for

miles around; you scarcely knew

the purpose of a practised frown,

how to sully, spoil a face;

in hidden plac...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



Don't look now

but here comes Julie Christie in mourning;

Nick Roeg is a flash of colour in a gondola.

Those doe eyes of Donald Sutherland

beseeching flocks of birds up the canals

escaping his presentiments

reflected in mosaics

that shatter dreams of old sinking doges

in wet flannel palaces.


Your ticket will soon expire,

best drop it and clear out

before the e...

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Also by ray pool:


Looking back. Moving forward

It was the last night I called again for help
It was the last night you refused to do as they asked
It was the last night I sat with you holding your hand
It was the last night I asked you if you were ok
As we drove away you stared to fade
Your eyes closing shut and your breath became softer
Th ambulance man said "Anne open your eyes, wake up!"
With that you jumped and shouted back "MY EYES...

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Where Her Truth Alone Triumphs

She waits on a distant shore 
Day after plain day she looks to the horizon 
Stars in the sky ships far out to sea unseen 
Anywhere her eye cannot see her plain life 

Falling stars and comets delight 
While her solemn red heart seeks light 
In the dark of the night stars are brightest 
When seen together in loving quest 

She is lovely but invisible to her self 
Transparent feelings without...

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Secret Truth

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Lightly the young girl dances

around a bonfire; proud of her prized wisdom

While the old man humbly weeps

over all the things unknown; ever, now and hence.


Surely the innocent fawn prances

haughty and ignorant of the looming doom

as the hollow-eyed, huntsman peeps

through the dense foliage of iron-wrought prudence.


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Also by Mae Foreman:

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Goodbye my Everything

Someday I wish to be a memory

Something you think was so sweet

I know that at times it seemed I didn’t care

But you meant everything, I swear

I wanted to hold you, love you, and show you everything

But all I did was wait

I wanted to be there, see that you would be there with me

But it was just too late

I’m praying that love finds its way

To my heart, one day

I know th...

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Adopting an agnostic avian attitude towards the flight of religion,

Islam appears like a hawk, Christianity - a tame pigeon.

It's for sure there'd be hands raised in something like hysteria

At any suggestion of building churches in distant Syria,

Whilst there's no doubt there also exists an excluding ban

On any subject similar in the ayatollahs' Iran;

And there's no sign whatever...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



entry picture

There’s a town in the US that owes its continuing prosperity to railways.  It isn’t a significant junction of major routes; it never built trains as we have Crewe or Swindon; and it has no history like Stockton or Darlington.

What it does have are themed hotels and restaurants, souvenir and bookshops – a whole industry ensnaring millions of dollars.

It owes its prosperity to the power of thr...

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Also by John Coopey:


Liquid annoyance

Heavy rain

watery stair rods

virtually owning the outdoors

continuing their ways to riddance and return

hammering windows

with the noise of miseries translation

blurring them

with the ruination of dry weekend plans


oh! the uncertainty!

such a deluge!


has something so sad

happened in heaven that the sky cannot stop crying?


God hasn't died has he!? 


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My go-for-it(!) Grandmother | Demand and delivered! |


entry picture




Some Friends are necessary for life. 
As the air.  As the water and food
Those friends, help us, to survive 
In our hearts running, same as blood 


They offer faithful trusted advice
And always keep the shining smile
Show satisfaction pureily, so nice
Have bounties tool, deeply as Nile


They never get argument to complain
They ever look for the cheerful talk to ...

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Also by Farag M. Afify:

Humankind | HELP!! | دكتور عصافير (VET) | You're Welcome |


The Archer

breadcrumbs white and powdery 
decorate the forest floor
yeasty mushrooms one and all
a tantalising trail
I have left to tempt you near

I lie in wait amidst a copse of trees
pungent leaves damp against my zippered front
sunlight gently drawing shapes across my pixie face 
as one would occupy a child who must learn patience

for it is a game of patience that I play
this game where I wa...

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I am C. E. O.

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I am C.E.O

Wednesday,20th March 2019


I am a saintly figure

and chief advisor

C.E.O and founder

and defender of literature


does that look funny?

no, it has been proved already

no one can raise head!

or with dissent say a word


You have to fall in line

and define things like my vision

let all people come under my shelter

and get certified as poet ...

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Dublin 2000

I took a trip to the wildest place

Where no one could deceive me.


It was a place nearer hell

I know you won’t believe me.


The walls shone so bright

Only the skirl could make me free.


So I sold my soul with greatest ease

So I should never have to see.


And we danced once again.

To the sound of the pipes of Dublin.


To the sound of the pipes of Du...

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Why I Want to Own a Platypus

entry picture

I have this collection of wooden

birds from Bolivia. Parrot,

toucan, woodpecker, hummingbird,

owl, goose, duck, flamingo and a flock 

of small, nameless warblers

perch on convenient spaces

around my apartment. All native

to South America, they stir

memories and fill this indoor

air with silent song. On my last

trip to La Paz, I noticed a few

wooden platypuses for s...

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Also by Fernwood Press:

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boliviafunlaughlight-heartedplatypussouth americatourist

Between a Rock, the Devil and the deep blue sea

A rock, a hard place, an impossible choice
A voice of reason or one of despair?
The stark realisation that you have no voice
As you concede defeat on a road to nowhere.

Around in circles your thoughts and feelings
The pro’s and cons continually revisited
Over and over, back and forth, looking for solutions but with options limited.

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea
A rock and a h...

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"excuse my hand..."

entry picture


Poems (or words to that effect)

rummage through the

relationships of those

that I have wrecked;

recalled assignations

with bleeding intent,

wordfull and contrite,

sincerity now all spent.

by Tommy Carroll


A term I seldom use

Summer clothes

Packed in tight


A voice declares

"Doors closing"

Faces forward

Such quiet


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Writers Block

entry picture

The words don't flow as they used to

The lines don't form as well

My mind seems stuck in idle

Awaiting thoughts to swell

Each day I live, I see so much

It should inspire something

Yet when I sit to write it out

My brain comes up with nothing



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Also by Lisa Bassignani:

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Drove down 

             the long stretch

             of a country road 

     with I             and I 

                            we call Memory 

                             in the passenger seat.

            Going back 

             to the house

     where we first met,

     hoping                to send me back.



    known better,    ...

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Why is it that pain weighs more on the heart than anything else?

This is the cruelty that life continuously sells.

Where can I hide a boulder that can be easily seen?

For a forest has grown from my planting of a tiny bean.

Where shall I run to let the tears run dry?

Don’t spend the time my friends trying to find out the why.

For it is better to release what has been ...

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Also by Ty:


Amazing but True

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Capuchin Monkeys, wash their feet, using their own wee

Three percent of Antarctic ice, is made up of Penguin pee

When Dragonflies mate, their tails link and form the shape of a heart

Whilst the Kangaroo is able to swim, the poor thing is unable to fart

Elephants can regulate their body heat just by flapping their ears

When a snail decides, it’s time for a kip, it can sleep for ...

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Through my bleeding heart I cry

My eyes only seeing red

Silent tingles through my body I see you

I see my once happiness through your eyes

My body begins to overheat

But then you speak

Your words feeling as a bandage taping up my heart

I see clarity

In order for me to reach normal temp again

I must forgive

Being angry you consume a lot of pain

So tomorrow I will he...

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Broken heartslove

The dolphins seemed unfriendly

entry picture

No sooner had we landed when, at a loss,
we struck out for the islands. not by airplane –
wheels on the shallows – but in the drink, again
cast off into the Med, each a Pangloss –
ebulliance deranged – sailed for Paxos,
island of the  shotgun, Easter rain
whose white chalk gulleys and a firefly lane
lit us home through the olive alleys, moss.

O’Hara was right to remind us of Pan,
the gr...

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Also by Dominic James:

Who we were and now own |

old mythsPantravel

Giving Up The Fight

Everyone said how smart he looked

with his clean clothes and new haircut

as he went out on his final night


And on his return at curfew

they said he was happier than he'd ever been

with no clue that he'd lost the fight


Found slumped in his chair at the table

where he wrote poetry and song lyrics

but that night the only thing he wrote

was an unfinished unsigned s...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

Playing The Hand You've Been Dealt | Time to see the priest |


entry picture

In the wreckage of a house clearance,

old acrylic eyelashes flash a recognition,

as a face distorts in a fractured glass eye,

framed on gesso and northern white pine.


Flanks stippled, like a stormy summer,

a torn rosette from a forgotten fete,

the abandoned joy of a girl laughing,

urging more speed with giddying shrieks.


Fingers trace words etched in brass,

a f...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

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I'm leaving

We were good for so long

 But when it all went down it really did

I hurt

I anger

I feel everything I would hope I wouldn't again

Anger all yoy want

Create all the negative you want

But don't miss me when I am gone

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Also by Cynthia Haz:

yeah I've got issues | self esteem | Little Girl |

And Peace

entry picture

I'm not sure I have a sword strong enough to fend off the axe

I only have the arsenal of time spent slack

I have only armor made of pretty wax

Scented like the yellow glitter roll-on 

I'm no one's sap

I'm a sap for all

Everything has its value

Everything has its flaws

I just get nervous when I argue 

Can't we all get along

Do I have to slice a scar

Down from your e...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

The Land of the P's |


tanka for the nemophilia

entry picture

spring defies winter 


ibaraki's acid bruise 


piercing litmus noise 


detune freezing radio 


submission to fleeting hope 

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Also by Stuart Buck:

even though it's all switched off, a constant hum |

When the Screaming Starts

Evil predators strike

places of worship

killing assembled praying

easy targets slain

millions replace victims

each praying harder

condemning barbaric atrocities.


Guilty as charged

murderers stand unaffected

bible placed inside

grey stone cells

anxious spirits inflict

inhuman silent screaming

life sentences passed.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Waiting Game | Chasing Dreams |

Not even a church is exempt from evil




                   From above Kusadasi harbour

                                On a hot July day,

                                I watch while a 10-metre fishing boat

                                Sails slowly across the bay.


                   With it...

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Also by trevor homer:



She stares at the ocean.

The waves crashing and falling.


Crumbling, Like an avalanche.

Everything falling apart.


For you can’t ride the boat.

You are imobile.

People do everything for you.

A King they would murmur. 

Chasing you, begging for your attention.

Although you fear publicity.


But when that crocodile ran you up that tree

did you dare to b...

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The Town That Was Murdered

They shut the pits down long before
they closed the shipyard doors.
The steel that we were promised never came.

Then they said they’d dock our dole,
because we weren’t at home,
available for work that wasn’t there.

For twenty-seven days we marched,
just trying to be heard,
but government can only hear the rich.

Three hundred miles and all for nowt.
We might have bloody known.

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Cosmology 101

Chaos seems the wrong first word:

no light

no sound

no time

and nothing moving e'er occurred


Chaos speaks to me of chance:

a move

a crash

a force

that happen in time's dance


So before chaos, ah, but stop -

no before

(no time)

so just

stasis as creation's dark backdrop


Some cosmic joggle, as if perhaps

god sneezed:

atoms move

and ...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Stranded High | Aubade |



My father used to drink Heineken.

Naturally, when I was old enough to drink, I too drank Heineken.

He used to smoke cigarettes, though he hid this addiction well.

So, when I was old enough to understand that this caused his death,

I vowed to never pick one up.

He would always give to beggars and assist strangers in need,

Even when he knew that it might be to the detriment of his ...

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Concrete love

Why did I decide to fall 

face first on to a concrete heart,

Why do I let myself think that

for maybe just a moment someone might actually want me.


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Bereft of feeling.

I wanted to do a poem today to provoke a thought or thinking about the insanity of taking drugs. I have known many people succumb to Heroin and painkillers, alcohol and it all seems so futile I myself suffered with addiction through mental illness. Its a terrible thing and very dark. So here is my attempt at describing this disease.


Bereft of feeling

Stare into the abyss
eyes burning...

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Also by Daemon Cantrell:

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addictiondrugsMental illnesspainpoem


entry picture

What was the chance i did know you ?

What was the chance we did be friends ?

What was the serendipity of me been in awe of you 

But here i am expressing how it feels

From your smile that captivates the and got me tripping every moment 

You are a manifestation of astonishing beauty 

A dime + 99 equals you

Your eyes are irresistibly stunning 

With the body of a goddess


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light as light

in the rush of the city,
the uncertainty, the sorrow, the pain,
there is a haven peculiar and pretty
that shines a light on us
beautiful, insane

the walls, so high, they gather the light
during the day
it radiates through the surfaces,
and when the sun sets down
it warms the night

and the minds flow
when music feeds the souls
and passes strenuous thoughts
turning them into red triangl...

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Pockets of Strangers

entry picture

Friendly drinks with a party of strangers,
concocted to poison one’s composition,
led me to cold wet grass under some stars.
My figure sank deep into the dark horizon,
I twisted skyward to breathe in bleak cosmos.
This is how I stumbled upon my new religion.

Awake now, I lived in accord with this religion.
God’s terrific eyes stared from the faces of strangers;
otherworldly airships desc...

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Also by John Flowers:

Wisdom Removal | Catalog of Stars |


Wonder how many times
I climed the fence
To another day of mine in hell
I guess it's fine when you are blind
Inhale, it's okay.

Wonder how many times
I lost myself
Under deep unconsciousness
Of lonely self.

Just to fit in with them
Not being you is death
Empty inside
Fool around
Fade away
I'm awake.

Trying hard to be like them
Wasting who I am
What a wonderful day
To feel l...

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Simple Cloth (collaboration with The Carbon Quill)

entry picture

A soldier stands before the dawn, awaiting his fate in silence
A cock crows, of years bygone, taste of coffee, muscles tense

The feel of the family flag, its tattered shreds bring sorrow
The sergeant cries, the captain barks, their bold words ring hollow

He dreams of long lost battles, where his forefathers in solace tread
Their memories bound in simple cloth, fading colors tribute to the...

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Also by Heart of Lead:

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