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What Is In A Name?

Name to start with has alpha.bets

Assembled together to make some.sense

Though if language unknow then it sounds non.sense

Still a name is important cause it's common.in.sense


A name defines your personality that is what some.say

The name you have suggests your religion and.nationality

Although in a global village where we live today names have no.mind

Lee in USA, can be ...

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Leave Us The Moon


Men on the Moon

have come and gone

yet moon remains

to earth belongs


What would be Earth

without its light

less love and magic

in the night


Oh not despair

the moon is ere

our guiding light

and always there


Our light of lights

lets lovers swoon

just let it be

leave us the moon.


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essential goods

back from war

after too many, a year

soldier puts his heart next to hers

once more 

but would it be recognised

would all of its violent echoes within

damage her acceptance?


On this liberated day

peace and understanding

have set up their stalls


he has already paid the price

for most of their wares

all he can hope for now


is that she will make a ...

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Tiny soul

entry picture

Tiny soul

Sunday,21st July 2019


Where do I stand?

I am unable to understand

this hollow sky with a vast horizon

where do I find heaven?


this tiny soul on earth

lives with the constant fear of death,

not in a position to take an easy breath

as materialistic hunger loses the faith


life might have some purpose

but how to choose?

amidst confusion


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a slip of a girl

a slip of a girl


Her body is enticing

Like a bud not yet a flower

Unashamedly in the shortest of short

Clinging to her plummy bum

Dance into my cafe.

Soon she will be a beautiful

Woman bursting with poise

She will get much attention

Some unwanted

Then one day she will

Fall into a man

A flower in his lapel

She doesn’t know that this

Her adolescence 


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Chanting prayers, dreaming of ships just beyond the horizon,

Another day, another hour, just another minute he wishes to live.

No other choice but one, no other food, no other flesh but his own.

No other way to feed his unfortunate child.

In the middle of nowhere, on this desolate rock, he cut his upper arm.

Blood, not a drop allowed to waste, meat, sickening yet juicy sweet


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One Final Hurt

entry picture

Every now and then, we find a band aide to cover a wound on our soul

As soothing as it seems, we must pay the toll

for it will eventually begin to peel

and in anticipation of the pain we will feel

our muscles tense and our jaws clench

until it is pulled off all at once

like an assassin’s attack with no alert

one final hurt


To recover, we sleep as thunder rumbles its wa...

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Also by Rebecca:

Bloodstone |


Love Kills The Best of Us

Oh little boy how obsessed with a little lights you were
Glowing little bugs keeping you from the edge
Oh what their princess the most beautiful lights you've seen
Now they're all gone and you're on the edge of suicide
No remedy for the mind
No amount of blood could poor to make you feel pain
I guess the melancholy got you
I guess the summer hits you like a truck
The emotions make you feel...

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11:58 and a stack of pennies

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Patrick Kennon   Poems  

Jan 2012

11:58 & A Stack Of Pennies

Living life with everything you own stuffed into bags, two of them, dragging yourself 
Living for that hour on the phone, once a day where you can really breathe
By blind luck or some odd chance I stand barefoot on this cold, tile, floor, 
Coughing out the last drag of a cigarette, waiting for the last...

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Wild Butterfly

entry picture

Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly

This natural magic of transformation

Can happen to you too. Time makes you

More beautiful. Human metamorphosis

Liberates souls. Such a rare achievement

Requires an emptying of the mind

A deep (and often painful) compassion.

Defeat your expectations;

Free yourself from what is expected and you will see

The passing beauty of a butterf...

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Do it then

Do what?

Jump you plonker

Why are you being so horrible?

It’s only mind over matter.

How’s that?

I don’t mind and you don’t matter.


COME BACK, I was only ....

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Also by Philipos:


Persephone's twisted legs

entry picture


Persephone lay tangled

In my bed-clothes.

I watched trapezoids

of summer light

make motes

alive in her warmth.


I leant against the wall

and counted her breaths:


Pale and shallow her rising.

Her hair webbed.


gripped to her belly

my gown

since last she bathed.


I lowered my case

and loved her more.




Words and ...

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Distant ship at sea
Navigating through whitecaps
Bringing people home

Cries from newborn life
Waiting for their feeding time
The teat is exposed

Flowers are in bloom
My eyes diverted to look
Away from madness

Criminal at birth
Stole milk from other infants
Now, in politics

Positive current
Negative circumstances
Combined, electric

Jazz hands c...

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entry picture

Poem 79 of 230: PIE IN THE SKY?

From our early childhood,
We’re taught to glorify
Conquering the Earth’s neighbourhood -
Shouldn’t we question why?

Satellites can aid siblinghood,
But some missions could buy
A start for millions to make good -
Is Mars “pie in the sky”? 

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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I know better than to wait until I am pushed

I remember standing on the edge
At the top of that 200 foot tower,
Officer A announcing that the turn was now mine.
With every ounce of courage my body could muster,
My feet left that solid ground
And my stomach hit my throat.
I clung to that rope, knowing deep down
It would not fail me, but fearing the worst nonetheless.
It's that sinking feeling of sure sudden death,
That every cell in ...

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Hades' Ferry- A Sestina

entry picture

Yo-ho-hear the song of a man, yo-ho, with a hundred souls in his pocket

He can get no sleep, he can get no rest, yo-ho, and he can get no peace

The rope is tight like a well-tuned cord yo-ho! Alas, but who's to walk it?

Yo-ho, to the docks, when Sun dawns, yo-ho, on the Harbor of injustice!

The bugle blows! All aboard! Yo-ho! A man and a hundred souls embark.

Ah, but a thousand desp...

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Confronting entropy



“When we get the roof on it’ll block out all the stars”

she said


“When we get the roof on underneath will all be ours”

he said


“When we draw the curtains it’ll block out all the light”

she said


“When we draw the curtains we’ll illuminate the night”

he said


“When I’ve given you our children will your love for me live on?”


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Labour Pains

like eating a shit roll and
champagne from a mug

© graham sherwood 07/2019

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Is it me just being perverse

But when I see or hear the word diverse

It brings on feelings of ennui

Where and when I happen to be

And the suspicion things'll get worse.



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


3am Revelation

nothing stays on in the dark
I snore
we’re still here
I’m starving
you didn’t kill me
maybe you like me
when did I get old
monday’s coming again
bugs control the world

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Darkness and light

The clutter of

insecurities, phobia and nightmare,

in my heart, 

Can't reject you anymore. 

I accept them. 

The way I accept,

confidence, strength and dreams.

To keep the balance,

for realistic approach.

Darkness and light, 

both makes me a human, 

perfection blended with streaks of flaws. 

Accepting them was  my first step

towards accepting myself. 



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Frozen or falling; I feel like rain

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Also by Sophie Morley:

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And There Was

Let there be water.

Let it be called pond.

Let trunk and branch and leaf arise around it,

Walling the sky’s mirror against too much.

Let small plump birds paddle its silk surface,

Their calls echoing ancient creation.

Let stiff winged things fly and dart about

Above stiff legged things that skim

A criss cross the water’s top.

And let beneath flash silver through...

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creationfishingpondstoo much


the second my eyes caught your gaze,

i’ve been consumed with a powerless craze

i saw you.


your knife sits inside me stuck

but the high from this adrenaline rush 

i get through.


the two of us in a room:

please don’t leave, i better leave soon

turn me blue.


say my name in conversation 

dials up a full body sensation

this is new.


i resent the wo...

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distancelove poetrypoemsRomantic poems

End Times

People these days treat sin better than their very own kin,

we make an enemy of our friends.

Night is day and day is night, what was wrong,

Is now right, the truth is ugly and lies hold

Beauty, slavery is freedom, ignorance is smart, thinking

Is dangerous, mindlessness is safe, strength is a threat, being 

Weak is strong, we lose to win and win to lose, we’re just

Fools gettin...

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Also by DeVaughn:

Individual Acceptance | Insight | Puzzle Pieces Of Life | Freedom's Burden |

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface


Out of sight and beyond control

they lurk unseen but are ever present

What we see is what we believe

yet the unseen lives also

Often out of mind, impossible to invite

the subliminal forces are at play

These are the undercurrents of life

a dimension without interpretation

Signs and symbols punctuate their presence

intruding into our thoughts an...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Flame never extinguished | Being | Images | The Sea will part |

Beauty In The Scales


On finding his fish
the mechanical fisherman
schooled to salute
inclined to dream
the mechanical fisherman
drips from his eyes
looks no further
on finding his fish

On finding his fish
the mechanical fisherman
rooted to the spot
rocketing through ozone
the mechanical fisherman
laughs away his aged scars
recalls his smoothed soul
on finding his fish


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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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when meandering ended



once upon some years ago

so past stored calendrical events tell me

we were not you and I.

I call it missed out time,

a time when the chance of finding heaven

didn't exist


there was nothing of it

that spoke of potentiality

mist misshaped 


like a dream

about the realms of emptiness

needing to be disremembered


except when a chink of possibi...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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Eyes Open Wide

entry picture

With purest open heart

Negativity now depart

In beauty walking

Inner voice talking

Cleansed, whole

Mind, body, soul

Harmonious living

Smiles easily giving

Complete inside

Eyes open wide

Still point that is sought

All actions all thought

Transformation undergo

To understand, to know

Truly deeply fathom

Love in every atom…


Dean Fraser - The Quantu...

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#poetry #motivation #inspirational


HANGING FROM THE RAFTERS                                                                

An Irish band was over to open the Festival;

first visit for us to St Alban’s church – not sure

why we’d always passed by, so much missed:

vast arched ceiling, simple, revealing

rafters high enough to remind us all that

men once worked there, close to the heavens,

to set them, make them fa...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


How I Came to be an American

Inspired by Mae Foreman

My great grandparents left Italy and Sicily after World War I. They left to escape a growing fascist regime with aspirations of new opportunities in a new land. Far away to America. The United States of America. A fresh, new country. A land of hopes and dreams. They worked hard helping to shape the country that this is today. They took little with them and made do with w...

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Keep It In The Family

It seems a little nasty but it's true,

Last night while I was making love to you,

    I was thinking of another,

    And that other was your mother,

Who I slept with back in 1992.


I think it's fair to say that I was mad,

And bonding with you bordered on the bad,

    Yes, I cannot help confessing

    Our caressing was distressing

As I'm pretty sure I'm probably your ...

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të godasin
ti qëndron, palëkunjur
të përgojojnë
ti s’bëzan
të çnjerëzojnë
ti reziston
ti e përbuzura
e përunjtura 
e nëperkëmbura
ende qëndron
dhe atëherë
dhe përherë


ti je grua
je nënë
që krijove botën
që ti synon ta rrënosh
ti grua 
ti heroinë
që dhurove jetë
e mëshirove
ti grua, ti nënë
ti heroinë   

Manhattan, New York

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Also by Sebahate J. Shala:

Ti, Dhunuesi | Bacit Fil |



and I have ideas

of buying a mirror


so that I can

sit opposite

and see myself.


I could

keep it in my



and take quick looks


I was



know it was me

being myself


and not me


someone else.


At least then

your mistakes

are your own.


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Also by trevor homer:


Friday, June 21, 2019 11:48 AM

I find myself asking many questions.

They are often easy to answer, and,

without a second thought, the answers are

hard to question.


I ask

What makes someone perfect?


Perfect is giving all of you to everything you do,

Perfect is achieving success no matter the sacrifice,

Perfect is the absence of flaws.


But I am not perfect.

I am riddled with fears and ...

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Left wanting

Coldly do I contemplate abandonment

by two foolish to themselves lovers.


He who now wakes to greet nothing but loneliness

each sunrise

icily teared

sad, wintry faced.


He struck by realisations lightning

regretting damaging words

impossible to regurgitate.


Inciting the question.


Do both their hearts

intermittently break

like mine? 


O! ...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

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Ik muhabbat bhari dastan!!

Beyzubaan meri muhabbat

Kachchi neend so rahi

Koi uthana na ussey

Naumeed ho rahi

Kuch jazbaat kuchley huyey

Armaan ki seij pr

adhorey khwab hain soyey

Kuch bol do na tum

Meri hasraton ko jhinjhordo na

Kachchi neend ki dor ko

Tum yun kaskey thamey raho na

Ujli si ik andheri kiran

Jagmaga rahi us angan

Jahan rehta hai mera sawan

Barso bhi ab tum jhoom key


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Also by Merey Jazbaat:

Selective information. | On the wings of our love | Kuch toe bolo!! | Seedha rasta (straight path) | Jhilmil sitarey (twinkling stars)) | Kasak!! | Ik nazam apkey naam!!! |

Modern Crusader

Ruinous fortune and ghosts blink

Voices whisper like gunshots soft

Spill blood, and from flagstones drink

Ignoring God’s muffled cough


Call upon vengeance, upon right

Bathe in imagined holiness

Tainted by eagerness to fight

Flushed triumph to bold to confess


Metal teeth sunk in delicate flesh

Legs crossed in a burning coffin

Harvest too great for the skulls ...

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Also by Heart of Lead:

The Old Lands |


"There is no sin except stupidity." Oscar Wilde -The Critic as Artist.


Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

Nostra maxima culpa!

Thus should we weep, we cry

As it all ends with a whimper, a sigh

It is the people's will, they say

Proroguing to get their glory day

Your vote was for an ideal state

For nation, borders, Keep Britain Great

Now, your vote means a total schism

As we se...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The Land |

BrexitChurchillEUEuropean UnionOscar Wildesin


Your shoelace is undone, she said

which threw me quite off balance,

for such considerations run

outside my sphere of talents.


Such observations that ladies tell

will bring us down to earth

from higher realms wherein we dwell,

challenging our worth.


A shoe is just a metaphor

when in that state the ladies find us,

to rescue us from siren's muse

and use thei...

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Also by ray pool:



entry picture

(I cannot, in truth, blame Boris.  He is a liar.  Everyone knows he lies.  He lied about Brexit.  Everyone knows he lied about Brexit.  But no-one who voted for Brexit accepts they were lied to.  Or, if they do, they don't care.  And that is far worse).


I am Boris Johnson; now my story shall be told;

I have plundered an existence, positioning myself to my advantage;

“All lies and jes...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Quiet People

The quiet, timid people

hid amongst the gathered flock,

cowered in the nooks and crannies

where no-one else wanted to go,

lowered their frightened eyes

when the others came around.

A voiceless legion tethered to anxiety,

tied to a heightened fear

of imagined temporal titans.

A tribe of mixed emotions

withstanding the advancing mass.

Thoughts of survival and

the ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Colour - Gold | Incessant time | Always worth holding on | My lost flower | Hardy folk |


A girl wish

A girl wish from her love is only to make her feel out of the world,   

Surprising very few are able to feels though..

make her feel she is the most beautiful girl that exists for u, 

Sad part is ur man’s eyes cannot get still just on u..

If getting most expensive gifts is comes with true love, than it would have been so easily affordable..

But true love needs ur affection, attentio...

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Also by Mini S:

Wish to go back |

...Even Then, We Are Happy...

First, from nothing scarce.

From the significance in first tormenting light after leaving the dark.

I wanted to mention how love saved certain severances...The blood and clay…soul molded and punctured body of constellations…


How we break free.

How my star falls tonight.


Into the root. Into the wind to feel the soil again. Like his hands wavering the beginnings of sun and s...

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Also by Mimi:

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Ocean eyes

If you really knew me,

Maybe you'd see,

Through my drowsy blue eyes

Into a raging sea.


Like crows, your sight flies

to the sparkling sheen coating my irises,

The glimmer of a thousand tiny pearls.


But they are a legacy,

Far too romantic for the tidal wave that

Dumped them in my world.

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Also by Astrid:

What's the point? |

Hate on Tap

Hate on Tap






Three-word chant

Three-word chant

Three-word chant


Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!


Hate on tap

Hate on tap

Hate on tap


Sexist Trump

Racist Trump

Mister Trump:


No more of that




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Memories of Mum and Dad

Added the audio today. Hope you enjoy!


Where are they now, these people who loved me?

One of them dead and the other one should be.

He died early but Satan's still to ring her.

I don't think of them often, but these memories linger.


Six foot five, full of Guinness and fight.

Five foot four, full of vinegar and spite.

Belligerent bully with fists of iron.

Constant ...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Suicide Note |

Let's Pretend

entry picture

Let’s pretend its November, a sky full of rain.

Let’s pretend its December, frost on the pane.

Let’s pretend it’s my birthday, when I’m 61.

Let’s pretend its winter, with all our woollies on!

Let’s pretend its January, a blizzard on the way.

Let’s pretend today is the years shortest day.

Let’s pretend the shivering trees are still bare.

Let’s pretend its New Year, celebrations...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Storm |

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