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Three Machiavellian neighbours


they begin their wicked cackling get together

each, helping to stir

the cauldron of local gossip

relishing especially

the misfortune of others in it

to which they add

their own vitriolic potions

of malice. 

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Declination's and daydream's | Goodnight's and goodbye's | Vacating the urn | Liquid annoyance | My go-for-it(!) Grandmother | Demand and delivered! |

THE PRIMROSE - a re-post for Spring

Peeping from beneath the tree,

The lemon primrose spoke to me.

Winter's done, I heard it say,

Warmer days are on the way.


Mother Nature waits on me

(The "First Rose" is my name you see) 

While other flowers stay in bed

I welcome spring and show my head.


Then, with the golden daffodil,

I gild the countryside until

In turn, the other blooms appear,

Assured ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Still more

Love that rules

Sunday,31st March 2019


Love mushrooms

and blossoms

from the pure heart

it is humanitarian art


not wish alone

and not from the devastating cyclone

it is from the inner call

after breaking the wall


love that rules

and hate that lulls

we are full of love

and sincerely believe


expect nothing

share your feelings

spread ...

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Fragments 13

entry picture

Painting is by Aleksandra Waliszewska.


I see slippery floors and hear crashing insanity.

A feral cat girl scratching in a cage. 

She put her twicthing tail between her legs. And it felt like another's.

Plaugerists of non movements. Counterfeiters of human quantities.

Dark life support room. Surgical silver reflecting the gleam o...

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My brain fell for you in trying to save my existence.

I asked, you answered, and never did you wonder who I was.

I fell for you so damn hard, a wave of depression takes over, affecting my vision.

Now I'm starting to make irrational decisions.

How stupid and silly it is to be in love with someone I have never met.

A fantasy I put together, a distorted version of you I strung together...

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you'll be
one day
what will your life
say about you
don't wanna be
boxes of clothes
dusty memories
hope to be
more than debris
watched two
come to
their end
all they left
was facebook
sad friends
helped husbands
clothes and
thought to myself
must be more than that
want to be more
than a box to Goodwill
want to be more

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Also by cindylee loucks:


Philosophical Poem

Nosy Nellie

"Ooo, can I see?" she asked with a grin

I had no choice but to let her in

I had opened the door a bit too wide

And she was able to peek inside.

What she saw was really nothing

But, she just had to make it something.

Her nosiness was quite well known

In the neighborhood and around the town.

Always snooping in a friendly way

"I've just come for a visit!" she would say


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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

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Public Domain


A poem was supposed to

be in the public domain

but the domain

did not want it and refused it

out of hand

even other poems

refused to have

anything to do with it

it was ostracized

could not even make a

an anthology

so the poem sat forlorn

on a shelf in the corner

and never got married

or had children

just a hermit poem

with no human contact


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Also by d.knape:

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Fleeting Emotions

Happiness is a fleeting emotion

and that’s how it should remain

for if we were eternally happy

how could we ever feel pain?


Sadness is a fleeting emotion

and that is how it should remain

for if we were eternally sad

joy would be hard to attain


Jealousy is a fleeting emotion

and that is how it should remain

for if we were eternally jealous

where would trus...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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An Unknown Garden


Long I laboured

through the seasons

through the years


on the plot:


as digging blistered my palms

and the soil grew fertile

as digging pained my back

and plants grew strong -

grew verdant

beside the deep dug pond

with its little stream

where I placed fish


an unplanned golden feast for a heron

and an otter


And as e...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

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Someone To Watch Over Me

entry picture

The future is dark,
our days are numbered,
there will be a last time for everything
given all things are finite
and the news the universe 
is expanding eleven percent faster than expected
as if wishing to hasten it's own demise.
Look at everyone on this dark afternoon,
hunched over these little round tables
like mourners at a funeral 
for our collective future,
the barmaid staring on th...

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The Angel

Her eyes would never see the rainbow and the light.. 
But by her, my soul was to be ignited and benight ...
Her tiny hands that day clasped unsteadily with my own.. 
Touching mystically my core in ways I have never known.. 
An orphan who embraced the world as if it belonged to her.. 
What vision dare not achieve, her touch unveiled and  gifted life to her.
Teaching her sounds and syllables, ...

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#poem #angel

the molester

The molester 

On a podcast, I heard Cardinal Pell so poised,

the boys’ were telling lies,

he wouldn`t dream of doing this to anyone,

but time moves on he was not believed;

whether he had ruined anyone’s life is debatable.

We had gone on a walking trip it lasted two days,

we slept on a hay-loft and the young

Priest (not Catholic) took my hand on his erect penis

 and made ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Polite Kind

I hope you find I said to him
What you no longer search for
Some peace of mind,
An end to war
I hope that you find,
All this and more,
Along your road so bare.

He smiled and said
I hope you'll be
As honest with others
As you are with me. 
I'll hope you'll fight
For what is wrong
And come into the light.

For I am perhaps a dreamer,
My head held in the clouds,
But his disease is ...

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I promise I will try my hardest not to scream

entry picture

I can't trust the lightning in my mind

It's a little crazy and tries to unwind

Anything that makes sense that keeps me safe

It cares but it rather not play

Why can't I be fine 


Why can't I be happy? 

No no no

It's the pathways

The networks

They'd die without the pain

Dry up with stability

They need the adventure of the risk

That what you fear will be right...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

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Crazyretail is killing me

The Anti Shanty

Take yer shanties and shove em.

Take yer white foam flying.

Take yer fair winds blowing.

Take yer furrows following fucking freely.

And shove em.


Yer songs about masts and sails

and rolling, rollicking singing and fun in gail’s.

Phoney fallacious frigging fantasy folklore.

Unreal figures dancing and prancing.

Shove em. 


The truth is filth and fury


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Always Blue

entry picture


In the good garden of England 
the sky is always blue, except
as rain begins to thunder down
and lightening must see you through
the good old garden of England 
byways from orchard to meadow lead
each pretty one to their tryst, please- 
no fence rear up where love should grow

And the heart of the garden of England
quite unable to say just how it feels
the mind of the old garden of...

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A mother’s mask

My mum is so beautiful, the flowers are angered. 

A picture of health, the doctors cowered. 

Her voice so tuneful, birds shy away. 

Her soul so perfect, to their dismay. 


But look closer.

Her mask is coming away.  

She can no longer hide it; from the world, her lover and from her daughter  


My mum is so tired, but refuses to sleep just yet  

So ill but won’t get h...

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Video Games

entry picture

She played

Lana Del Rey

as she turned

to watch me pack.


It played as we

looked away from

each other's



I knew it was

her pretence,

a playing hurt,

a joint loss.


Her humming


was knowing that

I knew the words,


That I knew its

finger was pointing away

pointing away from us,

from us both.


My si...

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 9:55 PM

You don't give a flying fuck–

It's admirable.



It is.


But this time,

You are wrapped in weakness,

enveloped in the unknown.


But this time,

You have no control,

and your sly jargon

is no match for your

raw exterior.


Its hands once were supple

and smelled of sweet lavender.

They are now brittle and cracking.

It will feel foreign...

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No Return

Humans have a place in Earth’s systems,

we’re designed to play a role in Earth’s cycles.


Original populations had everything to hand,

anything a human could ever want can be found on this planet.


Eden has been traded for technology,

integration with nature for science.


What’s driving this exodus?

What’s distancing us from Eden?


Economic growth drives gov...

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Also by Rich:

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Slag Ag+(aq) (03/30/2019)

I'm at that age now
where the people I watched wed
are filling for divorce.

it bores a hole, similarly gauged 
to commune with gravity
clutching spaces, knuckles' wide 
between pauses:
breathless moments of wherewithal
sentiment and statement, emptied 
poorly lit podiums, stood up to greet a moonless night.
from deep within newly parched lips they ask :
"what do we do now?" 
Never a ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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melt down those wedding rings serpent sings

Battles and Wars

Recall, when you feel the option is "Force,"

 Whilst fists might win battles,

It takes brains to win wars.

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I Was barely 14 when I heard on the radio that

‘Johnny was in the basement, mixing up the medicine’.

The recipe for whatever this revolutionary potion was,

must exist somewhere, so I made it my business

to find out. What exactly did the ingredients consist of ?

With no money to buy records I relied on the radio and

Various listening’s to divulge snippets of information whic...

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Also by trevor homer:


spiritual writing

words you grant me

Let me breathe let me be calm..take away my dept and set me free

Let me be me

Let me fly And bring others to the air with me

Set us free Let me laugh Bring back my giggles So i can make others laugh too

Bring laughter Grant me health so I can heal I am a healer let me heal

Forgive and allow me to forgive others and encourage peace

We all need peace

I'm aw...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

spiritual writing |



She smiled and said hello 

Hello , her eyes said shinning , her voice peaceful 

Peaceful she was as she spoke 

She spoke of a better place 

A better place filled with harmony 

A harmony sans melody there 

She wanted to go there .She was ready to go 

To a place not on pictures we hung

She hung to dear life onto every word I spoke 

She spoke. I listened but did not he...

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High school memories(emulation of Langston Hughes, dreams deferred)

What happens to a high school memory?


Is it revisited down memory lane and treasured in our hearts forever

Or is it discarded like a trash bag filled with mold and maggots

Does it become a haunting nightmare filled with ghosts

Or a sweet dream full of bliss

Will it always be permanent and meaningful like a tattoo

Or temporary like life itself


Maybe it just weighs on ...

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Revolving door to nowhere




















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Also by Kealan Coady:

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Letter For A Firefly 3

I've never tried much
But I think I'd like to try with you
Let's give an Applause to 
The cringey little monkeys on the street

I've never really loved anyone
Until I met a glowing fly in the darkness
I don't think I can live without you now

You're cooler than I thought you was
My chest is caving in my with my palms sweaty
I've never been this nervous to hold a hand
Goddamn your sweet...

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She stood under the eaves of a shed,

door open, inviting him in.

"This was his world, everything has to go," she said.


"There's a light switch somewhere."

Then he peered about.

Everything exactly as it had been left.


Chests of tools, walls pegged for ready access.

A woodwork bench with vices.

Racks of chisels - the smell of linseed oil.


Cabinets with escut...

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Also by ray pool:


Panic Attack

1.It really was the shape of night, 

all mystery at first,

but there was the noise too,

sitting on my chest

until I broke out in sweat, 

and we were alone with the only

choice to cancel the weekend.


2. That was the first year. By the second

year, it was living in a cubicle at work. 

And by the third year, 

 I found a doctor holding my diagnosis

as I walked int...

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Also by Paris Tate:

Memory |

2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 1 The Run Up

entry picture

Image: Don Sitton legally blind for his entire life was a presenter at KPET Radio in Lamesa West Texas for 29 years, beginning in 1989. A familiar voice on the morning show he used to interview attendees at the Lamesa Forrest Fest. We met in 2011 when I first performed ther and struck up a friendship that lasted till he passed away on October 13 2018. I always looked forward to our intreviews I sh...

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The Wonder of Us

The paramount half of the wonder of "Us"

is that, larger than life, "U"

of you!

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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to disappear from the suspicious leers of strangers

who say the word "ethnicity" like it's an obscenity

because the scars of the distant past offend us
and inflicted psychic wounds bind us to things
groping fingers can't grasp

like children born of ghosts...

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Also by nunya:

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Kerala Visit

entry picture



kerala is peaceful and beautiful 
in all cases and places 
Keralite people are so cheerful 
I can read "welcome" on faces 


The Green Carpet of all guests 
and pure nature to enjoy 
generous people happily smiling 
at any time of any day 


Life in Kerala based on love 
and clear hearts for caring 
I love Kerala more than enough 
I'll come back sure for sharing 

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Also by Farag M. Afify:

FRIENDSHIP | Humankind | HELP!! | دكتور عصافير (VET) | You're Welcome |





Thank you Banksy for your work of art

as an artist who hits the nail on the head.

Depicting reality with a clear portrayal of

clueless Members of Parliament seen as chimps.

You illustrate well the demise of democracy

Ten years ago you created ´A Parliament of Chimps 

today we see it as a day of betrayal

´Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge

as an u...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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So sang Sir Paul, a late Sixties landmark song,

lyrics and score penned in seconds I’m sure and

jaunty as they come, neither revealing nor concealing

the big issues of the day, but a ballad for our time, a devotion,

a short, sweet love song, a subliminal gong on the froth and sweat of

Britpop’s arriviste best, a testament to th...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



The black may come and go 
but it is us who own our souls 
and the light of the sky 
guides all under the blue 
by which the trees grow 
and the ocean flows 
it’s ok to be one alone 
it's ok to hold your own 
there is no endpoint 
in the paths we take 
to take away the empty place 
I lost myself but then how
I think I really didn't lose anything 
I wasn't meant 
and while all inside ...

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The fallacy of me

A fallickle man torn deeply at the seams, 

Clocks flowing backward, 

I am but the shadowed after-image of the yet foreseen. 


The desolate paths etched in green and blue, 

Make way for the emperor, 

That which is me. 


Shallow and hollow shells, 

I do not see life in them,  

For the depravity of man fell solely on my shoulder,

It seems. 


Gothic be the day...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Filthy and Afraid | God |




My reality is my reflection 

Showing all my deepest imperfection 

My main focus becomes your Perception 

Am I living up to your acceptance 

Just to become your deflection 

Since you are not happy with me 

Because of who I am 

Or what you think I chose to be 

You don’t see me for me 

But instead you see you inside of me 

Which for some odd reason is w...

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Also by Dominc Read:

Living Free |


Summoned to their verminous den

you're infected with apprehension

(rather than leptospirosis).

Hoping they've ratted you out

they reveal tiny razorsharp teeth

anxious to gnaw rapidly away at

the rewards of much hard work.


They torment you with taxes

(thus inciting you to moonlight)

penalising you for putting by.

Gleefully imposing gigantic fines

for simply wri...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Noctis |

Wish You Were Here

entry picture

Wish you were here,
to break down all the differences,
to shake down all the borders,
to melt down all the distance,
to connect all the figures
in the right place.
What else could, what else could confront us?
In the same way we breath,
in the same way we cry,
wish you were here,
tonight when the whole world is empty
and there is no one left to die.

Wish you were here,
to create all t...

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love poetrypoetrywordswritingwriting poetry

Yesterday's Friend today

I think of friends near and far over distance and away in time.

What separates us is still permeable, our friendship not lost nor thrown away Whilst we remain yet apart, our daily thoughts and hopes remain vibrant of joyful times yet spent.

Maybe on hold, maybe grown cold, possibly on mute or pause, but whatever the status, in our hearts I am sure for those who once cupped our souls with war...

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Poor old Treeza May

We’ll be oh so sad to see you go

To make way for that twat BoJo

But you’ve had your day

Cos step aside is what you’ll do

If your crappy deal don’t get through.

Too ri oo ri oo ri oo ri ay

Come on Arlene

As the DUP’s queen

You wear orange not green

And she’s on the rack;

Unless she will pay

More bribes you hold sway

So you’ll shaft Treeza M...

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Also by John Coopey:


Epitome of Beauty

Her heart is as pure as the first ray of the sun.
Her Soul has got the spirit of fire , always burning with enthusiasm and Passion.
Her Mind is like an ocean , sometimes ecstatically peaceful and the other full of emotional waves .
Her eyes is as beautiful as the Darjeeling sunrise, Full of dreams and hopes one can clearly see.
Her Smile is as beautiful as the spring season , full of joy and w...

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Also by Bhagwant Singh:

Dream Girl |

beautiful love poemslove poetry

The Art of Choosing

entry picture


Which is,
Which is not.
What should be,
What should not be.
How to be,
How not to be.
Who will be,
Who will not be.
Where to be,
Where not to be.
What is,
What is not.
To choose,
To choose not.

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