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Cardboard Cutout

I've got to say there's 
Never special about me
I'm an average as cardboard cutout
So please stop poking holes through me
I'm too fragile for that shit

You like white lightning and rain storms
I become a soggy mess in them
Your kisses made me feel human
Just for me to bleed out all over the floor

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Concious Confessions

When you cant tell your story without criminalzing others

and people wonder why beautiful butterflies still try to fly 

but their wings wont flutter

What lies beneath is the secrets of a black sheep

lost souls searching for answers as the preacher preachs

she lies under the rug where the dirt was swept

she cries away the pain like when jesus wept

the strain from constant pain ...

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Teardrops in the sky

Somewhere, far away

the stars cry

glistening teardrops frozen

forever, in the dark sky


Will the amber ever melt

spreading its wings of sunshine 

or remain forever embedded 

in the eyes of mine..

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Also by Orenda:

(untitled) |

Sorrow pain forever stars sky


When you start to see the bottom 
Of those leering orange bottles
Threats of existance are especially bleak

Vertigo next to prostration 
Electric synapse undulations 
All the retching is leaving me weak 

Ceaseless verge of trickling tears
Insignificance from past 6 years
Squatting rent free inside the mind

Heart palpitations 
Over social reservations 
Dependence on ties that we bi...

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Also by SadGrrrlsClub:

loose ends |

anxietydepressionexistencemental healthpoemshort poem


This is the last of a series of poems for my granddaughter.

Annie is now an adult but still needs one- to- one  twentyfour hour care. Her family has split and her grandparents are now estranged.

Jusr a normal modern family really.


I knew he once

so long ago

loved her

laughed with her

watched her grow

and slowly blossom


and now

she is gone from me

cut from...

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Also by Dorothy Webb:




entry picture


Nobody knows everything

But we should know what we do

Books are there for reading

And courses there to go


Don't say:"I know enough"

Your brain, sure, will freeze

Don't let someone to laugh

If you meet someone who knows


That the rule of good knowledge

Learn what you really need

The knowledge has a good bridge

To cross it, you must read

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booksbrainbridgecoursescrosseverythingfreezegoodknowKnowledgelaughlearnletmeetneedNobodyreadingreallyrulesay enoughsomeonesureto doto gowhatwho

A Pot of Gold

entry picture

Six rainbow cloudburst smiles

spectrum of radiant colour

leprechauns dance throughout the night.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Lord Goldenjoy verses Sir Redraw |

magical moments


my new lover is impetuous

I feel her eyes on me
like hammerstrikes on steel

and she says she knows me
like sparks show through darkness

but I cannot come out tonight--

she doesn't know my heart or how
her new tiger has been tried

she doesn't know that though
I've turned my back against the divide

I keep a wide eye focused on the sun
forever setting in the west...

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Also by elPintor:

autonomous | solitary | distant history | subversive |

Things That Look Alike

Things that look alike


Volume 1: "Bright and Innocent!"


The cordial smile of a supposed benefactor 

The caresses of a new unexplored lover

Freshly cooked up ideas, right out of a young passionate mind; not very well though out

And the hope in the words of the confident orator

and the promises of the formidable father

and his proud posture and big gestures

and the ...

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Unforgettable Togetherness

entry picture

we embrace in the warmth of love
flowing our long-held desires
panting enjoying a kiss
we express sincere passion for longing

at first the doubt felt like a dream
but obviously we have united ourselves
live when fulfilling the will of instinct
time becomes meaningful to two hearts

a little regret why it's only now
we feel like we are out of control
so long we are stuck in a wallow sa...

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Iraqi Schoolgirls, 1932

entry picture

Beyond these walls there’s a place

where they are sisters and daughters

and soon, inshallah, virtuous

wives- and mothers-to-be.


Out there where modesty's praised,

their future's determined.

Their allurements buried

like a hoard, each bride-price


is settled. Being who they are

and where they come from,

each is a link in the chain

that holds the world toget...

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Prison Poem



a toilet 

a sink

a door

that clinks


steel bars

barbed wire

and fence

chain link


one blanket

one bulb

one constant




what if

I had not

been caught


no word

from wife

no family



no good


while I'm

in here


to flee

be free

once more

no doubt


one thought


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Why Do I Write?

entry picture

Why Do I Write?


My poetry won't change the world

That needs a move en mass

My cries and pleas are wasted

So is my writing 'trash'?


So why then do I write at all?

If no-one heeds my work

I need to bring what's inside out

From inside where it lurks


As poets I guess we all do this

We write just for ourselves

If others like our work, that's fine

(If n...

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Show Me A Saint

Show me a "Saint," I'll show you a sinner,

Whose moral restraint keeps, "Sinner," inner,

Show me an "Angel," I'll show you the Fallen,

Whose " Inner," made, "Outer," abandon their calling.


Show me a, "King," I'll show you a, "Wretch,"

With pleading hand weakly, meekly outstretched,

Show me a "Martyr," I'll show you a "Fool,"

That was schooled by rules as a sinners tool.


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Stealing Time

Rays crackin’ jokes tonight,

Jill takes a while, the context

much more poignant than the punchline.

Humour seconded, yet still both soothe her soul.


“Pesto, the Italian Dennis the Menace”

Tastes so much better as

a simile, 

Than the so called toastie dressing

Jill has licked favourably from her lips.


Ray steals more time

I collect another quote,

For the l...

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Also by Matt Townsend:

Mummy remembers a love song |

entry picture

I was on the verge of giving up
I want my heart beats to stop
It was the time to say goodbye
A perfect time to die

I was about to cut my wrist
Thinking this would kill me at ease
Hoping this pain would vanish
A life I was about to unleash

Can't cut my wrist so I took a drug
Overdosing myself would be a haven of snug
Seeing my Lifeless body is what I want
My beating heart has no a pl...

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On my frequent lone walk by the old docks

I came across a building which turned out

to be a communal bathhouse.

It was incredibly cheap for a few pence

I got a towel and soap and had my first shower

I was at the time, elven years old.

And when I was short of change asked my mother

for not ice cream, but for a shower.

My brother said only poofters went there, ...

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Schrödinger's Mouse

entry picture

Your love of my raspberries has resulted

in this late evening walk in headtorch,


to hedges of hazel and blackthorn,

far enough from home to foil ideas of return.


Aware of owls ripping through moonlight,

I kneel in damp fescue and sedge,


clutching this tilt trap of quantum uncertainty;

mouse or no mouse? that is the question.


The trap gate opens. You see ...

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Maybe some day

Maybe one day you'll understand

Maybe one day you'll lend a hand

You'll be there to have my back

Without being asked you'll pick up the slack

Maybe one day you'll see what i see

You'll be the person who was always there for me

You won't make excuses and say i can't feel the way that you make me oh it is real

You don't take the time to go out of the way

To make me smile to m...

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The Eagle (To Be Read Aloud with Vigor)

Fastly, swiftly, we run our race

The fire burns as we keep up the pace

Fly across the sky at night

An eagle flying in the red twilight

Then slow ---

Slow we flow

Slow like water

Slow like snow

How'd you know what your life's about

Up and down and in and out

Never stop and never go

The river's rest is slow to come

The eagle's nest is hidden from

The eagle's si...

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Also by Duncan Adelaide:

Balance Number 1 | Introduction to Love | PAGAN THE NIGHT - Vision the First |

eaglenature.poems on spirituality


is everything
is nothing is
free is the season
for feeling
the beat of the tree
tell me a story
I cannot dream
for darkness
lives inside
and although
I see a light bright
I cannot stay
outside the night.


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Weigh the opinion

entry picture

Weigh the opinion

Thursday,22nd February 2019


Let there be a quality based preference

and always be given the reference

for its outstanding presentation

for humanity angle and relation


the literature is the fine medium

where prevails not only the wisdom

but cares for human values

and that is to be viewed by others


it comes from a healthy mind

that sp...

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My Guardian Angle

They put me in a shape that didn't fit 

I'm not out of shape; just out of it


Hit me once just to try it 

It was a hit so they milked it


We go from indifference

To bursting at the seams


A glitch of biology

Without meaning


Start the discussion

About the shape of the room


The emotional repercussions 

Of all those angles 


Cornering me a...

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I hear my world better

when there are no words


closed library eyes see

eddying images churn

before being controlled

writing a new narrative


it’s kind of safer than

letting reality intrude


chapters repositioned

shaded recollections

able-body paradigm

altered to glimmer


requiring the world to

turn on my direction



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Response to Section 63 from Tao Te Ching

entry picture

Be more by doing less.

Accomplish more by taking a rest.

Taste more by eating slow.

What seems unlikely

may bring the greatest reward,

as when we treat our adversary

with kindness.


Big weeds grow from a tiny seed.

Infection comes from a small scratch.

Small acts deter disaster.

Humble beginnings can grow into greatness.


The wise one perceives potential


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Also by Fernwood Press:

Player Piano | Poem from One of Our New Collections |

growthpacifismresttao te chingwise mind


I’ll never forget the day that I met Dawn from Didcot.

Her eyes like pools of fire, all watery and bloodshot.


I found her reminiscent of all of the four seasons.

For a very wide and varied number of notable reasons.


She was Reminiscent of Spring time, of April showers and dew.

Because every time she Shpoke, she shpat all over you.


She reminded me of Winter, of icic...

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First Love

Me vs. Me

Just when it looks like

I'm making progress,


  I fumble

an hour and             start to         sp  lit 

                                                   (just like that)


and the other                                half

turns pretty                                      ugly

very fast. 


Then it's me vs.                          me

all weekend.


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Ghosts and Gods

Is the shadow you cast from the sun
the same
as that
sent flooding from the moon?

A man can lose his mind in under a minute
from a lifetime
of non-locality and shadows
become his heroes.

He saw the space inside people,
The vast airs within atoms,
The insubstantial chasm 
Between electrons
Like flying deserts in tiny skies
And he thought himself into oblivion.

We are the monster...

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A withering

Dried up, shrivelled, exposed, weather-beaten,
This wasting away of the body afflicts with decay
The hey-ho day of the day-to-day.  Friends desert us quite, 
And  no quenching  returns
All that was rubbed away, like stains that do not dry
Wither, languish, and decay. Time pines away.  
In this quagmire, this swamp of guilt, regret,
Spilt water, wine: I forget which itch of memory did the da...

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Mi amor, sombrío y azul, como el infinito,
Si lo hubieras conocido, lo hubieras amado tanto como yo. 
Mi vida da vueltas a su alrededor,
lo cubro con mis brazos, lo aparto de ellos. 
No importa nada, si no es sobre él,
mis ojos solo ven a aquel niño de azul.

Tengo miedo, de abrir los ojos y jamás escucharte, de caminar lento al lado tuyo y perderte al marcharte. 

Di mi nombre y abre tus...

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Also by Alexa Paola:

Weird Suffering |


Near Kingswear town there stands a tree

That stand alone and waits for me

To take the track back to the sea

The way down by The Mewstone


Past the beacon in the corn

Built for every seaman born

To the works of war forlorn

At bay down by The Mewstone


Above the rocks - beneath the pine

Look-outs lost in leaf and vine

Still staring out in dark design

Decay do...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:





Who spared a glance

at the man of dignity

striding tall down Portobello

through Thursday and Friday

in a dapper blue suit,

shirt and tie,

black shine shoes,


walking cane and trilby?


Standing at the corner of the Grove

savouring smells;

peas and rice

and that ganja

he never smoked back home

in Guinea Bissau.



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Also by Rick:

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Butterfly's and nerves


Anxious and scared


Excited and giddy


Our first date in our city.


Head stuck in the past

From the memories of poison gas


Feelings of disbelief 

And hoping it will pass.



This man seems

tender 'honest and caring

From the first phone call

He has not stopped sharing.


I seen photo's of kid's

Laughing an...

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'The trouble with Derek'

( In response to an ITV Documentary attempting character assassination

"The trouble with Derek"

about former  Liverpool City  Council's Deputy Leader Derek Hatton and the furore of his recent re-joining of the Labour Party )


The trouble with Derek :

was that he was a socialist

that he was a militant Socialist


The trouble with Derek

was that he was working class,


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An Aussie Farmer's Lot.

An Aussie Farmer's Lot.


Ah ! the sumptuosity of blessed

virgin flesh

the thoughts of carnal knowledge

as we hurry to undress


But soft; I hear the lowing

of an agitated cow,

such trial and tribulation

weigh heavy on my brow


Pray hold the moment madam

whilst I service Daisy-Bell

then take a soapy shower

to eradicate the smell !

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Aussie FarmerCarnal KnowledgeHumour

José Tomas

José Tomas


Slighted by the curse of autism

he was a delightful and cheerful lad

Tall, handsome with personal charm

nothing seemed to daunt or depress him

A manifestation of good manners

a willing helper, seldom dull or downcast

Thick lensed glasses accentuated his eyes

blue and clear, a glimpse of his inner self

Bright, observant with concealed talent

he lived in...

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Summer Seascape

In the sun's mid-day heat

I see the tall field grasses flow, swell

and come towards me in waves               

surging before the day's wind

the seed-head spume constantly bowing

seems to fall on the field strand where I stand.

The rhythmic onslaught of the waves

continues through the long afternoon - 

a tide of wind-driven swells and rollers

always flowing to my feet, w...

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beachebbfieldsharvesthayhay fieldsseaswellstidewaveswind


Sunshine in a tumbler, give me a little of your glow.

Make my shadow sweat

Pierce me with those rays , deep enough to scrape the sadness off my brittle soul

And let sunflowers grow in their place

O how I wish to understand the makings of you

Why you decide to go away too long that the nights become unbearable and the moon imposes the tides on me.

Come on over here and give me tha...

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Cursed is the air I breathe,

It carries words fouled by lies,

For myself she will never grieve,

But knowing her, no surprise.


Color of blood and bone,

But of course lacking both,

She speaks through my lips of stone,

I wish to tell but she is loath,


And so the skeleton hand grips mine,

My creation can now create,

Why she, the most cruel design,

Her ta...

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No. No title.

I want you to know that I don't want to do this.
I want you to know that I never wanted it to be this way.
That I loved you with all of my heart.
That I would hold on forever if you let me.
But it has become painstaking clear
That I am holding on to something that is already long gone.
I cannot keep watching, waiting, listening
For a sound I will not hear, a time that will not come;
And no...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Dreaming | The Ultimate Blanket Fort | Dreams |


entry picture

"Millionaires" we called it.
A reference to the way we felt when we emerged from the mud.
It's where we gathered to cool off, a small creek with a waterfall and mineral mud we liked to smear on our bodies.
We were soldiers, aid workers, doctors - far from home.
Our job to monitor peace and end suffering in a land where western greed built a mine and turned people against themselves.
We layere...

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Spiritveteranwar poetry


I can almost see it in my mind So clear and yet so far How do i get there How do I get to where you are How do you feel when the beauty is encompassed all around you? Is it too much too bear? Does it all really just fall away? I can hear it, the soft crashing now The breeze blowing through those golden stalks Your skin as soft as velvet do you finally feel complete? You always dreamed yo...

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Infectious laughter

Don't leave your laughter

lying around here

it is contagious and

might infect others

we wouldn't want

people enjoying themselves

and having fun

it could spread like wildfire

rampant and unchecked

run amok and carefree

it may make the world

a better place

and we wouldn't want that

would we?

Haha haha.

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White light

When the bough breaks

And falls to the fathomless earth

When the ground shakes

And it feels like rebirth


Do we look to the skies

With tear stained eyes

Or swallow the bread

And bury our dead.


Is life the only slot

To protect from this blinding spot

Or are we energy

To fly back to the heavens.


There’s no answer

Only faith to relive

The only a...

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Sometimes I find myself in a place

where you and I were once

together and I am overcome

by the memories of what

we once were.

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Without a care

God is for people who are ashamed of what they have done,
Because they agree they can wash away all their sins,
By killing God's only son,
Only myself can judge me because I'm not ruled by God,
Because I have made myself happy and free,
99 point 9 % are all sinners,
They will find themselves to be losers,
We will be the winners,
To free the people of this world who are kind but in pain,

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Honouring Holocaust victims
on the evening of last Monday week
reliving unspeakable  horrors
 through articulate rhyme and speech
we were made aware and reminded
listening silent in mournful array
those despicable thoughts
fired by hate long ago
lurk latent in hearts still today.

Awakened from restive slumber
  "New Order" perverted beliefs
 will repeat ol...

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Also by ken eaton-dykes:

(untitled) |

off-yellow (02/17/2019)

gone days 
of a whispered rack, lashed 
against obsidian history 
these ropes weren't made to slip over my wrists 
but that's what god invented nails for.

dawn days
breaking , split gut and glowsticks 
cured ham and other salted relics :
tryptophobic abstracts
tiger traps to tiptoe over 
the weight of legends heavier 
than bruised absconding feet 

colored nights 

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Jameson's can't say no garborator post mortem



When upon the surface of the earth

pebbles meet a pounding sea,

sit facing me and, eyes blindfold,

pick one and drop it in the space between

your pretty feet, my creaking knees.


We’ve played before, a simple game:

agree the duration of the hunt,

measured as the time it takes for, say,

three cycles of the breakers’ rush

from crashing crest to sucked-ba...

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Martin's Missing Sweatshirt

Martin's missing sweatshirt

is no longer lost

so he won't be incurring

the replacement cost


But if he did

there'd be change from a quid


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