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Also by Red Brick Keshner:

skyward | exist-inguished crises | going, not gone |

My Final Mistake

My first mistake was escaping to the mirror

I could stare at myself for hours on end

But all I saw was a ghostly figure staring back at me

I wonder if she’s sick if she needs help

Hands too weak to reach out to me

Her hair is disheveled and her clothes are torn

Her eyes sunken in and red like rubies

She looks so familiar as if I've met her before

She looks at me with defeat...

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Also by Contemporary Soul:

Moral Compass | I’m so Delusional | I Belong To... | This is Bipolar | Never Meant To Be | Dear Love | Prettiest | Poor Minded | Not Love |


Traffic lights go green, 

An empty late midnight highway

Gives the man the license to speed up. 

The speed limit marked 80 or below, but, 

Nevertheless, he gave in full throttle. 

Six hours ago, the girl seated next to him had dropped a

Text to her boyfriend that she’s with a friend; anonymous.


A sudden unexpected interception and 

The situation was under grave repercu...

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Also by Manish Singh:

Bonfire In A World So Cold | The Interloper | Lost In The Wake | From New York, With Love. | Dear Vincent | An Outsider's Story |





It didn’t hurt if he stayed alert,

and kept on top of the pain.

Some days were better than others,

but I never heard him complain.

When asked why he went, he’d just say,

‘someone had to’.

But I’m not sure if he’d do it again.


So, what do you see when you look at me?

I’m curious to know. Is it someone whose father

fought for this countr...

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I heard the song right then I had a vision 

I put it on paper added colour locations down to actors precision 

Out of my hands 

God's decision 

Next thing I'm watching it back on the big screen television 

It all started with a vision 

When I realised it realised it became my mission 

This is my special gift of which God has given 

And for a long time yes it was kind of hid...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:



War within

On and on 

The voices in my head are getting louder

The fight for happiness is real 

Real hard is getting over your self 

Reall hard to love the one's am supposed to love

I get told I look like a swan on a lake

In reality am more like a brick on the Ocean 

Am no hidden treasure 

Just a confused lad who struggle to grow up 

I think I identify as a soilder because am alway...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

My problem | I used to | I wish | A journey | Will you |

Who includes diversity...

Written in March 2023: one year on.

(...sees races, eras, dates, generations,

The past, the future, dwelling there, like space, inseparable together"

Walt Whitman, Kosmos)



Only fragile glass

                                   holds the cold

                                                                night's times at bay:

each star above the beech

owning its mo...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Resistant News | Consequences |

wartimeUkraineWalt Whitman

In Memory


Out of place on the steep bank
beyond revolving and tangled washing lines
alone a group of bright narcissi wave.

Framed by the kitchen window
Not quite Van Gogh's sunflowers
they are the only flowers in this still life.

You planted the bulbs when first we moved here
holding on to something of the garden
we once treasured- it was all our own work.

Fitly they bloom around your bi...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Ecology In Crisis | Words for 'Thaxted' | Mood Of A Season | Between The Ages A Thoroughfare | Aflipbook |

His Bucket List

The outer shell begin to break piece by piece and stone for stone,

He left me there alone.

 I hear glass shattering in my ear yet I see no glass,

As I grip my chest and slide along the wall I can see he's free at last.

His smile disappears and his actions have changed, 

He's leaving again.

My chest is hurting, tears are burning, butterflies has disappeared,

It's happening agai...

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Live in life

Sometimes it seems to be a cake walk

Other times it makes you to stagger


Sometimes it is a bed of roses that soothes you

Other times it is like thorns and briers that prune you


Sometimes it will give the love that reaches the sky

Other times it will give the hatred that is deeper than chasm


Sometimes it will pour riches and glory

Other times it will make you ind...

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Also by Persis Alabaster:

A lake of 2 worlds |

Impatience, Prudence

The hesitation

That gets to me

Things are rolling slowly

It gets the better of me

I sit with the discomfort of not knowing

Let it wash over me

In black and white,

And other colors invisible in the light.

I want a gradual humiliation to take me out -

Take me out to sea.


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Also by Katherine Lockridge:

The Defender | In the Midst of Dying | The Silent Toll |


Why do I keep coming to these places?
Attempting to siphon something into this void
Vicarious joy, vicarious hope, still dream of the rope
Can't cope with this anymore, the wound is forever sore
I'm getting sick of trying, lying to myself a bit more
Fuck your good health, choke on your worthless wealth
Burn down another Newport, the tenth or twelfth

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Menthol memories |

A Love Supreme

That long-held sax note- divine
makes my soul jus drift away
 smoke, booze, horse,
Then the  girls. Sum o’them, think agen
man, the flash of the crack o’th drum
thumpity, thumpity, thump.
He jus stand there in a haze
John’s soprano sax, Miles’ trumpet
Blowin the blues. All the way To Missisip
All the way to me cryin in a ditch.
Those weary, weary blues. No shufflin shoes
No dancin c...

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Also by John E Marks:

Casting stones | GIANT STEPS | Homage to Nietzsche | STUTTERER | Genocide | Northern Morning | Widows & Orphans | Generation 27 | Parvenu | Vanishing point | Shadows of a broken vessel | Walking solo | Subliminal | BLANK SLATE | Mater Mea | Adamantine Blue |


It’s my party

And I’ll lie if I want to

Lie if I want to

Lie if I want to

I’ll swear it’s true that I never knew.


Yes, there I was with a glass in my hand

The party hat hid round my back

We’d spun the bottle and then

I photocopied my crack.


It’s my party

And I’ll lie if I want to

Lie if I want to

Lie if I want to

I’ll swear it’s true that I never kn...

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Also by John Coopey:


Dead Rat

Flies gathered around its tiny body,

Its feet turned toward the sky

As if preparing to continue the

Never-ending rat race among the clouds.


People walk past and turn up their noses.

The only good rat is a

Dead rat, but why?


They exist just like us, their little hearts

Pumping just as fast as ours.

They scurry from place to place, ducking between

Giant meta...

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Also by Elle Shaine:

Hit and Run |

deathsort of a metaphorrat racequestioningteenage bullshit

It was, and always will be, 1969

The fluorescent screen in our lounge,

Mirrored the bridge’s onboard viewer

Gaining a look into unfamiliar fictitious worlds.

We encountered both friendly and unfriendly aliens.

Pointed ears, blue faces, or lizard-like Gorn

Occasionally, it was all just too much 

After all, I was only nine

It wasn’t Dr Who scary, but it was close

They whisked us weekly across the cosmos


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Also by JD Russell:

Unsure in love | The mind of a bomber | Does anyone care? | How many? | Winter has passed and with it, love. |


Tree Blossom

The tree blossom is starting to appear
the braver trees go first
Soon there will be an explosion
as pinks and white hues pop and burst 

Plus the bees are beginning to buzz 
which is exciting to see 
Today is the first day of spring 
which gifts these precious sights for free

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Also by julie callaghan:

Glory Of The Snow | Lighter Mornings | Happy Lambs | Brand New Day | Snowdrops | Brisk Morning | Blossom | Frogspawn |

Meet Me By The Shore

A sequel to Walking Down To The Lake

There she is, a former glow 
that once filled a room the moment 
she granted it with her presence, 
a memory of what used to be.

The frigid air blowing through the trees 
on this winter night reminds us 
that the warmth we used to know 
left us long ago.

What would it take 
but a grasp of her hand, 
an inviting smile, a long embrace 
to shake ...

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A bird, mountain and sky

It's a beauty to see a bird bouncing from the fields
to take a flight with its mighty wings... 

One of them can fly just over the mountain, 
and hastily come back to its hollow nest... 

The other one has the power to kiss the sky, 
and fetch the pearls of heaven... 

Their King let's the former to exploit its mightiest might, 
and the latter is left to fate with paralysed wings...

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Blue sea

The cold dew in winter,
Ice cold drink,
Blood in the window.

Holiday gathering,
Red cascading falls,
Nor the way a tone makes me.

Imagine dream by a bedside,
Holding in one hand a child,
Sunkin deep in the sea.

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Also by Alita Moore:

Behind the screen door |


When I was in my teens we'd drink ourselves silly

throw up outside, have a good fight

go back in and chat up a bird

maybe get lucky and take her upstairs

then go back down and dance till we dropped.

These days what constitutes a party apparently

is supermarket sandwiches and cans of pop


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Also by Telboy:

Herman's Hermits | G'nasher | Let's Go Boldly |

Train Ride

When the grief comes back
I cannot just ignore it,
like I do with some things.
All I can do is try to stay out of its way.

I think of it as a train,
with brakes that don't care

if they stop the loaded cars
full of our dreams and the essence of you
we shared under the same stars.

The captive tracks
were laid out by you long ago,
a virtuoso of some note,
along the path of who you wer...

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Constant Companion | Personal Notes on Angels | Window Seat | Rain Song | Drift-Away Gifts | Local Weather |


I hate doing nothing.


The silence around can’t match the volume inside.

I abhor being bored, it’s impossible to hide.

I can’t think or focus, there’s a chaos in my mind.

When I look to do nothing, there’s nothing I can find.


I’m scared of nothing.


Now this isn’t a display of bravery against fear,

But being petrified of the unknown, of something still so unclear.


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But sir, it wasn’t us, that’s so unfair!

We’ve only been in power for thirteen years,

It was those nasty Europeans, there,

Made of Britannia such a great pig’s ear.

It wasn't Hunt spelled with a C who wrote

That pamphlet saying “Kill the NHS”,

It was those forinners in small rubber boats,

That made the UK an omnishambolic mess.

Oh look at that, a dead cat in the street!


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Also by Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh:

Tory Haiku | Happy Mother's Day - #Let Women Speak | Scríobh Amach Os Ard É!-Write It Out Loud! | Illegal Refugees Bill = The Bill that IS Illegal | Þunresdæg |


The Big Spot

I’ve got a big spot on the top of my head

It came from nowhere and just grew and grew

I’m not happy about it

But I might as well admit

I’ve got a big spot on the top of my head.


The next day that big spot was still there

I gave it a squeeze and some gunk came out

I slapped on some cream then I slapped on some more

I’ve still got a big spot on my head

But now it’s qu...

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Also by Steve Higgins:

The Curve of Her Neck | The Godfather Part III |

#humour #poetry

ghosts of my life (sinking in a stream of consciousness)

 ACT 1 
MELTING into the crucible
of her sapphire and steel stare
i felt myself turn into liquid
in the most lucid fluid stream
where my outlines disappeared
with my insides dispersed on the table of a roadside cafe
plucked out if the nineteen forty's. 
lost in the smooth swing of background 
Glen Miller big band jazz
& a chorus of old man monotone conversation
volume turning up a few b...

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Also by Rob Cohen:

Peyote Flavoured Fables | Combustion & Creation (portrait of a paranoid artist, smoking) |

The Covert Narcissist

Hidden behind a perfectly prepared cloak of invisibility

Personalised meticulously for this latest victim

Expertly woven from the delicate and fragile fibres

Of their current victim's soul.


Interlaced with personality traits

Vulnerabilities plucked, deepest secrets stolen

Intimate thoughts intertwined in the fabric

To be worn by this charming illusionist.


A victim...

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abusecovert abusenarcissisticnarcissistnarcissistic abusevictim


Three rough hairy bikers stop at a services for a meal,

Sat next to a lady and her chips they did steal.

One pulled out a fag and next to her did smoke,

Another rudely laughing gave her a poke.


Without a word of protest she pays her bill and departs,

Jumps into her enormous truck ,turns the key and starts.

With a sigh of relief leaves the services and her dislikes,

And ca...

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Also by hugh:

Good news for me and you | The spread of kindness | Avoid an unhealthy hell and look after your body well. | A depressed teenager's hope for the future was lifted | Our world is in turmoil !! | Hip hip hooray for women's international day !! |

Spoken breath

She offered him a peach

he looked at the stars instead

The winking of a thousand suns

Wrote verse inside his head.

She lifted a burning ember

As tribute to the dead

Her searching smile

Of knowing thoughts

She claimed with nothing said.


(He folded gently

the written memory

of her penned lips,

that in silence,

said more

than spoken breath.)

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Trigonometry | Wittgenstein | Amber's Breath | Ember |

It was not easy (Don't you think?)

Has it crossed your mind a sense of lust and us in the afterglow? Have you used your power to lose my north in your wonder’s world? Have you ever thought of me while you save sinners with some stitches? Have you ever liked me? Did you fake your smiles? Did you mean that? Did you know me, or it was just your spells disguised with that hero essence?

It was a counterfeit, and I was a puppet in yo...

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Also by Dilsonn A. Mejía:

My best friend | What I want (something to dream about) | In a dark room |


I will turn my attention

to beauty

& I will see it everywhere,

in the cries & in the silences,

in the rising & in the collapsing,

in the ugly & in the appealing.

Beauty is the song

that never stops hoping,

beauty is the glimmer of possibility, always.

I will turn my thoughts to beauty,

I will listen for the life-giving voice,

I will not be defeated by sorrow,

I ...

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Also by Hélène:

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Team Building Day

We formed a large circle

banging drums or blowing horns

directed by a group of bright young things

straight out of Uni, skinny and puny

wearing t-shirts saying Red Zebra

They said we were the best group ever


We then had to motivate ourselves

to cross an imaginery stream

using boxes and ropes

and an eight foot beam

We almost had it nailed

but unsurprisingly we ...

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Also by Reggie's Ghost:

THE SEAGULLS | We've Got The Builders In |


Toastmaster toastmaster, where have you gone?

the bride and her father await,

at the threshold they stand exactly as planned

awaiting your welcoming call

like a preening bird in black and red

on an aristocratic estate. 


Is it perhaps you've forgotten your lines

is a crisis of confidence striking,

your plumage gives you a right to speak

is something not to your likin...

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Also by ray pool:




I looked out my window and saw the sun.
And the formation of a rainbow had begun.
All that wonderful colour, a beautiful sight.
Too soon swallowed up by the dark of night..
I looked out my window and saw the moon.
That bright sunshine had gone all too soon.
The dull, starless sky, hung heavy and low.
The smothered moon couldn't muster a glow.
I looked out my window, I saw nothing at a...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Message | Mother's Day 19/3/23 | Through Raindrops | My Secret |


we spoke on the telephone

this morning, sadly, first time

for a little while, too long

you eighty-two, me seventy-one

teacher and pupil

a lifetime, a friendship,

you were a man, me a mere boy

the ten years difference

a chasm in those days

respect and deference were key

you transforming a young life

without knowing

now we speak together

as old friends, equ...

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If I could find the words

I would put them down on paper

Yes, and there they would stay

Perhaps until the end of time



Maybe in a thousand years

If the earth hasn’t turned to ash

And my words on paper

Have survived

You will read them 


And on that day

You will realise

Just what you mean

To me

Finally, you will understand


And you wil...

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Also by Clare:

Stick it where the sun don’t Shine!😂 | Back Into The Grey |

My Ambrosia

Happy World Poetry Day!


"I don't like poetry, " she said, slouched against

the gnarly skin of a grand old oak tree

"Really?" I said

And gifted her some Dickinson, Angelou

and a dark sprinkling of Poe 

"Hmmm." She pondered. 

Below, in the valley, the last drizzles of honey

slowly trickled away from lazy fields

The sunset preferring to brush them with a dusky pink ici...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

I'm Me! Can't you see? | Tears In The Rain |



People often say that God is merciful.

Then why is it that every night, every day, every waking hour of mine, 

I keep reciting the same prayer?

‘Have mercy, my Lord, and put this subject of yours out of their misery’.

If God is so merciful, then why is it that I still find myself breathing?

Exhaling every breath, hoping this one will be my last.

Why is it that I find myself all t...

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Also by Oizys:

I Love Myself (Unfortunately) |


Villanelle for a village cricketer

I’m batting at eternal number ten.

My mediocre talent falls apart;

Soon I’ll be walking back on nought again.


I’m in a team of skilled, well-coached young men,

Convincing me that cricket is an art.

I’m batting at eternal number ten.


I do not move my feet or sidestep when

A lethal bouncer flies towards my heart.

Soon I’ll be walking back on nought again.


I ...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

The Reunion Party | Circumstances | Dumb Animals | Bakhmut | Anonymity | Footprints |


Death Of Joy

Every time you look at me

You make me shiver  

Not in joy but in pain

Like suicidal impulses


Before the ages of God

Before the invent of clothes

Stars were brighter

We were the happiest


There was no word in between

Nor any sentence to form

Only a touch was enough

To feel each other within


Now the laws and the oaths

Rule the hearts and the mi...

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Also by NilavroNill Shoovro:

Children Of Paradise |


Trenches and Toasts

Trenches and Toasts


Lives are being taken every single day

at the orders of those who are not in harms way.

Many struggle through mud filled trenches

whilst those at home enjoy splendid lunches.


Gun fire threatens as missiles fly by

as the politicians continue to deceive and lie.

The fearful, the brave go to do their duty

whilst others take home their undeserved b...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Canopy of Darkness | The Presence | Framed | The Perennial Jackboot | Not all are the same | The Last Journey | Through the Gate | Behold |


Is it important to get recognition
For all our achievements and ambition?
Is it important others know when we are good?
Not have our names dragged through the mud

Is it important for us to be seen,
And have people know just what we mean?
Is it important to be highly praised
And in all perceptions firmly raised?

Is it important to have popularity
To be understood with total clarity?

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Stuart VannerRecognitionJustice

Press Eject (poetry film version)

I wait, dear friend, in line to collect you

you my rejected painting in this year’s competition

Unselected entry, now out of the race,

But when it’s my turn in the queue to be reacquainted with you,

I am caught between a rock and a very hard place


At the front of the queue is you waiting there

Wrapped up in paper and protective layer

I see ...

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Also by Lee Campbell:

Press Eject | Dear Rufus | Michael in the Mountains (with poetry film) |

Evil in them

Do not curse at the clocks

Time will not stand still

Do not shout at the rocks

They are not stronger

Than their stone hearts

Do not get angry at the mirror

Their ugly face beats the error

Of all your good deeds

There is an evil in them

Stronger than the storm

And the hurricane never ends...

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bad karmapoets

System error

(music: "One side of me" - Sebastian Zawadzki)

Do you get sold on others

trying to pitch liberation

in a moment of ecstasy


as bliss

when knowing not

what choice is


do you get sold on yourself

trying to pitch serfhood

in a moment of ecstasy

forgotten too soon

when remembering is

what loss can not express

an emptiness

constructing meaning


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Also by osne:

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MY MOTHER - a re-post for Mothering Sunday.

It's a while now since she passed away,

And Time has hurried on,

But still I hear her softly say 

"You'll miss me when I'm gone".


With each and every passing year

I sadly think upon

Those quiet words I still hear:

"You'll miss me when I'm gone".


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


“Resolution Mountain

Follow the signs to the trail, I'll be right there because I know no one showed you the way last time, as we take heavy steps in our merrel boots I am elated for our journey to commence, the air filled with tree bark aroma, and the wind tickles the Devine grass, I am grateful to be in nature, naturally I spend time around 4 walls, climbing this tall mountain I'm in search of resolution, it's time ...

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The dream-woven scape

effervesces, exhorting

you to make

an elegant escape,

to forsake

the uncompromising chaos

of the quotidian, 

to consecrate

a new meridian, 

cast cornerstones

into a game of dice, 

dance to the resonance

of a renaissance

that will suffer 

no ultimatum 

with the redolence 

of a temporal stratum...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Pantheon | Tick-tock... |

The Psychotic Lover

Oh if only you loved me the way I loved you

If only you had read those paragraphs I sent you when you didn't text me back 

If only you knew whos blood was on my hands to ensure you stayed safe

I did it for you 

All for you

What does it matter if a few people had to die in order for me to keep you?

Id burn this world and everyone in it to make sure you were mine

I need you


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Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G., Poem 215 of 230:  MOODS MORE NICE

Poem 215 of 230:  MOODS MORE NICE

As haggling
    Tends to cause
Some wrangling,
    Seeing price
Tends to cause
    Moods more nice.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Forgetful Flu

as spirit shadows of the past wait children of the sunlight remember - - -but there was this one time.

Forgot the card

Forgot to visit

Forgot to say

just how much

I love you Mum.


Facing Mother's wrath

Spirit wind blows

Icy cold blast

shivering fever strikes

giving me intolerable flu.


Coughing and spluttering

Mum's ghostly voice

whispers in delight


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putting it right prescription says don't forget

Sun Shines All Around You. (The nurture of nature)

A trickle of sweat, runs down your face, and won't allow your emotions to embrace,  you are left bereft, while the sun shines all around you.

Voices of fear, blacken your days, keeping you in those rat-infested alleys of your ways, as your habits usurper the days.

Yourself taught mechanisms, fixate the hate, hurts your mind, and the culture kills off any hope, that I will ever find you.


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Song of the Ofsted Inspectors

No point in crying, you know why we’re here.

Saw the league tables, smelled blood, descended.

You’re on our list; we can wreck your career.


Don’t try to fool us; we’ve been heads, too.

Educating the underclass? A thankless task.

We got out in time, saw which way the wind blew.


Up all night, checking figures? No matter.

We make facts fit, the one thing we’re good at.


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Also by Greg Freeman:

Black gold | No, Minister! or Whatever happened to the BBC? |

Finishing Strong

first act was hastily written 

lot of characters quickly forgotten 

technical problems with lighting and sets 


second added complications 

it was not without distractions 

it was dark but held my interest 


in the third they made it all work 

energy and music came together 

unexpected themes and twists


tied up in patterns that made 

the whole experience ...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

I’d | People you may know | Into the camera | Prove you're not a robot |

in the dance


we are one

chained communication

not manacled, locked

in meditative mantra



submitting to a

deliquescing lexicon

how does my heartbeat replicate


this song? how do my limbs know

how to sing along?

fingers mimic intricate design

i am triangle, ribbonesque


wrapped within a miracle

of sun spots, ink blots, euphoric drops

and k...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

On Reflection | The Lie of the Ancient Mariner |


The victim and the villain

I used to be the victim.

The result of an unfair life 

A chip on my shoulder that explained why I never went any further. 

I used to self validate my hardships 

Because no one else could possibly understand. 

A strangers disinterest pulled me further into my reclusiveness. 

I used to know that no one would ever know me. 

That with all these friends of mine no one had ever met ...

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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

Goggles of the deep |

Love…. Finally

The quest

The fail

The tried 

The untrue

And Rewind

The heartaches

The abuse

The misuse

………….Misery loves company 

It was all a blur

One day true love ❤️ erased You


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The Celtic sea /

Hither and come in my silver boat earrings and wild hair

Reading Tristan and iseult in the border worlds

The painted little gypsy wagon by these periwinkle seas

Our long journey back to where we came from 

The woodcuts are framed of sirens and alknost

I too am replete with birdsong that will make you forget yourself

Time too will be a map from where we are standing to a dreamed o...

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Also by Mirabel:

Bohemian bride | Venezia |




Firewalker faith must be required

to hop this white-hot sand

and now all zones are tinged with fear

of sunburn or combustion.


We stretch naked in the dunes

until guards arrive on decency patrol,

ice-cream sellers melt away,

persistent surfers finally desist.


The sea's an aquarium of coke cans

anyway, and plastic in the throats of birds.


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The Retreat

The Retreat


He sits in the same chair

with his drab voice and dead eyes.

Cobwebs grow on him.

He’s there in the morning

when I bring him breakfast.

He’s there in the evening

when I bring him dinner.





A young man walked along a sea front 

his hair had colour, his face taut 

forearms smoothed brown by the su...

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Also by Neil Fawcett:

Lost Boy | Last Walk |

Invisible feelings

The frozen river you can’t see,

It flows through your eyes,

How delicate it may be you won’t feel it,

You shan’t see the feeling it becomes,


Those noises it squeals,

That may turn through strong desires,

You can’t touch in such approach,

From the lightest touch it feels,


The atmosphere it absorbs,

Surrounds the area with great pain ambience,

You see this for...

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Also by Sarah shahzad:

Hidden Truth | Poems About Community | Short Poems About Life | Wild Birds in Captivity | Raven |

throughssad poemInvisible feelings


It has occured to me

Several times now

That I've never written 

Of my dad

Somewhere between the moment

He saved me from the chaos

And the moment he stopped being my hero

I seemed to have lost access

To the prerequsites

I need to write about any individual


You see?

My dad is four things

A Dragon, A Wolf, A Eagle, A Elk


A Dragon

Speaks from experie...

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Also by Jason Phillips:

Consumed | Mi Amor |



The month of Ramadan is approaching

Our brain could do with a little coaching

Praying and fasting, pleasing the lord

Doing our best to obtain the maximum reward

Samosas and dates on one plate

The call to prayer is on the wait

Feeding the poor and giving to charity

Having a soul full of peace and purity!

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Money, money, isn’t funny

in a poor man’s world.

When your boric acid and lint, ‘skint’

You’ve not got any to compare to the many

who have a lot, yea the have’s and have nots


It’s always been this way they say

So deal with it in any which way, but how

Learn to say “how now brown cow”

Start to posh up, sip from your cup

or glass, don’t slurp, that’s crass



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Also by Rick Varden:

Where do You Belong? | Needles and Pins | This Silent Landscape |

Exploring the Intersection of Dance and Literature: A Journey of Artistic Expression

Exploring the Intersection of Dance and Literature: A Journey of Artistic Expression

Dance and literature are two art forms that have captivated the imaginations of artists, writers, and observers alike. From the ancient Greek tragedies to the romantic ballets of the 19th century, the interplay between these two forms of artistic expression has enriched our culture and inspired countless wo...

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me from afar

if i could love you in a good way

i would do so; the best i could 

but the sun doesn’t even set at the same time for us 

so i’ll continue to rot in this room 

until my last summer here turns to fall 

i would love you so dearly 

but i love you from afar 

and yet you still find a way to overwhelm my mind 


i apologize for the way i treat you

i warn you for the things i...

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Also by lon:

to whom it may pain | winter as a person |


The sea not still

The sea has not been still 

and the fishermen

nearly losing

the nets they cast,

the seaweed entangled 

like sequins sown badly

onto the fish nets 

for a final haul where 

backs bent and burnt  

from an unforgiving sun

will pull frantically to 

catch, if only briefly,

the songs of the silent sea

M Martinez 2022

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These Jeans Do Well

These Jeans Do Well

My grandmother's expression

Shown through her hands

My father's habit

Of fitting in too many plans


My sister’s sass

My brother’s mystery

Scars and strength

Filtered down

From a refugee history


My mother's eyes

And ability to connect

My cousins' approach

To love and live without regret


Our pagan leaves

And celtic vines


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Beauty in Ugliness

We believe in good things easily

But hard to confide in bad ones,

(Beauty tells us the jovial story

But often it throws the dark rays

Into our smiling face.)


We know if the flowers

Bloom, they must give sweet fragrance

To the air, but we often forget

Some are odorless. Some flowers which

Bloom beyond our vision are full

Of sweet nectar but we don't care of them.


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Stockport WoL March 2023 Collage Poem: 'Secret Code'

A trawl of brawling sailors drown

            The captain’s thundercloud

A writer’s hat that lights

            Up in the dark

The flash of a photographer’s eyes

The eternal exhibition of white walls


Lines of lamplights on the edge of a field

            Stand vigil for sodden sheep

Seven seconds after hours

            Too many ghost faces

Prayers in eternity ...

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Secret CodeCollage PoemStockport WOLMarch

Our Lady of the Number Stations

You Queen of ceaseless voices in a thousand tongues,

Declaiming random numbers over Short Wave tides

To bright hypnotic chimes in some strange music box

Beside a ceaseless beach of boundless phonic surf,


You veiled clandestine goddess whose elusive slaves

All wait with pallid pride behind unsettled doors

For far commands to fall through fizzing noise

And mine each crypt...

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Number Stations

Most common fact of desirability

Outside every old person

there will always be a young person

vainly fighting to get back in.

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Loyal Love

Not just a dog

But a companion

Who always sticks beside you no matter where you go

Your shadow in every room


Not just a dog

But a protector

Who stays alert to threats no matter the hour

Telling off uneasy strangers, animals, or mother nature

Sensing danger and putting themselves in the line of fire


Not just a dog

But a friend

Who always makes you laugh an...

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Also by Thunderous Moon:

Wintertime Gloom |

All I Needed

I have hoped from identity to identity.

Searching for the one fit for my skin.

Beat myself up on body features I got.

Wishful thinking of beauty, ooh my God.

I didn’t know, self-esteem is what I needed.


I listened to any adult, in search of wisdom.

Doubtful of my thinking against conformity.

I learned that ignorant adults do teach too.

Inducing their views on keenly en...

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Also by Lucas Chihinga:

Grooming The King |

4 track thinker

She's a 4 track thinker

Thinks like a star blinker

Thought so fast words fell apart 

Picked up the pieces and made them into art

Track 1's her base

A mantra at pace

Track 2 psychobable everything new

On track 3 scientific mind

Specific observations of the fourth kind

On track 4 thoughts turn to awe 

Subliming meaning could even stop a war


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If you find it, keep it.
If you lose it, move on.

It's the sweetest poison, it kills slowly. 
And the surest medicine, it heals slowly.

I am not lucky with love, it's too fragile.
Guess I don't handle it with care.

I love the sight of it, but hate to groom it.
I admire it from afar but hate to try it.

If I find love, I'll keep it.
If I lose it, I'll move on.

Written by:...

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Our friends

Yellow and blue

It’s every where

The sun the sky

The sea the sand

The corn swathed land. 


The colours of nature 

The colours of freedom

Pass me the blue

Pass to me the yellow

To hold in our hearts

To make it our pillow

To cloak our babes

To dance in the wind

Like the winter willow.


Hold the colour high 

Though drenched with blood 

Though dr...

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Moments in nature

I see my sisters.

Pebbles and earth. 

A river, I hear.

Birds above flying high up in the trees. 

I taste nature, the woodland. 

I touch the earth. 

I play. 

I imagine this place is still the same as it was back then. 

I remember the fun, the freedom, the safety of my family. 

Everything is perfect, just as it is.

Wearing my red and white strawberry patterned dress. 

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I yearn for something

I can not yet touch or see

I yearn for something

That does not belong to me


I yearn for it like rain

On a hot summer day

I yearn for it like children

Who wish their father could stay


I yearn to be the future me

Who has everything I want

I so desperately yearn to be

Everything I am not

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The Flat

These rooms are  cleaner, tidier now,

Shorn of their clutter, anyhow.

 Mum’s flat echoes, to my heavy tread,

as I pace to the beat of an empty drum,

gathering mem’ries of my dear old mum.

I lean across her dining table,

To eat some food, where she last fed.


Her chair is empty, but still bears the scars,

The detritus of her toast and jam.

faint vestiges of mum’s cu...

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heaven in peace

Hallowed whispers echoed,

resonating something solitary,

calmness showering the empty halls.

For it looked at peace,

maybe a gaslighting of enlightenment

or maybe a hope to be resolute.

Like all,

it creaked here 'nd there,

cracks enough to dissolve its beauty,

and reveal the ugly truths.

But we remained blind,

cause we woke with every flare,

knowing death stood ...

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Ode To The Warning Mocking Bird

Ode To The Warning Mocking Bird

           (Dopple are Borged)




     I ventured a beer with ‘the grey,’

checking myself regular in case of

   over familiarity,


     first time see - noting that,

I was the alien here, I was the guest,


     It didn’t seem at all ‘any’

kind of fear or new experience,

     it was as if I was here all along and then,


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Also by ZTK Space:

Good Move Theresa | Amidst a Cuckold Clout |

Love Unborn

So sure I wouldn’t go out 
What the fuck is this all about?
Four pints down 
God, Im acting like a clown
As soon as I enter the club 
Look, there is my love 
You’re holding hands with her 
Some of it is still a blur
You make your way to me 
Your embrace is so heavenly 
But she’s yours
The one shutting all my doors 
No idea who I'm kissing tonight 
Probably anyone in my sight 
Can’t g...

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I have always been attracted to villains.
Maybe it's because of their stubbornness about an idea, or maybe it's because of their lucidity in their intentions.

A superhero, trickster, is contradictory at its core.

If a revolution contains violence within itself, it becomes what it fights against, it becomes nothing but rot in a suit made of good intentions.
Nothing significant changes.
If ...

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I'm Your Secret Admirer

Your eyes are dreamy

They remind me of the Sunrise

At the ocean

Your lips are soft and luscious

I like the way you lick them when you talk

I wonder how they taste

Back to your eyes

They're so expressive

Rather you squint

Or you wink

Those eyes can tell you

A story

Without you ever speaking

On what you think

Your nose is fat

It reminds me of our Ancestor...

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The lack of sodium

Memories added up escaping a past 
I tried to run from I want to be a nobody
So my face is not loved 
Just like the words of a break up 

So tell the stores of us 
But don’t forget I never loved you
I only did when it helped me 
These are the lies I need told 
So no one is hurt by the end of my life 

I was hollow and alone 
Happy and miserable 
A oxymoron but beautifully paired 
To ...

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Dreams are near every night

When the moon is bright,

Awake are the mice

Eating the fallen fries.


Gone is the day

Nothing can show you the way.

While everybody is keen

To have a dream…


Some might dream in a bed,

While others in streets sleep unfed.

But still dreams visit,

                            Bit by bit.


But then morning comes,


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Also by Klementa Abela:

(War) |



I almost regret to write this poem

for fear it may vanish

flicker away like Evan's flame

scared of the voices

that murmurs that carry its name

across the wind

whispers of That


but it only lives for a little

hiding in plain sight

waiting to be noticed

so it may slip away

one more time


only to be invited back

by the warm, orange glow

of the everlas...

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Flight to freedom

Happiness spreads it's wings 

And takes me far away with it 

Into lands of joy and peace 

As I slowly learn to fly my destiny


A bouquet full of smiles 

Sweet scented fragrances mixing 

Intoxicating my lovely home 

Doors and windows wide open 


Floating over the rivers of laughter 

Life is a beautifully meandering saga 

With each rhythm my heart beats faster 


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Keep lying to me

I know you know that I know.

Don’t think I never did,

I just wanted you to prove yourself

And to prove myself wrong 

I just wanted to be wrong this time.

But once you hit the wall,

You can't say that I never tried.

This wouldn't have worked 

Even if I tried playing along.

I guess I went too far

trying not to feel alone this time.

Don’t think I d...

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Shadow Boxing

The closest my dad ever got to poetry

was when he savoured some word

like pugilist, or the tip-toe springiness

he sensed in bob and weave,

his unalloyed delight in the flytings

and eyeball-to-eyeball hype

that went with big fight weigh-ins.


And maybe I should have been

a contender, when I did my stint

in the ring, my dad convinced

I had style and the stamp o...

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