Sun Shines All Around You. (The nurture of nature)

A trickle of sweat, runs down your face, and won't allow your emotions to embrace,  you are left bereft, while the sun shines all around you.

Voices of fear, blacken your days, keeping you in those rat-infested alleys of your ways, as your habits usurper the days.

Yourself taught mechanisms, fixate the hate, hurts your mind, and the culture kills off any hope, that I will ever find you.

Self-medication drills into your twist, and I can't scoop you up as I once wished, and unclenched your now clenched fists.

Your nurture allied, nature aside, you feel alluded, and deprived of your heart from beating truly, confidently, and kindly.

Demons laugh and feast on that falsehood of the smoked green leaf, it no longer quells your relief, it just denies you.

Your social anxiety implodes, and your wellbeing violently explodes, I see it all unfold, please, wont’ you let me sit beside you.

There is a realisation now, that those illegal ways, and quick fix pay deal days, will lay the foundation of a cage.

Role models aside, environments developed behaviours that divide, lies are just lies those messages will mislead and are blinding.

Control is yours to take, fear and aggression is a massive mistake, and the cycle of behaviours have led you to this place, in which we break.

Your soul’s still alive, there’s much more strength that you can find, but don’t overthink emotionally in your mind, it can burn and grind you.

There’s a crossroads where you can stand, a path yet to be planned, but you need to unpick the complex patterns that you’ve woven.

Yes, go on, condemn the past, but don’t let that legacy be the fact, the thing, that imprisons, and finally defines you.

Exhale, reflect, understand what comes next, vexed actions will be checked, but in the end, its only you, and those decisions that can deprive you.

The day ebbs in and flows out, shadows cast a whisper of doubt, as the night draws to its remedial, and peaceful conclusion.

A trickle of sweat runs down your face, and won't allow your emotions to embrace, you are left bereft, while the sun shines all around you.

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Philip Stevens

Sun 19th Mar 2023 12:11

Thank you Stephen. I always welcome comments, especially from yourself. I'm glad the narrative portrayed reached you.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 19th Mar 2023 09:32

A moving poem, Philip, beautifully read. I really admire the work that went into this, the rhythm and the rhyme.

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