In a dark room

I’m in an empty room staring at the brick wall, gray and blue is all I see, it’s just me and myself begging for a glimpse of mercy.

Mercy for a soul that was stabbed, stabbed by a twisted world that doesn’t let him love to whom his heart belongs. The storms they put in me are driving me crazy, and now the voices in my head are telling me I’m the broken one, fixing me to fit in, but whatever I do is never enough. I’m just another puppet of double standards.

Am I the greatest for success, but the worst for love? We live in an unbreakable system of faking smiles, now we can only wait in this opacity for the imminent end to come. We’re just ghosts in a crowded room now I see.

They are lighting me up…

Empty and confused times, I used masks my whole life that now are part of me, they put me on a pedestal because I’m the one, a chess player watched by an audience waiting for his next move. Everybody is expecting something that will never come.

Caught in this web of everything that I should be, waiting for my fall ‘cause I couldn’t stop this tempest anymore. When the truth is told they will forget me, they will put me in exile punishing me with silence, breaking the illusion I live in, letting out the demons in me, and starting the collapse of reality, but after all the chaos, I know I will feel truly alive.

They are still judging me….

Loneliness, tears, and faith. I’m still in this dark room hoping for someone who could turn on the lights to save this messy creature.

That would make me a renegade I know, but I would pay that price if It’s with you.

That’s why I’m here, just waiting….

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