Seeds For Gaia

On waking,

she shivered a rainbow 

upon the knoll where bodies lay.

Yawning flowers took note,

flaunting their colours as a veil.

Her fingers dug deep into the fertile soil

until she could feel the root.

The old oak swaying its gnarly arms.

The moss, so moist and sweet, sang.

She could hear the breeze whistling  the grass.

A lullaby of morning dew.

From the forest over yonder,

the cracking of bark, 

and the snapping of tree bones 

signalled the stirring of life.

Beneath her ethereal caress

the bodies also stirred, 

restless and unknowing.

He would be back soon.

She could feel the decay of his aura.

The approach of shallow breath.

A new seed would be planted

for her to tend to.

And then another, and another.

Until fate would become his undoing.

And his undoing 

would be hers to tend.


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Kevin Tan

Thu 25th May 2023 07:54

Okay you are superior. FAR superior to me.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 1st Apr 2023 08:00

A very fine poem, Steve. Close to the Earth and the human condition.

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John Marks

Fri 31st Mar 2023 22:00

I liked this poem Stephen. A meaning that slides in & out of view. A primordial earth goddess or a woman in distress or both at the same time?

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 31st Mar 2023 16:52

I'm deeply flattered, Keith! Thank you!

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keith jeffries

Thu 30th Mar 2023 08:36

Crafted with descriptive skill which creates images in the mind of the reader that linger within the realm of near sensuality. One of the best poems I have read for a long time.
Thank you for this

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