The spread of kindness

Kindness touches hearts in a special way,

Like a warm fire on a cold day.

A powerful quality that comes from the heart,

Creating a communal feeling when we all take part.


Being kind strengthens one's satisfaction in life,

Spreads an ointment of calm on turmoil and strife.

Being friendly and considerate,means much more,

A kind word,a smile or even opening a door,


Thoughtless comments are a stab in the dark,

Whilst kindness from a thoughtful tongue can make it's mark.

Choose your words and tone of voice when giving advice,

It is endearing and motivating to be nice.


Open your mouth with wisdom when you talk,

Share good morning greetings when out on a walk.

Kindness is a poweful quality which comes from the heart,

To continue it's spread,we must all take part.


◄ Avoid an unhealthy hell and look after your body well.

Good news for me and you ►


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Sat 18th Mar 2023 08:43

Thanks for all the kind comments, keep on spreading kindness and keep our communities fresh and alive.😊

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 17th Mar 2023 19:57

Indeed Hugh. Topical and timely.
Always have a mind
To be kind
And you may find
Others so inclined.
Add words written in my childhood autograph book by a wise
teacher whose name I still recall: Helen M.. Tarry, bless her memory.
The Value of a Smile
It costs nothing but creates much
It enriches those who receive
Without impoverishing those who give..
How very true!!
Finally, avoid vexatious people..

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 17th Mar 2023 17:26

Well said, Hugh

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Laura Taylor

Fri 17th Mar 2023 14:43

In this day and age, kindness is a radical act. Love the sentiment in this poem. So true.

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keith jeffries

Thu 16th Mar 2023 11:31

These noble qualities are lacking in today's world where we now find ourselves in fragmented communities and a dysfunctional society. It is up to each of us to try to rebuild lost values.
Thank you for this

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 16th Mar 2023 09:24

Thanks Hugh.
Every word so very true.

I wonder; is there such a job as Parliamentary, or No. 10 Chaplain or "Counsellor"?

A copy of this in high places might well work wonders for the well-being of the UK, instead of the deliberate and blatant hatemongering which is going on at present.

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