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me from afar

if i could love you in a good way

i would do so; the best i could 

but the sun doesn’t even set at the same time for us 

so i’ll continue to rot in this room 

until my last summer here turns to fall 

i would love you so dearly 

but i love you from afar 

and yet you still find a way to overwhelm my mind 


i apologize for the way i treat you

i warn you for the things i...

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to whom it may pain

i understand the woman who will look me up and down to judge my clothes, instead of thanking me for holding the door. i will cry for her and her adolescent years being long gone.

i'll feel my mothers pain as her eyes well, but only behind a closed door. i'll feel it and lose sleep.

when the sun eventually rises, i'll love the yellows and oranges that enter my window and touch my face...

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winter as a person

the seasons are fast like the cars that drive by my window. i hate winter and his grey hue.

i'll miss him when im sunburnt and peeling.

it's one of those days where your words are too overwhelming and my past creeps up on me.

it'll end before dinner tonight.

you're the silently negging weather. i am the days ahead of us. through your overcast, snow, and sludge, i'll find the su...

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gentle wind

i want to go for a walk you say

the sunrise is beautiful and the wind is gentle

though, i will never notice the sunrise,

not even when you point it out to me

i'll notice how your hand will brush mine

and the soft way you'll speak to me

so gentle, that early in the morning

i'll notice each gap in between the conversations we'll have

the small ...

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part of you

i'd let you rip open my chest

fill my lungs with your breaths

wrap your fingers around my spine

clench my heart

until every part of me has become tainted

with your warm touch

until i become something far more pretty

than i ever could be

until i become part of you

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cough syrup

everything always circles back to you

i find myself unable to go one sentence

without feeling your name

whisper itself at the back of my throat

and i cannot go to bed

if im not imagining how it would feel

to have your arms wrapped around my waist

as we sway in your kitchen

our kitchen


i wish i could function

without hav...

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you speak so cruelly of the body i admire

a body that shines so brightly and laughs so delicately

a body that loves so deeply


maybe if you saw the light in those soft brown eyes

or you felt the safety

your presence brings

or you heard the warmth

in your voice

you would speak of yourself

the way you so truly deserve

to b...

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me me me

There is such beauty in isolation

An awe in those quiet nights

A wonder in wandering those streets


I know myself better than anyone

No one will compare to familiarity 

I bring to myself


I have been actualized by no one

But myself


There is a strange beauty

In believing you are the loneliest of all

That no one else has to feel this way

But me


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it's raining

it’s raining and i’m reminded how much you love this weather

the constant thrumming sound it makes while it comes down

hitting your window

scared to go out and catch a cold, you watch from your porch

you miss it every time it’s gone

it’s hard for me to enjoy when i’m miles away and we can’t hear the same rain

and i cant enjoy the sound it makes

hitting my window

because all...

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