The Last Journey

The Last Journey


She lay on a bed, a cluster of clouds

to begin her final ephemeral journey home.

Sleeping serenely with arms folded

across her breasts, the final chorous sang their requiem.

Silence with no clamour of applause only farewell

as she gently entered the slipway of life.

Her scented aura bathed her lifeless

yet uncorrupted mortal frame.

Through a whispering mist she was borne

into an arcadia strewn with petals.

A distant portal, an arch of greeting

as angels sighed and made their obeisance.

Her terrestial journey was accomplished

as the arch bowed low to reverence her passing.

Her mortal frame was laid on a verdant cushion in pastures new

as her soul with tears of endless joy ensued.

Higher and higher still, till out of reach

beyond the mortality of a sunken past.

She arrived as she had left

with a rapturous array of boundless love

To a galaxy of waiting souls who beamed

their hospitality, dressed in dazzling white.

A vast panoply of majesty to the renewed caress

of her betrothed and kindred spirit.

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Jason Phillips

Wed 8th Mar 2023 18:05


You always seem to capture the essence of those things less considered. Your words give life to objects as if they've always had a soul. I love that the arch bowed and I love the clouds were a bed for her body. The galaxy of waiting souls feels almost like the stars are individuals smiling back at her. I'm not sure if this poem is mearly a poem, or if it has a much deeper meaning to you, but I love it just the same.

Thank you,

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Wed 8th Mar 2023 15:51

Really lovely! Wow!! Thank YOU, Keith

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