Trenches and Toasts

Trenches and Toasts


Lives are being taken every single day

at the orders of those who are not in harms way.

Many struggle through mud filled trenches

whilst those at home enjoy splendid lunches.


Gun fire threatens as missiles fly by

as the politicians continue to deceive and lie.

The fearful, the brave go to do their duty

whilst others take home their undeserved booty.


Those who are killed in action

are barely given even a mention.

As mothers and wives weep in grief and sorrow

there are those who still have their tomorrow.


War is cruel and downright unjust

but for some it is a time for avarice and lust.

There are those who lie cold six feet under

whilst some at a distance only hear the thunder.


When the war is eventually over

the bereaved weep dressed in black do cover.

The industrialists and politicians raise their glasses

and soon forget their nation's losses.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 21st Mar 2023 07:34

Cleverly written and with an honest, direct opinion, Keith. I liked this very much.

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