It has occured to me

Several times now

That I've never written 

Of my dad

Somewhere between the moment

He saved me from the chaos

And the moment he stopped being my hero

I seemed to have lost access

To the prerequsites

I need to write about any individual


You see?

My dad is four things

A Dragon, A Wolf, A Eagle, A Elk


A Dragon

Speaks from experience

Is intelligent and cunning

But confident to a fault

A Dragon

Spouts powerful torrents

of red hot flames

Is lucky enough

to find gold at the end of a rainbow

And gifted beyond measure

Capable of making everything out of nothing

My Dad is A Dragon


A Wolf

Travels in packs

Is mysterious and complex  

But can be so proud 

A Wolf

Howls at the moon

Heard throughout the night

Is playful as a newborn

Yipping, growling, and barking

And caring as a first time mother

Protecting their young with an unrivaled ferocity

My Dad is A Wolf


A Eagle

Wise beyond doubt

Is brave and couragous

But are headstrong and stubborn

A Eagle

Flies high above the clouds

Watching all beneathe its gaze

Is determined as an Ox

Excited to meet any challenge head on

And graceful like the point of a knife

Slicing through the air with ease

My Dad is A Eagle


A Elk

A King amongs Kings

Is Loud and strong 

But tend to walk alone

A Elk

Bugles through the forest

Demanding to be heard by all

Is noble like a knight

Willing to stand up against all odds

And persevering like statue

Always there when you need it most

My Dad is A Elk




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Jason Phillips

Tue 21st Mar 2023 17:58

Thank you everyone for your kind words! This poem was really hard to write and was prompted by my therapist because of some recent strife in our relationship. Initially, I thought I would write about all of the pain and emotional trauma that i've been given, but my heart took over; the part of me that very much remembers the hero he used to be.

Thank you

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 15th Mar 2023 10:33

You now have a lot of us thinking of our fathers in these terms Jason. A very good write. Well done!

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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Mar 2023 10:28

Well written, highly descriptive and a good read.
Thank you for this

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kJ Walker

Wed 15th Mar 2023 07:26

Very well written.
You are lucky to have such a man as your dad.
Mine was.
A Newt
A Rat
A Snake
And a Gorilla

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Klementa Abela

Tue 14th Mar 2023 19:04

Bravo! Written with emotion

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