A Canopy of Darkness

A Canopy of Darkness


A canopy of darkness descends over all

an uneasy peace replaces the light of day.

We can barely see, only vague images are grasped

another feeling arrives clothed in concealment.

Other forces are at play as souls begin to fear

we stumble and touch to find our way.

Another darkness more foreboding is present

it instills disquiet and our souls tremble.

We keep alive a light in our inner being

it illuminates and wards off all evil.

Then a glimmer of light, the first light

of dawn as the sun banishes the shadows.

The night is redundant and flees as it is 

no longer welcome in either time or space.

The light grows in strength as do

our spirits rise in a joyful response.

The darkness of the world is banished

by the light of the world made new.

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