I hate doing nothing.


The silence around can’t match the volume inside.

I abhor being bored, it’s impossible to hide.

I can’t think or focus, there’s a chaos in my mind.

When I look to do nothing, there’s nothing I can find.


I’m scared of nothing.


Now this isn’t a display of bravery against fear,

But being petrified of the unknown, of something still so unclear.

The end of life, so far but so near.

Nothing forever, a scream that nobody will hear.


Nothing is forever, the beginning and the start. 

Every step of the way, every beat of your heart. 

It exploits ambition, brings only dismay.

For life is but a moment in nothing’s great play.


So with nothing in mind I have this to say,

You make me forget about nothing, day after day. 

With the way you look and every little thing that you do,

There is nothing, my love, that I would not do for you. 

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Jack Roberts

Thu 23rd Mar 2023 13:09

To each their own I suppose, I’ve always found that I can’t shut my brain off for long enough to get anything done 😃

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 23rd Mar 2023 10:52

Thanks Jack.
Sometimes though, can't doing nothing and being bored provide that spark of creativity?

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