I shall write 
With no form of euphemism 
I shall write my thought as raw as a flesh bitten off by a cannibal 

I shall not shy away from pouring my thought 
As the sudden rain that falls while the sun still shines 
I shall tell you how I feel without fear
Even though many shall demand for my head 
And wish the tiniest of dust particles to cover my body up 

I shall point out the degradation of mankind 
Let me start by telling you this...

When I was much younger
My mom cooks, my dad provides 
Love set the boundaries with flowers 
Now the love is gone, the flowers withered
I can no longer tell a dad from a mom 
What a crazy world we live in

Then, when I was still a child 
Twelve colors were beautiful, and the rainbow was innocent 
Now to others, it symbolizes vile, while to others pride 
What a crazy world we live in

then, while I was still a child I was color blind humans were just humans 
Now black lives matter; white lives matter
Why won't all lives matter?
What a crazy world we live in

While I was still growing up as a child 
We go to church to worship, the court to judge 
Now the lawyers are in the church 
What a crazy world we live in

As a child then, hospitals save children and school teaches them
Now, hospitals kill them, and schools slay them 
What a crazy world we live in 

If this offends you, then now you know how your actions made me feel 
If this does not pinch a thing in you, then you are yet to pick a side.

Elijah Enenche Peter 
©The Night Owl Poetry

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