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This indescribable Hell.

Go ahead, describe it:

You are bound to come up short.

Those nearby can’t do the job;

To them it’s still neighbourhood,

And photographs, as we know,

Will never do it justice.

Perhaps this is the way Hell

Gets away with its nonsense;

Its mammoth violation

Too vast to get a grip on,

So that no one even tries.

A brief sun bursts through the clouds;

Are we supposed to applaud?


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 8th Mar 2023 21:17

Thanks for your comments, Graham, Keith, Pete and Laura. They encourage me but also make me realise the limits of this kind of poem. Feeling angry is not enough, but what else can you do? Thanks to everyone again.
And my thanks to Stephen, Hugh, K Lynn, Purplemoon, Elijah and Manish for their support.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 8th Mar 2023 11:23

"Perhaps this is the way Hell

Gets away with its nonsense"

Great lines. I like that reflection, but fear it lets the corporeal criminals off the hook.

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Pete (edbreathe)

Tue 7th Mar 2023 20:26

We all keep trying to articulate this heart wrenching episode , it bothers me continually, and I feel pretty useless and ineffective every time a put pen to paper.
Let’s just hope that in the end the pen is mightier than the sword
Thanks for the poem.

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keith jeffries

Tue 7th Mar 2023 19:02

This tragedy continues without any respite. It is all down to one man; a dictator who wants his way at any cost. I join with Graham and thank you for this and please keep the pot boiling lest we become complacent observers.
Thank you

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 7th Mar 2023 17:42

Stephen, it seems wrong that the sun should shine on such madness and violation! It deserves to languish in the dark.

The irony of a photograph not doing it justice is inspired, normally an expression we reserve for things beauty etc!

Good work as always. Keep this pot boiling.

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