Window Seat

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I sit in a very comfortable chair.

Tubes in my arm administering meds

with unpronounceable names.


A large and inviting window to my right

welcomes the sunlight,

letting the day enter without resistance.


Suddenly, a small bird strikes the window outside

startling me out of my cloak of anxiety!


I have no way to see

if it survived the collision,

connected to all manner of machines,

as I am, with beepers and chimes.


If it did recover, I know it was probably stunned at first.

Trying to understand what happened to it.

I'm pulling for this creature to fly again!


If it has persevered, collecting its thoughts

and regaining its ability to understand

what it can become once more,

I cannot imagine more important strengths

to have in common today,

shared now with a confederate with wings.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Mon 13th Mar 2023 13:46

"Connected to all manner of machines, as i am, with beepers and chimes".
Beautifully written Mike. It brought me back the tragic memory of my accident. It took me a day to process things due to partial amnesia after collision. I could relate with the bird metaphorically and also with the version of human connected to machine.
Thanks for this Mike.

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