Our world is in turmoil !!

Our world is in turmoil,how can we cope ?

Worrying about negatives will weaken our hope.

Some of the problems we face might change for the better,

Protect your hope and become a trend setter .


Focus on the positives and ways to deal with the situation,

And list a few things to show your appreciation.

As anxiety over the world turmoil increases ,people suffer,

Disturbing news makes our children's future even tougher.


Allow children to express how they feel,

With their fears and concerns you'll be more able to deal.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak,

Patiently listen,a relaxed mind is easier to tweak.


Many people struggle to make ends meet,

And in a world in turmoil have to decide whether to eat or heat.

Communities in turmoil experience a rise in the cost of living,

To protecting our livelihoods more attention we are giving.


Protect your health by keeping our living spaces clean.

Minimise the risk of disease practicing good hygiene .

During times of turmoil protect your health by doing what is best,

Exercise,maintain a healthy diet,good hygeine and plenty of rest.


Night ,night sleep tight.



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Tue 7th Mar 2023 13:08

Sweet, encouraging poem. Thank you, Hugh!

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keith jeffries

Tue 7th Mar 2023 08:21

A poem which very well describes the world about us which is in conflict with itself. Well written, topical with sound advice given.
Thank you for this

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