These Jeans Do Well

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These Jeans Do Well

My grandmother's expression

Shown through her hands

My father's habit

Of fitting in too many plans


My sister’s sass

My brother’s mystery

Scars and strength

Filtered down

From a refugee history


My mother's eyes

And ability to connect

My cousins' approach

To love and live without regret


Our pagan leaves

And celtic vines

Of traditions and mannerisms



When I am missing my family

Or need their energy— to get through the day

I place my hands gently in my pockets

And am reminded— they are in my DNA


Thinking of everything we've experienced

Contributed and withstood

Turns out our Jeans 

Are actually pretty good


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Rasa Kabaila

Sat 18th Mar 2023 06:44

Thank you so much, Uilleam. I am completed enchanted by your full name, by the way. So beautiful!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Wed 15th Mar 2023 18:30

I like this, thanks:

Our pagan leaves

And celtic vines

Of traditions and mannerisms


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Rasa Kabaila

Sun 12th Mar 2023 06:23

Thank you lovely John, Stephen and Helene. Such generous comments! We are definitely impacted on how we are nurtured and then we have our own personality on top of all of that. 😃I don't have an easy relationship with my sister-but I decided to look at what can be seen in one way as being a flaw as also a strength (keeping it strength based and compassionate). I also had to admit that some of the qualities that annoy us in other people in our family can still be the ones we carry ourselves. 😛

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 11th Mar 2023 17:10

Glorious, Rasa. All human life described in six verses! Breathtaking.

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Sat 11th Mar 2023 14:31

Lovely! I too really enjoyed & appreciated this, including the audio.

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John Coopey

Sat 11th Mar 2023 09:55

Enjoyed this, Rasa. I suppose all of us are an amalgam of qualities in different quantities of our families. Then throw in a bit of “nurture” to stir it up and you get who we are.
Keep posting the audios too.

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