People often say that God is merciful.

Then why is it that every night, every day, every waking hour of mine, 

I keep reciting the same prayer?

‘Have mercy, my Lord, and put this subject of yours out of their misery’.

If God is so merciful, then why is it that I still find myself breathing?

Exhaling every breath, hoping this one will be my last.

Why is it that I find myself all the time,

Contemplating my life?

Please, have mercy, 

my Lord,

And let me die by your hands. 

If I pass on that way,

If you could spare this disciple of yours some of the blame,

Then perhaps I will find myself laying on that bed for once with no nightmares raging through my head.

Just the promise of a sweet dream faintly echoing in my mind.

Permit me at least that, 

Oh merciful one.

Grant this fool of yours their foolish wish,

So they can die with a smile.

Take me while I sleep,

While I am away in a dream.

So I do not have to wake up again in the same agony, 

Facing that disappointing reality once again.

It is you who must put me out of my torment

By taking back the life you bestowed upon me.

So that the ones I love,

Will remain fooled.

So that the ones I love,

Will not doubt that I did love


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