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A bird, mountain and sky

It's a beauty to see a bird bouncing from the fields
to take a flight with its mighty wings... 

One of them can fly just over the mountain, 
and hastily come back to its hollow nest... 

The other one has the power to kiss the sky, 
and fetch the pearls of heaven... 

Their King let's the former to exploit its mightiest might, 
and the latter is left to fate with paralysed wings...

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The night is over

Seems it's a pink fresh morn

and a cool breeze gently touching

and alluring the spirit, 

raising it high in great hope.


A bright ray slipped in through 

a yellow curtain of my window

resting calmly upon bare forehead;

warmth of a blessed childhood.


The cosy memories of past,

once again, riding upon in ecstasy

the jocund tides of emotions 

rapturing in the...

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celebration of moodEcstasyhigh spiritsweetness of Lord


For me, life is neither a day

nor a fearful night:

It's marching ahead

between the horizons, 

sometimes, swaying the swing

towards the golden rays, 

and the other times,

pushing it deep into the dark

to make me smother. 


Perhaps It's more a dusk

travelling towards the night, 

and abruptly receiving a call 

of the mischievous dawn, 

playing hide and seek


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A change is welcome

for the Lord

whether we want it or not,

for whatever reason, 

when HE feels it

to be truly just

by losing hope

due to a picture worst:


Some of us sacrifice,

what we love, 

for a reason

valid for recreation,

and some of us walk

a pilgrimage

shouldering a weight,

for a cloudy past. 

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ImbalanceLordweight of loss

Ladder of success

We all aspire to climb upon

a lucrative ladder of success,

of course, which is not a same 

for all the climbers, of different pace.


The ladder is a mystic pyramid,

with a widest step at the base,

having the childhood friends, along with you,

as the stones of a structure of its case.


With a new strength, as you fly up and up,

you shall find different partners,


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it's equally good to travel an either wayladder of successnew challangespast becomes alienpyramidsuccess as a new step

To, the Dad

Dad, today's a Father's Day,
and my kids have wished me for the same!

They don't know how much do I miss you,
and your words of love and care. 

How much do I miss the hugs,
that never came true, for unknown reasons. 

How much do I miss the conversations,
that didn't come alive, though we're always near. 

How much do I miss to have said you,
that I love you too, very much.

How m...

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Miss you Dad

Rule of universe

Our history is kind and brutal:
full of roses and thorns, 
love and hate, 
smiles and cries, 
peace and unrest, 
blessings and curses, 
optimism and pessimism, 
certainties and confusions, 
civilizations and barbarisms, 
progress and bloodshed, 
celebrations and mournings, 
voices and mums, 
obedience and rebellion, 
Gods and demons, 
religion and science. 

It's all this, 
what i...

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Changerule of universehistory of mankindpeace and unrest


He asked for 'acceptance', 
for his hard work and commitment, 
and they stabbed him, 
several times, for no reason. 

He asked for 'recognition', 
for his skills, difficultly acquired, 
and they jeered at him, 
for all the seasons. 

He asked for an 'opportunity', 
to exploit his inborn talent, 
and they outright rejected it, 
without any clarification. 

He asked for 'humanity', 

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born in adverse conditionsinborn talentmercy deniedNepotism


I have seen two travellers:

One, determined to walk, 
quite a long, 
ready to trod upon  
all the brutalities of fate, 
is forbidden to live, 

and, the other, 
blessed with all to travel, 
a far, far away, 
with fame, money, 
and, even people to love, 
doesn't want to live, 
and doesn't give a thought 
to the irony of fate!

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a pessimistican optimisticIrony of fate


It's raining in the world, 
with the Coronavirus:

a furious lightning 
of a mute warning, 

a thunderstorm of
an unprecedented power, 

a darkest cloud
of a worried folk! 

The people are 
and, thanking as well, 
the Corona, most prudently, 
for liting a novel hope 
of a Renaissance! 


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I won't ever let a sun to set in the horizon: GRATITUDE


the Almighty, 
who didn't let me fly with an evil bird,

the nature, 
to set me an example of sacrifice and care, 

the dad, 
to teach me a lot in no words, 

the mom, 
to make me a reality in the world, 

the teachers,
to shape a pot out of a wet clay dust, 

the blood-bonds, 
to make my any anguish to rest, 

the ...

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Gratitudeon a special day


Sometimes, you -

want something to share, 
but there's no one around to care, 

feel to laugh for a reason better, 
but hardly find it ever,

feel to cry for something darker, 
but can't do it to anyone near, 

want to heal your wounds deeper, 
but don't find a medicine better, 

want to patch your scars wider, 
but don't find a fine stitcher, 

feel to break out a louder, 
but ...

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a lack of remediesdiverse moodssolace in poetry

The village

I have left a village where people don't -

come together, even for a valid reason,

compete, in a more healthier manner, 

appreciate, even a better contribution, 

spare conscience, for our own children,

believe, in a solidarity of our character,

remember, a purpose of our existence, 

spend time, upon fulfilling good intentions, 

feel and try, to empathise with others, 


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human weaknessespoetry as a vehiclethe Almighty


People come and go
leaving behind the scars:

It's more than heaven 
in a beautiful beginning, 

very perfectly blessed
like walking in moonlight.

An abrupt rapture of emotions, 
the deep dives in the lovely sea,

the waters perfectly unknown, 
the realms strange, but cozy.

Hopes are always great, 
but perhaps so baseless.

We are like the falling stars 
that will surely shoot...

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destinyfragilityhuman relationsmemories as scars


Hey, let me stop a cyclone!
It may knock down my kingdom
made of my own 
and most importantly, 
my dear ego, 
everything of my own, 
my life, 
my rules. 

Please help me stop it,
lest it shouldn't pave the way
for a new creation 
where, I'm afraid, 
what if I couldn't be a centre? 




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conservative approachhumoursatire

Door bell

Who is there
ringing my door bell
since half an hour?

I don't have time
to attend you 
and your ballad. 

Rather, I don't like
to pay attention 
to something smarter. 

Oh, I may like you
if you'll chat with me 
on groceries and vegetables, 

but I can't spare 
my precious time 
upon intellectual matters! 

Please, don't judge me
for my knowledge 
beyond ignorance. 

If yo...

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Human weaknesseshumoursatire


An orange morning, 
a fresh aromatic air, 
and a cup of coffee
might make you crazily cool.

The multi-colour roses, 
a lush-green garden, 
and the love-filled people
might sway you in a romantic realm.

The dark clouds, 
a thunderstorm, 
and a forked lightning 
might throw you in a scary field.

The bad guys, 
an evil thought, 
and the black habits
might drive you glum and burri...

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atmosphereschoiceeventsgrowthhappinesspeaceright decision

Still cool

I'm still cool,
torn by destiny
that made me blue.

Why to pain,
and for whom,
when it isn't a worthy tool.

Time cut me
into pieces immeasurable,
and I rose like a toddler,

I still rose,
each time, with a power
of a thousand phoenixes.


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bad patchesdestinydeterminationpositivism

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