“Resolution Mountain

Follow the signs to the trail, I'll be right there because I know no one showed you the way last time, as we take heavy steps in our merrel boots I am elated for our journey to commence, the air filled with tree bark aroma, and the wind tickles the Devine grass, I am grateful to be in nature, naturally I spend time around 4 walls, climbing this tall mountain I'm in search of resolution, it's time to resolve what we usually let slide, what we tend to classify as "nothing" because really it is something and it's been bothering you and it's been bothering me, I been ruminating under these tall oak trees, the shade couldn't hide shield my pain, and then so I encountered the rain, spontainteity is idiosyncratic to me, light drips off the page like water slipping off a tall leaf, I wanted to make it brief but then you wouldn't fully comprehend, we just want to solve our problems the answer is at the peak of mountain i see many distractions on my journey but everything that lasted in my life was worth learning 

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