What I want (something to dream about)

Blue room crying the truth, why is life so rude? Braking bones to those who are looking for an antidote, people are waiting for you to bring the stars, telling you how good you are, but they’re never there when you’re in the haze, are we brave to face another day? what I want is a glass of wine and a good heart in these dark times.

Growing alone is not always a choice, rainy days you’re playing on the wet bench, your green gem is watching how you laugh like there’s no mad around the town, innocence rules the house, and you’re going to search for a heart, and a dream to fight about, he built a path to run to the stars, but the world is a god that put you in a letdowns light, what I want is to back in time when I was in your steady arms.

Sixteen you disagree with what happens in your dreams, your brain gets the control of fade, your walking nowhere but knowing you’re getting somewhere, you’re screaming, hugging, laughing even crying with those you spend your youth days, loving the wrong one and not worried about our life, just living the moment that soon will break down, what I want is a friend that takes me to the end.

Is there a way to survive the war? Getting bruises trying to catch tulips, bullets, and wounds, thinking we found the one, we’re not old enough to know they're fantasies, we waste time with people who can’t even see us shine, where’s the hand I can hold when I’m in the haze? Where’s the person I would hug if I were in the crying storm? I’m lost, what I want is a light that brings me back to life.

Loving is a sin these days, what I want is a star that I can lay in the grass every night and talk about how I like its shine.

What I want is a daisy to tell my deepest fears (what I want is to live).

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