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The War

Who had waged countless wars

That  have all ultimately become

Pounds of wounds

Sitting on both shoulders

All the wars turned into

Pure exhaustion

And lots of embarrassment

Came into being later on

Prayers can beat off 

The soul's meanigless wars 


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war poetry

Evil in them

Do not curse at the clocks

Time will not stand still

Do not shout at the rocks

They are not stronger

Than their stone hearts

Do not get angry at the mirror

Their ugly face beats the error

Of all your good deeds

There is an evil in them

Stronger than the storm

And the hurricane never ends...

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bad karmapoets


Tired of being here

Stuck in a frozen


Tired of waiting

For a voice

That is impossible

To hear.


Is like a curse

It is an ice

On my left shoulder

It is a melting alibi

Makes me say good-bye

To the little hope

Beating in my chest

Tired of asking

The questions

With no responses

Tired of seeking

The light.


Turns every corner


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sad poemspoetry


I am surrounded with the ghosts 

Each and every day I blame

The heartless bodies on my toes

I am surrounded by some dust

That has always been in their eyes

They look but just cannot see 

That their life is full of lies

Do you ever wanna be surrounded by the mud

Wherein their souls are stuck

Shall we draw this sharp line once again

Between our minds that have already g...

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poetrybig emotions


Tainted words are like shadows

Amid your weak sunny days

Tainted dreams are like the mud

On your black patent leather shoes

You cannot walk towards your hope

Having these sorrowful feet

And with a barefaced kind

Of friend hidden on your mind

Tainted whispers are like a curse

With the promises you've broken

Maybe a thousand times

A sudden storm taints the breeze


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Life is passing by

Without even living

Life is passing by

The only thing we do

Is literally breathing

Life is a winding road

Why do we need to be barefoot

All by the way that is so long

One day life is too simple

For our sophisticated heart

The other day it is too complex

And too hard

To even breathe

Life is passing by

Like a white lie

Killing our innoc...

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The tears cannot put out

The burning question of the heart

What a bizarre fire you have

As no one can see your flame

Deep down in your heart

Maybe we should sing a song

To let us not  go wrong

Once again with unanswered questions

The lyrics are so stuck in violence

That they are drifting us apart

Deep down in our bleeding heart

The empty space is not big enough


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As dark as the night

This is how their eyes look like.

They told me once

Sad eyes are coal black.

From crime to punishment

They got used to travelling

Hand in hand with the act of crying.

As deep as the sea

This is how they look at the pain.

Just like the drops of the rain

This is how they shed tears

Behind the bars.

No need to use fancy words

To tell the sto...

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poetry eventsad poetrypoem

Children in the war

A child is stuck in the war

Her screams are unheard in her throat

Her mother is bleeding

In the ruins of the kitchen

Another child is running

To the ocean in her dream

The bullets do not seem

To let her go a single step

Another child is lying

Under the old pink blanket

With prayers in her whispers

Wanting to be deaf

To be deaf to the bombs

Falling from the ch...

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war poetrywarchildren


The walls tell lies

So do not touch them

Especially if you feel lonely

You will feel icecold otherwise


Beyond the Moon lies

The exhausted star of your eyes

Do not wish on that star

And do not ever want to cry


The lyrics will become parts of lies

If your heart does not compose them

So do not sing, and pretend to be wise

Keep on feeling not the same

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The Blame

The bird had put the blame

On the wind

To escape from the accusations

Made by the rose

The wind had put the blame

On the season

To define herself as the breeze

That every flower wants to seize

The time had put the blame

On the ambigous space

To defend her soul once again

Arguing that she was not feeling the same

The artist had put the blame

On the lyrics of t...

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Gathering in empty space

A bunch of flowers for my soul

The spring is nowhere to be seen

So I am hiding my face

Until I find the happy scene

In the movie I watch

All night and day

In my long way

To find inner peace

Gathering in the darkness

A piece of hope

The sun is nowhere to be seen

So I am talking with the night

To make myself breathe again

And find th...

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lifemy lifemy wordspoetry

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