Tears In The Rain

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Savour this warmth

Within me you see

For, what shall return 

May no longer be me


That which these eyes

Have still yet to see

May make a small shell

Of all I could be


Though, I fear I may not

Come back at all

Lying still and alone

Wherever I fall


Show my daughter a photo 

When her world feels small

The one where we're laughing 

At nothing at all 


For, these beasts of power

Only look to enslave

Whilst hiding behind

A cheap masquerade


For land and esteem 

These warmongers crave

Not counting the souls

They put in the grave


And so, here I go

Another weapon of death 

To steal away

Another's last breath


To wander this land 

Its length and its breadth

And tumble down into

Its bleak, murky depths


But, I hope that some joy 

In my heart will remain

Though, I fear I'll disappear 

         Like tears in the rain 


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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 13th Mar 2023 12:17

Thank you Holden & Stephen for taking time to comment. Much appreciated as always 🌈

Holden Moncrieff

Thu 9th Mar 2023 02:00

This is truly an excellent and profound poem, Stephen!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 7th Mar 2023 16:50

An exceptional poem on the pity and futility of war, Stephen.
We have to hope that someone will listen. Good work.

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 7th Mar 2023 12:15

Thank you very much Keith, John & Graham for your much appreciated & flattering comments. And futility is the right word, I think, Graham. Where will it end?
And thanks for all the likes 🌈

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John Coopey

Mon 6th Mar 2023 15:05

Marvelous stuff, Stephen.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 6th Mar 2023 13:05

The first four verses are quite Owenesque. The rest a stark illustration of futility. Good work.

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keith jeffries

Mon 6th Mar 2023 12:15

An interesting poem which stimulates some serious thought. Well crafted.
Thanks for this

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