Hip hip hooray for women's international day !!

Many men see women as objects of sex,

They are not there to exploit and annex !!

To ignore a woman's voice is a sin,

Step up women,get together you can win.


A good woman carries light in her smile and good in her bones,

Always there to assist us,even on her mobile phones.

A woman is the loveliest flower that blooms,

With love and wonder her fragrance worldwide zooms.


The path of a woman is strewn with flowers,

The seeds of which, planted diligently for many hours.

A woman running a home in the sunshine basks,

Fueling confrontations ,with her gifted multitasks.


A strong woman loves forgives and walks away,

Only to return more determined the next day.

When she laughs she is beautiful and does well,

When she is determined she becomes as sexy as hell


She is a strong cup of black coffee,

Not a sticky troublesome bite of toffee.

A good woman is known by what she does,

A hidden treasure transmitting a virtuous buzz


One woman can sometimes make a difference to a nation,

Many women toegether can bring a joyful elation.

Beauty fades as the body gets old,

But the shine of a good woman remains gold !!


Women are already strong and will go to any length,

We need to change the way the world perceives their strength.

Truly good women ,develop into good mothers,

And have the strength to respond to the needs of others.


Inside a woman is a big heart and a generous and  beautiful mind,

And as a wife and a mother, a blessing to mankind.

A beautiful woman is a jewel and a good woman is a treasure,

And a woman's arms around a man is a heavenly pleasure.


Hip hip hooray for women's international day !!






◄ "For the discipline and the love of my parents I sincerely thank"

Our world is in turmoil !! ►


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Wed 8th Mar 2023 12:20

Hip hip hooray it’s women’s international day today😀

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Sun 5th Mar 2023 07:24

Hip hip hooray for women’s international day

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Klementa Abela

Fri 3rd Mar 2023 17:10

Wow! Well done!!❤❤

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