Prove you're not a robot

I am not a robot 

I’m not that handsome 

I make too many mistakes 

have messy penmanship 


I meet many robots 

I understand your concerns 

why are you showing me pictures 

of hills and motorcycles 


some day a robot will do my job 

some day a robot will make my love 

until that day i’ll do my best to respond 

make jokes and get many things wrong 

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Robert C Gaulke

Thu 9th Mar 2023 20:39

Thanks for your comments 😃.

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Jason Phillips

Wed 8th Mar 2023 17:45


I would like to think this poem is about the art of imperfection. To me, there is beauty in being perfectly imperfect; and by meeting many "robots", there are too many that seem to be perfect, but in reality are not. I love your poem because it captures the feeling of knowing that a time will come, where "robots" are all around us; wheather human, or robot....

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Wed 8th Mar 2023 15:44

Great poem! Made me laugh, & boy does it express a sentiment many of us feel!

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