Money, money, isn’t funny

in a poor man’s world.

When your boric acid and lint, ‘skint’

You’ve not got any to compare to the many

who have a lot, yea the have’s and have nots


It’s always been this way they say

So deal with it in any which way, but how

Learn to say “how now brown cow”

Start to posh up, sip from your cup

or glass, don’t slurp, that’s crass


Take elocution lessons, no messing

Just go for it, get your foot on the ladder

No room for a weak bladder. that’s sadder

than the level you want to aspire to


Do some wheeling and dealing

Strip that old wallpaper off the ceiling

Do up your flat, make out your a fat cat

with loads of dough, sit on the front row

of life, not stood up at the back


Pull yourself together

Don’t get a wife, that can only bring strife

Money, money, go somewhere sunny

Get a nice tan, you’re a new man


You’re changed, you’re impressing folk

But the truth is, your still broke




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keith jeffries

Mon 13th Mar 2023 15:18

This is one of your best.
Thank you

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