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I'm Me! Can't you see?

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Do not forget who I was -

Who I am!

I awoke in the womb

Then moved to a pram!

I learned how to toddle

Then stumble 

Then walk

Then, as my parents found out

I learned how to talk…

And talk!

I laughed in the sunshine 

Made daisy chains too


Does anyone recognise 

This person in you?


In teenage years 

There came the drama

As my parents tried to make me

The new Dalai Lama!

Rebel, Rebel!

As Bowie once said

And I did for a while…

'Til, I got kicked up to bed!

Later, I found love

Had a few kids too


Does anyone recognise

This person in you?


Then, I got a job

Built a house 

Built a home

Then, the kids flew the coup

And left us all alone 😔 

But, we discovered the sun!

In much warmer climes

And, it's got to be said

We had wonderful times! 😆

Went on a few cruises 

Made some good friends too


Does  anyone recognise 

This person in you?


But one rainy day

In a mirror - full length

We saw two old fossils

Lacking sunshine & strength 

Surely, I thought,  

that can't be us

They look like they've both

Been hit by a bus! 😆

And now, I don't know them

Not one little bit!

And, often, I pee

Just where I sit!

I'm back to a baby

I don't know a thing! 

Though, I do like to boogie 

When I hear someone sing! 🤗

But, I know what you're thinking 

I would be too!


You're hoping you don't 

see this person in you!


But, you don't know, you see

Life can play a cruel game

Take all that you were

And render it lame

So, if you should see me

Please try to be kind

I'm just lost and confused 

Somewhere in my mind

Please take my frail hand

And sing an old song

And through time I shall dance

Back to where I belong … 



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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 19th Mar 2023 21:35

Thank you John, Julie, Stephen, & Holden for the comments. Yes, you've gotta laugh or you'll cry! Lol.
And thanks for all the likes!🌈

Holden Moncrieff

Sun 19th Mar 2023 03:37

A wonderful poem, Stephen, beautifully truthful, and comfortingly humorous! 😊

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 14th Mar 2023 21:56

An enchanting journey through the thing we call life, Stephen. Not quite there yet, though.....

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julie callaghan

Tue 14th Mar 2023 19:02

Love this, although I am tempted to remove all the full length mirrors before it’s too late.

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John Coopey

Mon 13th Mar 2023 18:37

Seven Ages of Man meets Solomon Grundy.
That bloody mirror!

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