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Cornwall (1)

The Celtic sea /

Hither and come in my silver boat earrings and wild hair

Reading Tristan and iseult in the border worlds

The painted little gypsy wagon by these periwinkle seas

Our long journey back to where we came from 

The woodcuts are framed of sirens and alknost

I too am replete with birdsong that will make you forget yourself

Time too will be a map from where we are standing to a dreamed o...

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Bohemian bride

Turkish delight, rose scented with pistachios in a little wooden box

Velvet journals in midnight blue, brass pen that rolls on

my husband the lustful and fecund pan

An ideal for the Creatrix that I am

mermaid lore at the bank of the wild sea

fairy tale dresses in embroidered corsetry and cap sleeves

i heard people can grow sick without beauty 

but not us who are in ever adornm...

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The stone heart and the house of orio

In our little quarters by the sea-canals

Penning these night myths to book

Era una notte magica you say

these embroidered velvet dresses

The slouched beret with diamond brooch

The opulent gondola that carries us, magica you would say

Each passing bridge a pact, a kiss then to love forever

Drinking ombra and moving slow through Carnevale


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In your burgundy Theodora dress

Pinned with diamond paste brooch in the shape of star

Crow haired and orb eyed and looking me down

Your haughty voice that last lick of grandeur

The drawstring bag of an escapee and all your poetry books

To drive through the night playing Huron

Here in this little settlement of trees and lanes

Our old caravan that we shall home yet

Embellish ...

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At dusk, these books of dream lore

Records we made of our singing folk songs

Mediterranean verdure on ciabatta rolls

The wild sea on a Sunday afternoon

The vest I made you with appliqué

The genius loci of the valley

My spirited and tell tale drawings

Silver bangles with elegant borders and verse

Wild, dark haired and gothic beauty

Waking up with the bird’s songs

The w...

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erastís fantasmáton

The keen magic of these phantasms being born

The paintbrushes wrapped on the table

The canvases lining the hallway,

The paintings and their wild pathos enough for us to not go hungry for anything

Life that has been and is mysterious and passionate to its brim

My grand love setting its breath over the night

Writing these poems under a little flame

Figue sauvage - the last burni...

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Gypsy bride.


When we walk to the river at nite with torches lit

Swim under Selene’s opal gauze and gaze

Then you’ll have words for me

Your hair water-bathed and eyes brilliant

When we go home to read Circe’s stories once more 

Make love under a mythic sky

Then you’ll have words for me

The shoes I made, embroidered Cybele at the door

New books you bought me about ancient dream templ...

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Divine inspiration

You had the dream-maker tell you riddles

You gave the way forward through your prophetic heart

We felt our way through what they call intuition

It is really the soul when it speaks

My magic is unceremonial, my turn is my own wand

When I walk I have wattage and the daoine sìth gather

My sea hymns are of certain instinct and make a good flood

Such as they seek of the river Boyne...

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No title yet

Moon-wise and heavy under the sea 

Living down those lost depths 

Sure footed, even marked for death 

Terrible wind that befell you 

Agony that you not once mention

Love in a pathless wood 

The sea-house you search for

Paucity of words but not without melody 

Not without fire and delirium to passion 

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Morena in the night

Your long dark and dead morena 

Your wishbone heart with six senses 

The wheel still spins its misfortune 

These pagan nights which were the making of me 

One that hides and one that sees in the dark 

Diamond eyes and hidden in my body each one

These pagan nights, these pagan nights 

Mysterious fuel this passion that drives me 

And when they marked me for death 

I drove ...

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The mother of nine

The first request of that body of stars 

From cursed light and clarity of day 

What spirals now will spiral forever 

On and on goes the spinning top

the ancient lore of those witches 

The thread of that first rite 

 Erebus before he made his arrangements 

Before you could climb La Scala Contarini del Bovolo and see

running in the dark toward reason 

you who could shoot s...

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ríonmháthair [queen mother]

Which mother of Eire are you this evening 

As you talk in turns as other women 

Raise your stake, take medusas throne

As the hordes redeem you and the charge of them makes way

Who is this Melpomene,  ever up in arms 

Some tragic beauty, the banríon drámaíochta

A  decadent poetess and muse to all who observe from the bowl

These divine possessions, but this is your favourite


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When out from hellia

the matron of night

The firmament, the evening star

the colour wave of first delight

I feel no sanctuary myself in light

A sureness of the sun

Finds no commitment in me

I seek the æfnian, and chaos crowned

lux brumalis and the depths of poetry

The divine performance of passions

the play I partake in with our devestating fate

I am seeking the da...

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