The Presence

The Presence


He lives for me because He lives within me

my constant companion in whom I trust.

His presence is often transitory in nature

but also intense and yet at times unclear.

His spirit is ubiquitous in all I see

present in feelings, emotions and exertiions.

The author of all creation he commands

free will is his gift to those he brings to life.

We are finite but He lives in infinity

he casts His shadow on our very being.

Never beyond reach for He is close

we can never walk or be alone.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 17th Mar 2023 17:22

I like the conclusion that we can never walk or be alone, Keith. We need to feel something, otherwise we are purely selfish beings, which can sometimes translate into extreme loneliness.

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keith jeffries

Thu 16th Mar 2023 11:25

Manish, thank you for your like.
Thank you for an interesting response to this poem. I agree that we need to draw a clear distinction between religion and spirituality. The Institution of religion is man made and this is borne out by the manner in which it operates. I believe that we are all made up of three component parts: body, mind and spirit. It is the poet, a person of independent mind who is in touch with his inner, spiritual self who writes poetry from a source which is unique. The heart speaks and not the mind which results in an outpouring of a language not often seen.
Thank you again

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 16th Mar 2023 09:55

Thanks Keith.
After many years I've arrived at the belief that what we as individuals, and as a society need is not "Religion", which can be an allegiance to a Football team; to the amassing of wealth for its own sake; or to so-called "Celebrity", or to a Church of whatever description..

I think what we need is an understanding of true "Spirituality", of what makes us tick as human beings...the spirituality that moves us to write poetry, or music, for instance?

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