The Self-Fulfilled Prophecy

The Self Fulfilled Prophecy

Baby— I know they hurt you bad

It makes me mad

 That one person's actions

Could leave you feeling— so small and sad


My darling— it’s not just my view 

How you were treated— was not your fault

Please belief this

It’s true


But you can’t shake it

You think the way they behaved

Was because of you

You were made to question everything

After everything you went through


So — you cut the wrong people out

Believing they will cause you pain

Because you don’t believe that love is what you deserve

And that you are the person to blame


You fill your circle with the unworthy—the unhelpful and the grime

And that injured heart of yours

Ingrains the feeling of inward hate each time


I wish I could erase your past experiences

That have triggered this

Self-directed animosity

And I can’t

So I offer you my hand

To try and lead you to the light

Where you can avoid becoming— a self-fulfilled prophecy


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Rasa Kabaila

Sun 26th Mar 2023 22:48

Thanks Steve for your comment, an honest and beautiful one. Your friend sounds like she is in the midst of a difficult journey. I was a bit of a self fulfilled prophecy through a big part of my twenties. It's possible to find the light, but not always easy. I hope your friend can find some healing at some point.

Best wishes,

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Steve Higgins

Sun 26th Mar 2023 11:25

This could almost have been written for a particular friend of mine. Sadly she does not want to be led into the light.
Lovely poem
Best wishes, Steve

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