It was not easy (Don't you think?)

Has it crossed your mind a sense of lust and us in the afterglow? Have you used your power to lose my north in your wonder’s world? Have you ever thought of me while you save sinners with some stitches? Have you ever liked me? Did you fake your smiles? Did you mean that? Did you know me, or it was just your spells disguised with that hero essence?

It was a counterfeit, and I was a puppet in your sideshow, everyone was looking for the lights and a spot in that pedestal, there were no friends, just your easement that exalts your name as if you were a Da Vinci painting. They only can see the mask that you use to hide your desires.

You get stuck in my life like the stars in the sky, they always follow you wherever you are. I can’t get rid of your smell, please leave my head, I am dying in these lonely days, you’re playing with a trick between your hands when you say my name, can I see the photos you took of me?

How can a person stay on the mind all this time? 

7 months in the cave, I don’t know why I stayed there, I could see the light outside, but I didn´t dare to get out. I want to be myself again, the guy in the frames in the album of the grace, before the fateful day I saw your face, a blue marine was your tee, bracelets, and the pendant around your neck, the cap hiding that gold hair, made me fly high, parents say: don’t tempt the devil’s eyes.

I can’t figure out what kind of force dragged me to your home, red cobblestones, blue chairs, and some bricks that make a fortress where we waste our sunrise, I wanted to capture your smile in a photograph, my system was breaking down, all the journey I was blind of those people that I gave my heart, thinking I owed them something.

Old-fashioned talk, pearl jokes, and merlot in cups. They whisper the quibble, it’s always someone of the needle, the power is in the tower, you must sell yourself and put the caviar in the plates and let them taste brave in garlic bread to satisfy their brains, they will put you out there with no place to go.

That is your world, shallow, selfish, and narcissistic, I hurt myself to get your sapphire eyes, you just grabbed a canape and sited to watch the play.  Do you know what did I do for you?  No, you don’t.

You are the muse, you are the sun, you are the air, you are the water, you are all that they fight for, you are the golden boy, you are the god.

I could not have fought your eyes, I wouldn’t have hurt your heart, I wouldn’t have told anyone, and I could not have had the courage to ask you about us.

It’s time to say goodbye, I already know.

I always come back to the deep of my mind to remind me how could’ve been.

We needed to jump, but you decided to run away, I’ll be fine, I tattooed your smile around my scars.

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