excerpt from ‘Benny Harris’

One night in a bar in London so begins my story 

Where men blag dilly boys for molly up the cory


This feely omi walks in, and before you ask it 

You could see through his cats his bona basket


Because of how he minced his corybungus 

like a model in Paris

The barman looking at him whilst stroking his fungus 

gave dilly boy the name, Benny Harris


A nice arse on...

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'See Shells' (with poetry film)


When the weatherman forecast hot sunny spells

All aboard the 22 from Tunbridge Wells

In the days when trains not always ran on electric rails

British Rail carriages filled with diesel smells

Down towards Hastings through Kent’s valleys and vales

Past oast houses, hops and windmill sails

The scenery evoking my childhood tales of days by the sea, m...

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Excerpt from 'Nice Cup of Tea'

Then to The Retro Bar, George Court off The Strand

for a final cup of tea

Sitting together in the black two-seater sofa

in the late afternoon as a welcome cool breeze

came through the open front door


It’s here I once thought I’d met the love of my life

Only to see him in Sainsbury’s with two kids and a wife

This other guy then told me he loved me, sure he was handsome and...

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Nice Cup of Tea


I could see him through the drizzle

‘This is the man you are going to marry. You mark my words’ whispered into one of my ears


‘Oh, I remember when you two first met, when you first met Alex’ said another friend only recently

‘You two sitting on the swings

Gently swinging

Gazing into each other’s eyes’


The rain came down as we first kissed...

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