On Reflection


I’m not supposed to find this attractive.

It’s taboo.

We’re told only smooth will do,

pink and tight elastic

tied to remedies, sold over counters of despair.

You have to care about the bounce,

virtue by the fluid ounce.

We’re absolutely not allowed

to love the mirror’s twin.

Tucks, lifts, elevations

not this naked admiration; shameless.


I don’t know when it happened,

how rejection turned to deafness to derision.

But when you live in gravity,

be comfortable with gravity.

See how it sculpts every second

of your twenty square feet

and half a century.

Your frame is your reference, allow it

to contain, crinkle, breathe; let it regulate

miraculous design.

You have the power,

desire beats hate hands down

because you’re worth it.

International Women's day

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John Marks

Fri 17th Mar 2023 16:59

As the dad of four daughters (and one granddaughter, so far) I endorse every syllable Thank you Laura.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 9th Mar 2023 15:30

"Follow the money" seems to be an explanation of many of today's ills-especially those adversely affecting Women.
Sod the body fascists!💗

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Laura Taylor

Thu 9th Mar 2023 09:37

Thanks Helene.

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Wed 8th Mar 2023 14:41

Love this!! So much beauty shines in every shape, size, old, young, old lady wrinkles, baby wrinkles--our amazing bodies and hearts and minds. Thanks for this wonderful, superbly-written poem, Laura.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 8th Mar 2023 09:51

International Men's Day is on Sun, Nov 19, 2023.

I'll be sure to pass this on to Mr Coopey!! 😇

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Laura Taylor

Wed 8th Mar 2023 09:37

Happy International Women's Day! This is a poem about celebrating your ageing self, which I do, every day.

I encourage my sistren to celebrate themselves today too. No Hallmark cards or empty gestures required, just a little quiet reflection on how strong, persistent, determined and courageous you are, every day.

For those who are already straining at the leash, International Men's Day is on Sun, Nov 19, 2023. You're welcome 😉

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