Pot Shots

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Courtesy of lily-livered missiles

(Tactical? Strategic? Who on Earth cares?)

Ukrainians lose the rest of their lives,

While eating lunch or dinner in their flats.

My thoughts drift to twittish highland royals,

And double-barrelled toffs who hunt for stags,

Which bleed and stagger round for days on end

Before they die in bouts of howling pain.

It is all part of a continuum:

The powered-up classes take their pot shots

At anything defenceless in their sights.

I suppose we should count ourselves lucky:

By keeping our heads down, we have escaped,

So far. But for how long? Who calls the shots?


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Stephen Gospage

Tue 28th Mar 2023 08:03

Thank you, MC. Of course, I was not comparing British royalty to anyone, just pointing out (in a facile way, I suppose) that there is a continuum of cowardice between those who shoot animals for fun and those who fire missiles at civilians. In both cases, it is power exercised from a safe distance and targeting the defenceless.

Thanks to Steve and Stephen A for liking.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 27th Mar 2023 20:34

The French Revolution happened because of unbridled uncaring
excess indulged in by the privileged and powerful at the
expense of the far less so among the population. Out of
that revolt came the excesses of its own leading figures whose
conduct saw their own fellow travellers turn on THEM. Check
"Maximilian Robespiere" for starters. Violence has indeed
always been a part of the human condition and we ignore that
reality at our peril, but to compare our present Royalty to
other eras and their outcomes is too facile. not least for the
evidence to the contrary..

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 26th Mar 2023 09:29

It's nice of you to mention that, Graham. It sounds like a most moving and uplifting occasion.

Thanks, Greg. Yes, the spectacle of those with power taking advantage of those who don't have any is a recurring theme now.
Probably best to keep Chazza at home for the moment, although 'it really is appalling' could have been used with some effect on the streets of Paris.
1649? A chip (or a chop) off the old block, as they say!

And thanks to Pete, Hélène and K Lynn for the likes.

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Greg Freeman

Sat 25th Mar 2023 22:56

Interesting to link the royals and their 'harmless' country pursuits with Putin, Steve. Someone has mentioned 1789 when discussing the cancellation of King Charles's visit to France because of the current unrest. I always have 1649 in the back of my mind, too.

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 25th Mar 2023 18:41

Stephen, I was thinking of you last evening (Friday) whilst at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester. See 'Singing through the Tears' on the blog.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 25th Mar 2023 17:09

Thank you very much, Keith. Some say that violence is part of the human condition, but I refuse to believe it. At least not this kind of violence - the violence of cowards, shooting (missiles or hunting rifles) from a safe distance at a defenceless target.

And thanks to John C, Nigel, Manish and Hugh for the likes.

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keith jeffries

Sat 25th Mar 2023 09:02

Thank you for a poem of such poignancy. It made me think of how the world chases about and after all types of nonsense as others suffer in absolute torment.. Soldiers who die in their hundreds everyday whilst political leaders enjoy wealth and unlimited comfort.
Thank you for this

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