Prayers for Healing of the Mind

The Tiniest Drops


Where did we learn to be the way we are--

the crazy cruel parts of who we are--

we look to the innocence of childhood

& wonder--

how did it go so wrong

as the years rolled by--

is the classroom just this life,

or does it extend wider & deeper

to places that live in imagination--

no answers of course,

but in the questioning,

we bow humbly & search,

always search,

for the tiniest drops of kindness,

and there,


we build our hope. 




The brain

within the mind

within the soul

surrounded by the heart, 

all companions on this journey

of life & death,

tranquility & 

ferocious cries.

Oh, but that the soul could reach the mind!

& the mind could reach the brain!

all could be healed in an


beat of the single heart,

the wide, wide heart

of the Mother

of the Father

of the Spirit 

of redeeming



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