My best friend

Butterflies in the sky, roses in the yard, this day the birds fly high, cause you turn another turn to the sun, let’s get some cake and merlot just in case.

You gave me the world and more to see a smile on my face, you don’t put a price, you are satisfied with a hug and an "I love you", the pure act of love, what can I do for you? Just be who you are, and make me proud, you said.

You’re kind, funny, and warm, you’re art in the display of my heart, I’ll do everything for you, and I will love you to the moon and back, even though our world is falling apart, there are two of us in the land, but there’s another one in the sky telling you how much he misses being by your side.

I love how we laugh, you make me happy, never change, be the same, the rarest gems are the hardest to get.

Every day I open my eyes, and you’re by my side, we chat, we cry, we laugh, we fly, and when you look me in the eyes I realized I have the best mom in the entire world.

You are my best friend forevermore.

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