The Fire

you lay numb

hypotherminc, dying

the fire, it dances

taunting, flickering, in and out

like hope

hope that it may help

help to that your frozen fingertips

slow your chattering teeth

soothe, ebb the icy grasp of the violent, pulsing

piercing burning

that is your fear and your doubt and denial

the drowning, whispering, screaming

wave that comes crashing

beating down, soaking to the bone

now it clings to you

like cold, damp clothes on your back

a harsh reminder of the elements

but the fire dances yet

you must go


why do you shiver still?

have the friendly flames not licked away that which is your anguish?

but the burning

it grows

relentlessly, more and more acute still

until you step away

the inferno of agony slowly begins to subside

but, how?

was it the fire harming you all the while?


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