Combustion & Creation (portrait of a paranoid artist, smoking)

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midnight disease :: a journey with hypergraphia

life arrived with a birthmark
burnt by the touch of a daemon shaped flame
  leading the artist down a lifelong maze
only guided by the scorching Promethean torch 
along the anointed namesake road
    which delves into & through shadows
to dwell in that ethereal realm
    vaporous as floating smoke from the cigarette tip
blown in a cloud before dissolving
into an unknown dimension

with eyes which sway like a ship on stormy waves 
side to side long after day sets
the mind is never dismissed to rest.
repeated invasive visions ransack his idle hands 
where he awakes as the prodigal son
shouting prayers in barren exile
he pleads ::
                      erect a stoa, built with my bones
at the crossroads where east & west meet.
                streaming rows of ultraviolet light
guide magi & horsemen alike
stripping the scales
clean off of their blind, blinkered, wandering eyes
& the mantra hangs the sun
to stay overhead for a Joshua fashioned day     
& delay darkness of nightfall


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Kevin Tan

Thu 16th Mar 2023 18:21

more of this please 😋

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