Between The Ages A Thoroughfare


The mirror is covered or taken away
you don't know where to look
but know me you should 

Warnings, like price-tags, you've hung on me
you're abusing youself!

Family ghosts are mixed
with memories and stories
they make a mouldy stew
ghosts of strangers are needed
to clear your fever

Play the old tunes but
make of them what you will
your melodramas aren't history
so much closer than that

Soon as they have wings to fly
birds will reach a ceiling
how sad would it be
believing yourself in a cage

There's always a declaration of war
right royal funeral, lightening-struck tower
there's the truth
shadows of the house grow
while soon as they can run children charge 
into searching sunlight
there's nothing to stop them 
but a differnt truth

One is marginalized
wears the costume of another
one translates like the devil
and one is sure to light the taper
artists and thinkers
moving outside of time

On one side, from a grey sky
falls rain for all it's worth
on the other side 
a child's finger religiously follows
her chosen drop down the pane
for now all is concentrated in this

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