Some Wetherspoons have started handing the tea bags to you over the counter.


Although I might lampoon

That icon Wetherspoon’s

Your second tea was always free

It’s something of a boon.


They’d charge you for the cup

Just once so you could sup

A second free or even three

You just kept filling up.


That went for coffee too

So what I tend to do

Was fill up till my free refills

Had seen the morning through.


But lately what you’ll see

They’ve hid their bags of tea

You cannot do a second brew

Or 3rd or 4th for free.


The reason this takes place

This measure of ill-grace

They tired of theft no bags were left

They said that was the case.


The pub thinks they’ve been smug

But now I’ve got the bug

It’s not the tea I steal; but me?

I steal the fucking mug.




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John Coopey

Fri 3rd Mar 2023 07:35

Ha ha, Stephen. Thanks for the tip-off. I’ll take my claw hammer.
And thanks for the Like, Stephen A and Tom.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 2nd Mar 2023 17:08

Watch it, John, or they'll start nailing them down.

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John Coopey

Thu 2nd Mar 2023 08:57

Empty mugs left on tables, Kevin. Now you’re talking.
And thanks for the Likes, Red Brick and Telboy.

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kJ Walker

Thu 2nd Mar 2023 08:49

You've missed a trick here John.
If you take it back on your next visit you can have more free coffees.

We we're on a Spoons on Sheffield, when a homeless guy came in, found a cup of an empty table, and helped himsen to free coffee all afternoon.

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