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Haiku Collection #8

far from the highway -
caterpillar fit to burst
settles for a nap
light  bright butterflies
bring nothing of the darkness
from the chysalis
Ah, this old hillside:
one day for seventeen steps
a butterfly led.
heading for the door,
the butterfly in my hands; 
my improvised cage.
end of the street
two butterflies waltz closely
return to the clouds


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Listen to me,

I know what you’re thinking,

“Great another poem,

Are we done yet?”

But listen to me.


You have a voice,


Well, use it.

Because unlike you,

Some don't.


But listen to me,

I don't know what you’re going through

And I can't tell your story,

Only you can.

So listen to me.


I want you to look around.

You are in a room with...

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Also by Poetryum:

Gone |

listennooseraperape culturestoryviolence




the photographs of road signs charged by light,

footprints on the dashboard

or blurred trees  stooped like men picking leaves.


Or the back of my head, the garden shed

or all the landscapes from summer days when

we turned the camera on ourselves


and photographed nothing but wind.

We send thanks

and message school friends, relatives


and people w...

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1984facebookGeorge Orwellmarsdenpoemsocial media

anxious introvert

getting out of your comfort zone seems impossibe. 

inside youd like to stay.

what waits for you outside of these walls may amaze you.

how scary it is to step out of the routine.

judgement awaits in faces you thought youd forgotten.

dont let it scare you we all have something to give.

take time to heal to grow and fully accept who you are.

have faith. 

climb up the ladder.


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When poetry is called non-progressive

When poetry is called non-progressive,
Society prioritises gains,
Machinery and banking are the blessings,
And human race its own path betrays,
What can a poor poet, born untimely,
Achieve in the unfair descending world,
Besides all the unnecessary rhyming
And even less appreciated rightful thoughts?
The current art is to confuse and stugger,
To hint to dirty secrets, all aloof;

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Also by Valerie Livina:

It would be good if you were here | There are just four main types of art | How can I praise my love in bare words? |

People Are Strange

I’ve come to believe that people are strange;

You never quite know what they’re going to do;

And there is one thing that’s not going to change;

The obvious way is not what they do.


They think and act, defying all logic;

You’d think they were stupid, or maybe just mad.

They seem to think things happen by magic.

Thinking about it, it’s really quite sad.


All this str...

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The lonely leo

The leo all alone she stands beside herself

Afraid to open up and be strong like no one else 

The  libra is a key a master to obey 

The one who has reason to truly walk away

The ram or even goat it is a treat to see

The archer as a hunter is the prey to finally feed

The  night in which is dreaming the dreams 

That walk away the lonely and sacred heart is afraid to truly say


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Also by Albert:

The lioness i need |

Me myself and I (Closed)

O what i wonderful day for me to wake up only to wait and see what horror lies ahead 

I shall not falter but tread lightly on this thin line and proceed to go on with my day 

Let me put on my boots work my hours long but fulfilling 

Learn my job hard but where I can achieve greatness but first i must be great

Talented as such myself will show me more behind the closed door 

I lie on...

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Call me the doormat,

The infestation of rats,

The ‘oh she ain’t all that’,

Call the kettle black!


Call me the diva, the princess, the moan bag,

The emotional one, oh isn’t it sad?

The hot head who can only nag nag nag,

That period trainwreck – a handful for a lad.


Call me whatever deflects most from what reflects

When you stand by the mirror and boast,

When ...

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

LOVE DRUG | The Plight of the true Snow White |

break updoormatemotional tormentempowermentheart breakletting gopushoverrelationshipsaying goodbyeself-healingstubbornthe end

strange ones.......

...........who have questionable

chains of thoughts

that when displayed,

translate light into dark.........and worse.

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Also by Jemima Jones:

strikes | Tears for the overlooked | outing | costume change |


entry picture


frayed and



a life time

of keeping

my soul





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Also by Estelle Haward:

Crossing lines | Choices | Reflections | Ocean Breath |


A piece of a poem

Love was just a word,

Until you came along

Now it is a feeling

So fierce, and strong


So stay young and just dance

And don’t listen to the lyrics

Because life is better

When you don’t fully understand

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Also by B D:

Seasonal Bliss |



I seek out the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Swearing through all the lies to fabricate moments
That endured through our times and ravaged our movements
Ending frail elderly and chasing away youth

Gazing towards the stars to phantom the future
As the past just erodes and becomes mere rubble
Destroyed by the present amidst all this trouble
That secrets seek revenge and strips away ...

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Life lesson


Drift with me into a free floating galaxy, A world of no worlds

There's no truth in definition, no laws to govern

But the pull between our hearts is undeniable

For you will see that where chaos presides logic will dictate the course of man

Emotions take a stage and your Heart is the forefront of our story

There are pages to be written and stories to be defined

But in the silence ...

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Traveling on

Cleaning out the cobwebs in the corners of my head

Blocking out temptations of you in my bed

Gotta get you out from the darkness of my mind

For something better this life will find

What I need right now is some focus

Not some bullshit hocus pocus


So i’m traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling on

I’m traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling on

Yes, I’m traveling, t...

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entry picture

(An original stolen from me by Al Jolson)


Sammy, Sammy.

They made for you the famous quote.

“He’s as bent as a nine-bob note”.

Sammy, Sammy

You’re no longer whiter than that Gandhi.

First, Big Sam

Was on the look-out for a quick bung

Now Big Sam

Is sorry that he’s ended up stung

Sammy, Sammy

You flew a thousand miles

To make a quick pile

My Sammy.



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Also by John Coopey:



A seeming half acre of rest spreads out

in Sofaworld, balm to the footsore,

a polite jungle of shapes, making the passage

of berthing time complacent where listless couples

check labels, passing between the Ambassador Suite

and the Grosvenor Sublime.


At the end of a day

Coffee tables nudge in

and footstools like crouching bears

 beef out the designated squares.


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Also by ray pool:


In this land...

entry picture

In this land I have known the worst of hell,

the most severe punishment; difficult to digest;

inhuman is to feel the splash of so much pain,

seeing a drought of a profound silence


Pleas cry out before the crevice of hunger,

with astonishment thorns dig into the eyes of heaven,

tenebrous inequity simulating justice;

difficult to move the stones that stand in the way...


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Backwards Y In The Road

Vacant a spot lays inside

Where two souls once intertwined

Dulled over time

They're almost here

In Disbelief that its almost time

Six long years and I am standing here

Eyes lock with a gift inside

Rejoined back together after a very long time

Fireworks explode as memories conjoin

Words unwind what’s been lost to time

Two souls parted now sharing old times

This vaca...

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Also by Jacob Martin:

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Do the Labour faithful really set store in

Their choice of Jeremy Corbyn

To fight an election

With huge risk of rejection

And endless stories from Tories

Of a sure win?


Looking through time's political prism

Rarely saw socialism

In an advanced state reflected

In who got elected

Often producing political schism.


The art of the possible, it's said

To the...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Morning white noise

How do I get here?

I go backward every morning, looking for an answer.

Love, they might say? would be nice if that's true.

Hate instead? Too reasonable I must say,

That type of feeling that nothing has to do with nihilism and depression,

The type of emotion that deals with anger, 

The anger of not to be in the right place and moment.

Could be that maybe I born too soon? Or may...

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Sadie was eighty when she stopped counting.

Eighty suited her nicely

so she got there and stayed.

I was her acting amanuensis - unpaid.


She got flustered over much but not overmuch.

When she had forms to fill or worries over bills

begging letters from charities,

unentered lotteries 'won',

piling the floor at her front door

she’d hang out a sign

and I’d pop in for...

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one step beyond

you spent so long in that obsidian chamber

that you named each worm of light that crept in

named them based on the complexity of the pattern

that exploded behind your eyelids

for to open your eyes and view them would be blinding

this one is paul

a single line pulsing oranges and blues

next cronos

a ring of white heat around a pale, milky ball

once a week heimdallr struck...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

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short love poems for her

If I was a stream
Searching for the ocean
You would be my current
Keeping me in motion.

If I was a seed
Buried in the snow
You would be my sunlight
Helping me to grow.

If I was a spark
In the middle of the night
You would be my flame
Keeping me alight.

If I were a ship
On a stormy morning
You would be my lighthouse
Flashing me warning.

But I'm not a stream
Spark, ship,  short love...

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clean slate

The pen is rhythmless--

it makes sounds meaningless.


explosions land dense

and attenuate into thuds

onto surrounding dead ground


screams dissipate soft

into lossy acoustic funnels

like padded white-cloaked rooms


I've no need to wonder

why you don't hear..

I know the outer

dead space still hums


with the flutter and wave

of wings that sweep ...

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Also by elPintor:

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The Transcendentalist

So the scents of pre cornflake sex
And post energy drink breath
Pervades the carriage like a squid squadron infusion..

Acrid lemon bleach musk cologne
Tinkly-plink-thud beats effervesce from earphones
She leans arching on the glass pane knackered
Eye-liner Rothko remastered
Her groin marine satyr
Not so lucky a bastard
She receives a sext from another torpedo piece of spam with pecs

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Meanwhile, In Sweden |

humorhumorous poetryhumourlyricspost rockpost-rock poetrysatirical poetrySuki Spangles

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is the destruction of the heart

It is walking across an endless desert occupied with faded mirages that show you beauty like never before

Constantly consumed by its wonder, constantly consumed by the despair for your love for it

She is the mirage, you are the lonley aching fool in an endless desert

You are the one slowly suffocating by the boundless intesity of what you...

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anguishbeautydespairheartbreaklovepainrealitystruggleunrequited love

all the while,I've been French!

"oh,and do you support Manchester United?"

my social life has been blighted!

by that damn football team!

its more than extreme

that when you tell people

you're from the North West

they're only impressed by footie talk

I feel like putting a great fat cork in their gobs!

we're not all football yobs

I can't stand the fucking game

its lamer than lame


"And do you l...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

think.....WIDE BERTH! |

Magicians of Verse: Enter If Bold

entry picture

Sacred circle!

Magicians of verse

Council of elders

Conjurors of words


Body of experience

Each one unique

Passion that burns

Vivid beliefs


Tell of your life

Abrasive or harsh

Share with us pain

Reveal your heart


Be joyous! Share moments

Tender and mild

Recall happiness

With innocence of child


The circle is safe

No words disallo...

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"Descending into the abyss"

Through fire and smoke

We travel down deep into the caves

Deep into the earth

Blackness befalls our every turn 

Mist swells and chokes out the light 

The dark ensues

We are trapped










We are all alone

In this Hell

To breathe is hastened by our every step

Villians are among us



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A Night At The Astoria

entry picture

By concrete honey-combed Centre Point
Briskly paced towards Soho
Passing illuminated tooting taxis
Striding down the Charing Cross Road
To join a queue of  alternatives
Outside the stuccoed dome crowned bay
Under the fretted signage board
Spelling the name of the band who’ll play
Tonight, at the Astoria

Earnest in Camden High Street fashion
Invested Kensington Market attire
Sticky carpe...

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Also by Anna Ghislena:

Sorrento |


The Painted Lady

entry picture

White canvas face

naked skin awaits.


A slight brush

light powder puff.


Smooth red lipstick

sparkling blue eyes.


Intriguing watchful look

black eyelashes flutter.


A golden smile

meets my gaze.


As I approach

rainbow door opens.


Loving sunlight dreams

head over heels.


Aspiring  lovers complete

My painted Lady.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Lord Dominus | Steamy Windows |

She brings the colour back into my life.



On getting up one morning 
God walked to the pearly gate
 and enquired of Michael his doorman
 how's it going mate?
I'm absolutely knackered, and wish you'd investigate.

Never known it be this busy before
 them coming up here to Heaven
swept off me feet trying to greet,
 everyone twenty four seven.
The flow is overwhelming, we need cupboards and extra shelving.
But I have a sugges...

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nothing enigmatic about this


Save clean water because it scarce 
Protect what you breath like clean air
World has food but to some it is rare
You are blessed to have this all, you have no idea

Society lose happiness, no one would care
One forgets to smile but you still stare
People struggle with their own number of enough scare
You become one to them, now that is not fair 

Have you ever produce water or clean air?

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Also by Ruvi Galhena:

my Poem |


Find your purpose 

Color your way through life

the outlines is what holds your sanity 

beyond that is out of your control 

every color stands on its own 

It has always been me myself and I, 

do not live for people but for you

and your happiness 

find you purpose 

life is too short on dwelling on things

that has happened already 

-Khadja G 

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I fear the darkness for it harbors all the evil I cannot see.
The unseen assailant following the breadcrumb trail in the shadows.
When I walk alone at night my shadow keeps me company. The shadow sometimes runs as I still walk slowly. In the shadows he runs; slowly, our shadow begins to bleed more darkness.

The house of a friend is nearby, I imagine as I crawl bleeding. The...

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Remember Me


Remember me?

Sure you do.

Lets see.


You're so tired again,

Thats when you knew I was here.

You didn't want to get out of bed today,

Haha oh dear.



I know you don't like my presence.

But I'm here for a bit,

It doesn't have to make sense.


I've been so faithful,

Don't you know?

I'm here for you when others aren't,

don't say it isn'...

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depression helpless hopeless self-destruction

Do you see me, too?

Trevor, I saw you again—

I saw you sitting at the desk right beside me in Mr. Tracey’s seventh-grade homeroom,

Filled with twenty unhygienic twelve-year-old students. It smelled of strong coffee in a thermal.

A clock rests above the door. It ticks away the moments.


You were wearing that ratty brown zipper-up you liked so much.

The one that smelled as if it hadn’t seen the insid...

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Also by Kelly:

Waiting on flowers | Survival |

friendsfriendshipmiddle schoolYoung Love

F34r Th3 Numb3r5

entry picture

F34r Th3 Numb3r5



Th3 numb3r5


th31r p0w3r

t0 pu5h y0u

1nt0 rush1n9


Cl0ck w4tch1n9


Th3 numb3r5

On th3 5p33d0meter

0r ch451n9

A bu5



Fr0m p1ll4r

t0 p05t


g3tt1n9 w319h3d





Th3 c0d1n9

1n y0ur c0mput3r

Wh1ch dr1v35

Y0ur l1f3


B1n4ry ch1ld


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

black clouds on a sunny day | Black Bear |

codedehumanlisingloss of identitymodern worldnew identitynumbers

Autumn at the SoapBox Poetry Club

entry picture

Summer has passed and autumn is rolling in - which means the SoapBox Poetry Club is back. Our regular poetry night held at the John Peel Centre, on the last Wednesday of the month, features a nationally renowned poet as a headliner, two local poets and one musician in support. We book exciting, passionate and political young poets. Those at the forefront of poetry in the UK. The kind of writers an...

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Let the Bone-Fire Burn!

entry picture

I'm speaking and performing some poems tomorrow in Manchester after a march as part of both the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, and 100 Thousand Poets for Change. If you'd like to take part we're assembling in All Saints Park, Manchester at 11.30am. Or look on the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos website, and there may be something going on in a city near where you are. I've written th...

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This is me (a warrior)

I am the undecided

the uncondemed

the umbrage of life


you see in me a warrior

who never thinks of backing down

tributing to the society 

had only made me tumble down


unaided I stand

stronger than ever

tranquil is what I am

but will soon transient 

for I am a warrior 

stronger than thee

thou shall not make me bow down

thou shall not make me crumbl...

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Speak to me like you speak,
in tongues, or in plain old English
dusted with a view of sparkly seas
or oceans, as you say, my owl.
My crow, my dove, my dolphin
plunging among the waves that roughen,
among the sands that graze and toughen
your skin and hair but soul untouched. 
Tell me of the call you heard
from a distance, from the depths 
of blue or green or blackened water,
the rover, ...

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escapeoceanromantic distance lovesea

Penguins on Parade

entry picture

Willi Ronis


Although they hanker still

for desolate views,

they have learned to count

their blessings: migrants

taking a bowl of air

on this bitter afternoon.


Their formal attire

incongruous, their waddling

gait seems outlandish

to the natives they dismay.


Consorting largely

with their own,

they have tried

at least to pay their way

and no...

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Also by David Cooke:

Schooldays |

love like a trailer park (09/22/2016)

 Love comes easy, but it doesn't really go away after that. No matter how many times you hammer it down, lock it away, drown it, or excise it with home surgery, you always seem to find it somewhere. Growing in the dark little corners of your mind, where you want it least and need it most. It'll pop your stitches for you, rebreak old bones. It's there and there's not much for it, so you can choose ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

uncut (09/22/2016) | patients - patience (09/21/2016) | howl steppin (09/11/2016) | chime (09/11/2016) | sons' irony (09/04/2016) |


When the love that is supposed to be your wings

To help you go beyond the restrictions of realities

Will become the chain that shackles you

To the depth of nothingness


Losing yourself to the abyss of torment and pain

Blinded by the promise of eternal bliss

Is it still love?

Or is it just a senseless belief.


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Free Catastrophe

entry picture

No general, no goverment,

no any God or Normality

can not take control over me

I am the Free Catastrophe. 

No one tells me what to do, 

maybe I am under all standards 

but any teachers, preachers or manners

won't stuff in my head unanswered answers! 

I don't take shit from anyone anymore 

I don't bend my knee 

I don't care if they like me or not

only one thing coun...

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Also by FruFru:

Love Not on the Spot | Pain |

I was drunk when I wrote this poem...

Forest Rabbit Crown Soft Stone

Forest Rabbit Crown Soft Stone

Was the name she introduced

On that candle light bright night

Where dreams were all self-produced


Desert Lion Hat Rough Silk

Was the name we all had guessed

For her stars were drowned in milk

Yet her sun in black was dressed


Those you hear were the words

In which I painted your ghost

Now that time has tuned my chords

Could I...

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Bumble Bee

The summer she was six

playing with her best friend

chasing things in the garden

she caught a bumble bee in a hollyhock flower -

a huge pink blossom furry with pollen

and this busy bee

wallowing deep in its throat.


She caught the bee with the hollyhock flower

folding the petals over its frantic buzzing

its writhing body -

a bold, successful capture.

How cleve...

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Please believe i was lost before this

You have limited yourself to me

How can I know anything

Besides that I was already fucked

Before you met me

I want you to not be the honest

Man you are being

But I cant ask that

To remake you

Change you into a lesser being

You don’t deserve someone

Who'd ask you to.

And I think the silence you give me

Is you saying you know it to

You have been trying to let g...

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Also by Ann Winder:

Things have changed | I see too much | Heartsick | Selfish | If you reminded me | Weak |

dont leavei seelovenow foundpleasethe lightwas lost


entry picture

To explain my aching heart it
Would take a million buckets to catch my falling tears
Tears coming from my Ancestors that fought so hard so we wouldn't have to 
Never imagined that what I've learned and what I was taught I would see 
Heart breaking
World shattering  
Seeing my brothers fall to the ground with their hands up 
Over what? 
Because being black in America is a crime 
for so long ...

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The Sixtieth Floor


I’m in the elevator

Going higher and higher.

I’m taking the lift to the sixtieth floor

Though I can’t really see myself opening the door.



I often think about reaching that floor

I won’t be the first;

People have been there before.

I guess it’s all normal for a man of my age

It’s like reading a book and turning the page.



I’m taking the li...

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ageold age

Breaking the double yoke

entry picture

For ages
Saddled with
Domestic chores
Confined in doors
With a traditional muzzle
Devoid of a voice
With fellow housewives
We were sweltering
Under the class
And gender yoke
Seen weak though
We were strong as a rock.

Things taking
A positive turn,
When people about
Women's potential
Came to learn,
Enjoying a level ground
And expertise,
An outshining
Women farmers
We have begun...

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womens rights

'Realisations' - available to buy now!

Hi all,

I have just released my third ebook 'Realisations' - a year after my debut ebook 'Open to interpretation' and it's subsequent second edition. It is available to buy now on Lulu via this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/christian-reeve/realisations/ebook/product-22865142.html

A brief preview is available for all three of my books on the website itself. Please buy a copy now and support ...

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bookChristian ReeveEbooknewPoemPoemsPoetPoetrywriter

Seek on


Oh Seekers of Knowledge!

Oh Seekers of Truth!


What is it that you truly seek?

What is it that makes you unique?


Is it Purpose perhaps?

Is it Peace?

Or is it Release?


Keep pressing on

Keep searching


Perchance you might find

What it is that you truly seek




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Also by Wardah:

Hole hearted | Misunderstandings of the Heart |

Living The Dream

3rd place, 2nd place or first place gold.
Male or female athlete, either young or old.
Everyone did themselves proud in my eyes.
As this was not all about money and prize.

So competitive and gruelling from day one.
Dissent, discord,unfair play there was none.
That's what the meaning of sport should be
Dignity and respect on show for all to see.

Some footballers should look at those games.

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Also by Mike Bartram:

96 Avenue |

If You Called

If you called 

I would run a thousand miles

I would walk a thousand miles

I would crawl a thousand miles

If you called

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Also by Ian Young:

Gene Trap | Moral of the Story | Shine | non(FICTION) |



Stories come stories go  
Wind blows wind flows
Dreams happen dreams fade
Music loves music listens
Soul knows  soul searches
Life lives life dies
Tears fall tears hide
Blame shames blame takes
Hearts love hearts heal
Death changes death awakens
Words speak words hurt
Time stop time lapses

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Also by Starfish Nova:

Not your priority | Heart pull pain | My Peter Pan | Brand new job | Love last forever | Happy birthday josh | Tartar sauce chicken | Teddy bear | Living | Hello kitty band | My bike | Celibacy | No expectations | Inner child | Self-love | Warrior | Smoke | Ice queen | Miss me | No text no call blues | Weeping in hell | Stay or go | Hurt me with the truth instead of a lie | Soul love matters | What is love | Love never says goodbye | The flame pain |

Our House

It's Sunday afternoon at our house

And the relatives come to visit

We've cakes, jelly, pies and grouse

Sundays I wouldn't miss it.

Auntie Maureen is always the first to arrive

With her twins Harry and Henry

They're the fattest kids alive

But me mam always bakes plenty.

Next to arrive Uncle Arthur and Auntie Pat

He's a Sunday driver, leather gloves and flat cap

Auntie ...

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Also by Hazel Connelly:

Ghost 3 |

The black and the white

In the early rising dawn

When I wore shorts all the year round

And winter was just another blister

On the sole of life

The world in which we lived

Ate dressed and walked was

Mainly black or white

With just a few shades in between

The people

The buildings

The cars and the streets

Were all a dirty shade of brown and grey

There was of course the odd exception


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Also by Martin Elder:

Wills breath |

The Transformation

entry picture


I remain free

my own lost saviour

a follower of no-one

sorcering a new novena.




I still storms

in steadfast spirit

a respectable sinner

proclaiming the illicit.




I demure uncertain

face reveals and veils

heart throes stone to flesh

keeping close my seven devils.




I am graced

with all v...

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Also by Katy Megan Hughes:

Storm of Silence |

Katypoetessmary magdaleneShadows of Magdalene

Mr Farage

"Did Farage really skinny dip?" 
Well that's an image I'd rather skip! 
Instead, I'll marvel at his craftsmanship 
And try to write a playful quip… 
For, somehow, again, he's in the news 
He might as well, he's nothing to lose 
So, as some poor sod tries to fill his shoes 
He'll remind us of his own virtues 
He says he's leaving now to restore his health 
After creaming his wage fr...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Vowels | From Above | Angel of the North | Piano Man |

Past Lives (A Series of journeys from past lives)

entry picture
Breathing through the lines
Echoing across
The outer door
And the swallow shaped clouds
Each life builds
Like a wall
Branching out at interludes
Starting off
Somewhere near the South Pole
When you were a wanderer
Lying with orchestral cells
Of caves
Fighting for food
Each night.
A sickly babe
Born to a
Rich nobleman’s family
Not long aft...

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"It happened over the rainbow"



In a place called Kansas one day

A whirlwind struck taking Dorothy away

Zooming round and round

Till in Oz she was found


The trip began as she found her way

Along the yellowbrick road she must stay

Further along she met some new friends

A lion, a tinman and a scarcrow all three


She wasn't afraid now to journey on

They all were heading in the same dire...

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Also by scottydotti:

Reality of the Heart | Hurt World |

And So We Are

With breaths incomplete, more like a robot's

Who am I, if not half of a whole?

My starving heart is tangled up in knots

And the grip suffocates my soul

Dreams invade my implanted thoughts

Shiver through the pain and cold

And so I am


Seasons peaking with perfect promise

My summer flame faces the unknown

Joining the gold-bleeding artists

I strive to find a sense of...

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Also by Jake Vincent Belmont:

What I Get |

I yearn for morning silence

but in roll the saxaphone

circus to scatter my

purpose and sing


The performance has begun 

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Also by Green:

step forwards | Once upon a time | November Fog | The Bar Maids Brittle Bliss | Delusions | Old Change | Old Moon Blues | A verse to light or lunar ode |

First Kisses

Lovers flaunt their new discovery

beheld in the other's reflection

putting on show their treasured hearts

kissing aloneness away


hip against hip

hands and tounges,

lovers spend the greatest of hours

oiling their curious springs

afloat on a sensuous high...


heavenly bodies look kindly on,

foreseeing the trials ahead.


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Also by Donna Marie Beck:

Dear Moon | Released |

One of these days

entry picture

I tell you Puss, I tell you
dozing in your mushroom punnet
no booze.  no booze, no fags
is dull, I’m bored and cannot
hack it.  One of these days
we’re going to take a cruise
to somewhere, dull:  alright
but in another hemisphere
and we’ll stay up all night
downing hooch, alarming rats
and kicking back on grass
and cat nip.
Good times.  All ahead full.

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Someone like u

Didn't think happiness would ever come to me

Then u came. It was like a ray of sunshine.

Darkness came without ceasing

Happiness is not for everyone 

The world is a horrible place to be alone

So many thoughts and actions that can be done

Emotions racing, not knowing your life about to change

Didn't know this one person could be everything

Thinking its a joke, this can't be ...

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To stand up

Stay strong , be brave, what do they mean?

Pass the phase,  swim the tide? 

Crack a smile,  sting within? 

Or rant a mile, glee within?  


Distressed,  unrest all a game,

Jealousy,  vendetta all are fair, 

They strip you bare, 

And shame yourselves ,Naivety, a novelty! !


Parasites multiply,  leaving you cold ,

Treacherous and cold, taliban galore.

Stay the gr...

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Also by sapna:

Hope |

My screen

Locked in a screen 
Lost in a screen 
In a chat 
In a device

This is where the conversation starts. 
This is where the conversation ends. 

It's suffocating 
The distance between us
Not physical 
But obstacle. 

This only makes sense to us. 
They won't understand   
But you do.

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Also by Alonelymouse:

He's the guy |

The Emptiness Curling Within.

The emptiness curling within

Pushes out against my cold, numb skin.

My insides thinning into nothing but air

My fingers touch upon nothing but tears

I wake up screaming but no one can hear. 


I sit alone knowing what thinking can do 

I sit alone doing what thinking leads to

The pain is not there it is somewhere else

Perhaps the same place where this feeling is felt 


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Also by Mystic Purple:

There's nothing there. |

I Need to Grieve

entry picture











Need to grieve,
but this makes
everyone else sad.

But I need
to let it out.
And instead
I get frustrated
and a little mad.

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Lost in her world, while i got lost in mine.

i start to feel weak,  weak as in i have been tortured and beat. Im laying there higher than ive ever been in a long time as i take another hit. I start to hear the voices in my head screaming at me telling me what in the hell is wrong with me ? as the demon that has taken over takes me by the throat and then suffocates me telling me how pathetic is look. As i let one tear out and...

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The lonely Whale

(I revised this radically to read at the well-attended
 Everyman last night. where I listened to our own Joy
France reading and continued to wonder why the
local radio or T.V. scouts hadn`t yet `discovered` 
`scouse` poet  Ralph Killey....they must be blind.)


(The full story)

It`s attested scientifically
That that fish I had last night for tea
(battered so deliciously)
Has now ...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

(: A Sunday Thought :) |

September 2016 Collage Poem: A Better Place

entry picture


Andrex from front to back

Thank you, thank you Andrex!


Disordered by lines of deja vu

Press the button and get turned on!


A bitch of eternity, especially

If you are a 'Good Wife'


I like fish and chips washed

Down with some beer

Autumn dreams, sparkling clear


Kissing echoes, blowing words

From a distance, past lives, long exposed,

Zoom into ...

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Better placeCollage PoemStockport WOL

Two Boys

Two Boys


The first small boy,

quite full of joy,

got answers from

his good Grand-Mum:

She did not look awry

when he asked “Grandma, why?” –

but answered truthfully:

a happy boy was he!


The second boy was sad;

a very tearful lad –

and, hearing such a crier,

people would stop to enquire:

“Small boy, why do you cry?”…

Each time, the sad reply:


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The Grammar School

He turned up pissed, fresh

from the pub: glazed face,

breathing beer, gazed at the boy

in the front desk, stroked

his blond shock of hair.

It was all such a hoot.

About him flew books,

duffel bags, hockey boots.


The ale wore off, he growled

for quiet; clutched

with nicotine fingers the Penguin

book of contemporary verse,

decades out of date.

He coughed a...

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Mauve fence

the snow on the other side

the breath of winter on your cheek

it happened today.


That screen

the table extended, creaking

beyond are lights and chatter

the salt shaken.


Your summer

is a bench and hamper

the camera does not lie

a blue beyond blue.


Slates falling

rain slips the roof

at night the warmth

the weather permitting.


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Also by David Blake:

After the Shift |


Higg's Boson

entry picture

125 GeV/c2


The Boson that is Higgs,

hides when it jiggs,

with an end nearly instant -

and the unification of quantum chromodynamics still quite distant-


the search for the particle,

was often quite farcical.

The technology involved

in the mass that's financial

unlike the thing itself

was massively substantial.

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in the chasm of life, we spasm and fight,
And confusion distorts our minds,
What we think is right, and the meaning of Christ,
And who we think  we can confine,

I can't even fathom, or dream with sarcasm,
the illusion it plagues and contorts,
With sheer enthusiasm, sneer at our phantasms,
we believe we're truly divine

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I Will Not Drink in Wetherspoon's

I'm still sore about the whole Brexit thing. I'm even more sore about the fact that yesterday my wife broke the JD Wetherspoons embargo that we've faithfully kept in place since their CEO decided to turn his pubs into campaign platforms for Vote Leave. Here's my response.


I Will Not Drink in Wetherspoon’s (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

I will not drink in Wetherspoon’s.
The place is ru...

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Also by Andy Humphrey:

Pre-Erection Promises |

BrexitJD Wetherspoon

My Protector

The day I got that phone call I knew was the beginning of the end, that day was the last day I felt real fear. The fact that you’d be taken from me at any moment. That phone call was in fact my worse fear realized. That day it felt like you were ready to stop protecting me from the world but in that same hour I knew you wouldn’t be there to protect me at all. I flew to you, I ran to you only to se...

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Also by kristine:

Dear Stranger |



I awake each morning to start a new day
But the pain of losing you never goes away.
I go about the things I have to do 
And as the hours pass I think again of you.
I want to call you and just hear your voice
Then I remember that I have no choice
For you are not there and now my heart cries
Just to see you again to tell you goodbye
To say  I love you and I always will
And hope that much of...

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I feel two halves of my heart 

being ripped apart. 

Between the person society wants me to be, 

and the person You died to see. 

I try to do it all on my own, 

everytime I end as merely an empty minded clone. 

I hit the same wall with the same blood shed on the floor, 

Only i can't tell--

is the blood mine or Yours? 

Lord, I don't wanna do this anymore. 

I want You to...

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How can I trust you if I don't even trust myself?

Do you know how hard it is to keep the demons at bay

And know that they'll never go away?

How do I know that you won't get hurt?

I try to keep them away, I really do,

Because there's so much I can lose.

I try to keep them to myself,

But they refuse to be put on a shelf.

They claw and they fight

Just so they can see the li...

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Broken Image

Love.... I have torn my soul for I have hurt you so, I dare not breath for u shall leave, I broke the only one I can ever love, for she the only one that could ever love me, I cry as though an endless sea inside of me, her words of hate beckons me, I shall not sleep for I fear to wake, her gaze at me like that of hate, I beg of the to make me sleep for eternity never to wake so I may never see her...

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The Learning Curve

entry picture

As the storm strikes, at her heart,
The Lightning, electrocutes her fear,
Whilst the rain, numbs the torture that she feels,

The Sharks circle round at her naivety,
As they mock her every move,
The laughs becomes her tears,
As friend becomes her ultimate fear,
There cutting words, wounds her empty soul,
As for her body, it is, no longer hole,

The puddles that reflect her broken face,

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Poetry People

With silent curse I said this all was verse
Not to be described as poetry.
Those arguments that I did rehearse
I now see as ones to disagree.

Free form’s for those of educated bent
But most of the time people love some rhyme;
A view high-brows under-represent
Preferring an unstructured paradigm.

Where feeling is more and rhyme is abhorred
Rhythm is banned, as are meter and pace;

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Surrounded by September

entry picture

I gaze on the forgotten summer fading into the distant horizon

As my pounding heart and tortured soul turn an artic icy blue

The days are short and the nights are growing ever longer

Planet earth you have got the power – nothing that I can do

How I miss the sensuous soothing heat of the eternal sun

Warm gentle breezes that blew kindly through my hair

Clear blue skies full of dash...

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Forever You and I

Too many challenges we're facing
Still, we both keep on holding
So our love will stay stronger
And much more will be longer.

No matter what will happen
I know our love and trust will be strenghten
None on us will give up
'Cause the time for us won't stop.

Don't let yourself live with insecurity
Only because of your jealousy
Just trust me and my loyalty
And also my love for you, baby...

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Also by Suicidalgirl:

I Love You To The Fullest | (untitled) |


If my silence left you questioning know I am always talking to you...

If my absence left you wanting know I was holding you tight...

If my lack of action caused you to question ....

The answer is I do love you and always will .... 

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Also by Robert Williams:

Simple |


I never felt this good

Because you stand here beside me

Arms wrap around me

The two of us, I only see


Everything look so wonderful

Life for us is so meaningful

How could I ask for more?

When you're everything I wondered for


Love like this truly exists

I'm glad this is something I didn't miss

This feeling I don't want to ignore

Because i never felt this wa...

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The Abyss

There was a whistle in the air, 

Then silence everywhere.

A splash is seen,

Miles ahead,

Last I checked this ocean was dead.

But the sound grows louder 

And drowns out my thoughts 

Telling me to join below the rocks 

A simple slip would end the pain 

But I thought my life had more to gain 


I had hopes and dreams carved into my skin

Bleeding out and mixing with...

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Goodnight Trellick

Riding the night train home
you fall asleep, head on my shoulder
I watch our reflection in the glass
watching our reflection
as you sleep
on the night train home…

It’s a short walk on a summer evening
a short walk to our place
my arm around your shoulder
pulling you in close
I look up into the sky
but I see no stars...

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Far Away

Maybe it’s those absent eyes,
gone searching for their better days,
that give away your hide and seek disguise
and tell me that you’re far away.

Are you back in New York,
chasing that old American dream
through the concrete foundations
on which you built our family's beam?

Or are you in Wigan’s Central park,
in Billy Boston’s Empire State,
watching Warriors paint the town red
then p...

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Dark days

My head and heart feel heavy
My legs restless 
Can't sit still
Can't sleep
Black mascara rivers
Stained cheeks
Chapped skin on my lips
Forced smiles
Inconsolable sobs
Heaving shoulders
Missing you


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Fault Lines


Brring brring… brring brring…

 “This call is being recorded for training purposes”

and Christ you hate that fucking thing.


You speak for 7, 8, 9, 10, however many hours,

losing faith in all humanity with every mardy customer.

Explain to re-explain to re-re-re-explain again,

no deviation from the script,

and you can only tell me this, no more, no less,

this call’s ...

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Call centres

A Kiss

entry picture



I like silver rain when she dropped on thy

Moist body, moist mind, I just hold thine hand,

I’m shivering because I read thine brown eye

It’s like drinking a cup of coffee, but not on this land.

When the clouds become darker as like the charcoal  

When the nature become the foe of us, and thou whisper

I Love you; then I forget my past colors of purple,

Thy smi...

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Also by Monir Shuvro:

  A million of years later. |

Things are so much better now

Looking out on the old estate
seems nothing here has changed:
Needlework, fine tapestries
of battles way back - when?
Do they tell of hopeless friends
- more casualties of war
Than raw recruits whose minds are shot
- of bastards on the take,
Of strychnine, vim, of fake
and passing happiness, but really just escape
From mundane lives and pointless jobs
(for those with jobs to hate)
And ...

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