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Do you every get that giddy feeling?

Like a child who just woke up on Christmas morning

looking at the presents that Santa brought.

Or like a student who just auditioned for her schools’s play,

and now is waiting for the cast list to be posted.

Yah, I do too.

It’s a wonderful feeling of hope and desire.

It’s driving at 70 mph with the windows down on an open road.

It’s rare...

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Listen to me,

I know what you’re thinking,

“Great another poem,

Are we done yet?”

But listen to me.


You have a voice,


Well, use it.

Because unlike you,

Some don't.


But listen to me,

I don't know what you’re going through

And I can't tell your story,

Only you can.

So listen to me.


I want you to look around.

You are in a room with...

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rapestoryrape culturelistennooseviolence


“Save me”

She begs to you.


“Save me”

She cries as her hand reaches for yours.


“Save me!”

She shouts thinking you can hear her.


“Please just save me”

Tears flood her eyes as you stand there watching.




But not actually hearing.


Her cries for help fall upon deaf ears.


Do you even know her?


Why is she asking you for...

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U.S. Military

They say they have an


But do they have a


They say go join the

Marine Corps,

But what about the


Why idolize just the


When all the


Could be


Why talk about


When the


And people finally care about


But now we say


And we all know whom


The one and only


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I pledge allegiance

To the flag

Of the United States of America

And to the Soldiers

For which they stand

And fight

One nation

Protected by those who serve


With Loyalty

And Honour

For all

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Caught in the Spider’s Web While Cupid Shoots Arrows in My Head

You’ve gotta help me


I know

I know

I know

There is something wrong with me.

It's an illness!

A disease!


But it's not,

It's foolish

And everyone

(excluding sociopaths)

Gets caught

In the messy web

Of the venomous spider

That is called

A crush.



I have a crush.

I need help,

But his hair has these lovely curls,


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crushloveinternal struggle


The ground is broken

And buildings shattered

Nothing seems to matter


Despair fills the air

And all I feel is fear

I fear for the hope that will disappear


In an apocalyptic mind

The soul has died

And there is nothing left to feel inside

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The Real Me

If only you could see the real me.

The me that can barely lift her head in the morning,

knowing she has to deal with others.

The one that can’t be emotionally stable without medication.

The girl who struggles with even tolerating herself sometimes.

The person that you all see isn't the real me.

It's the me that puts on a fake smile

so I don't have to burden you.

The me tha...

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To the girl in the mirror,

I’m starting over.

I’m saying goodbye to the lack of pride I felt inside

Goodbye to the loathing I brought

and the self-hatred I fought


I will no longer look at you in disgust.

I’ll look at you and smile

Because even though I know I walked

I still finished a mile


I know that this isn’t the end

and the little voice will stay in my h...

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I am a boat.

My anxiety is an anchor,

one so heavy that it drags me down.

My depression is a hole on the bottom,

letting the Sea of Hopeless Thoughts flood into me

My ADD is the wheel,

spinning out of control.

My medication is the crew on board,

somehow strong enough to fix the hole,

lift the anchor,

and control the wheel.

I am a boat,

and sometimes I break dow...

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With Her Graces The Shoemen Fell

She lived in a fantasy

Where mermaids and dragons existed

and worries were far from the truth.


She was the queen

a ruler everyone loved

or so she told us.


But I knew deep down she was lying

She was a tyrant

a ruler everyone feared.


Her servants only obeying

because if they didn’t




She would yell

and soon they’d...

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Highs and Lows, Frogs and Toads

5th grade was my downfall

Anxiety coupled with A.D.D

Made for the perfect broken marriage.


6th grade was calm.

I had everything under control

And I was taking medication


But 7th grade was morbid.

A child,

One only the devil could produce,

Had arrived with the diseased name

Of Depression.


8th grade was the year Depression made friends

Suicidal Tho...

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A.D.DAnxietydepressionhighslowsmaniamy mindparanoiasocial anxietystresssuicidal thoughts

When The Light Dies And Darkness Thrives


The bus,

Every morning indecisive and overwhelmed

Who should I sit by?

The question is,

Who would want to sit by you?

I mean, No one wants to,

And you know it.

Shut up…

That's not true.

I've got plenty of people who wouldn't mind me.

There’s the girl I sit next to in class

And we talk from time to time.

Oh, and don't forget the boy who waves hi to me i...

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depressionanxietyalonemental illnesssaddead

"Are You Okay?"

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?





I don't know who I am.

I don't know who you are.

I don't know who we are.




Am I me?

Am I you?

Am I we, us, them?

Them too.

Too many thoughts whirling in my mind.

Mind’s infected.

Infections of madness consuming me.





I thought I knew who I was.

I t...

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Depressionmental illnessanxietyidentitynot okayokayWho am i

My Hero

When you are a teenager,

You might get asked who your hero is.

And answers may vary

From celebrities to parents.


But my hero is my brother.

My brother is my hero because,

He always cares for me

And he never gives up on you,

No matter who you are.


He's caring,




And so much more.


My brother is my hero because

When I'm i...

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Air ForceArmyBrotherFamilyHereosMarinesMilitaryNavy

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