Deceit, dissembling and delay

Was how the EU got its way.

The style by which it stealthily made

Its move to political power from trade.


I remember well how they dismissed doubt

Of just what they were really about,

All that well staged fol de rol...

Changing Interpol to Europol


And do you remember how they called us barmy

When we said they planned an EU Army?

You do not need the perception of Plato

To know that role is held by NATO.


And now we witness place man Juncker

Like a drunk who's even drunker,

Proclaiming that now lies ahead

(I'm so glad we've left the easily led).


Those surrendering Germans of World War Two

Who acted as if they really knew

They'd won when it seemed that they'd lost,

Were determined to boss - and not be bossed.


In peace - and in war - their plans were made,

But it's all a very long way from "trade"!



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M.C. Newberry

Tue 20th Sep 2016 14:12

JC and Harry - always appreciate your considered (and
considerate) comments. To disagree is merely a
divergence of understanding.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 19th Sep 2016 22:57

Having listened again to the new chancellor`s Utube post Brexit vote interviews on the internet again tonight I am quite benign about the future now. (It`s still there on the internet)

And bearing in mind how past European armies spent most of their time slaughtering each other and leaving millions of family histories of death and destruction over the last century or so -not to mention civilian deaths from bombing- (So many millions and millions of us facing death!) I am also quite benign about all us European soldiers being on the same side...and do we really want to keep relying on the yanks...for ever?

So - like John - I`m enjoying all of this 😃

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John Coopey

Mon 19th Sep 2016 20:57

Hello MC.
You know we disagree fundamentally over the EU but it doesn't prevent me from enjoying this.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 18th Sep 2016 16:15

Thanks for your views, gents.
I recall a letter to the DT from someone with a recollection
in Military Intelligence work after WW2 which had a senior
surrendering German officer smugly convinced that all was
certainly not lost. Like the view in von Clausewitz's
famous Prussian military tome "On War", it had the ring of
"What cannot be won in war must be won in the peace."
Time has certainly seen his confidence vindicated.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 18th Sep 2016 10:48

Because its my opinion Colin, and like you I quite like to share it. I'm not expecting anyone to agree, nor do I believe I am offering any great enlightenment.

Also people need to be reminded about how fortunate they are to live in relative peace, an experience of the opposite might be the best way for them to gauge the measure of that. Fortunately most will never know or have to sacrifice their own safety to find out.

If you don't understand why I felt the need to remind on this occasion, the simplest response I can give is to refer you to the question you posed in your original text, I was merely offering my opinion and what I considered to be an answer to something you initiated.

Is it obvious that none on here would visit the Peshmerga? well maybe to you, and maybe to most, there is absolutely no reason why they couldn't. The fact that it seems so improbable to you is an indication of your acceptance that other people will do it on your behalf, whilst (WE) enjoy the freedoms (THEY) enable.

Additionally, I might feel a need to remind people because I have lost friends in conflicts (deployed in supposed redundant organisations such as NATO) that's real and I wouldn't have thought to be beyond your provision of empathy or understanding, maybe if you had similar experience you might feel a little upset when reading some of the ill informed comments that get posted on here.


PS, please refer me to the text where I suggested some people have no right to give opinion.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 17th Sep 2016 23:52

What it does Colin, is protect the ever less secure fragile borders that you and I live in comparative peace within.

If you think it not so, consider the men and women who have died on yours and my behalf whilst doing so.

Yes, I do believe its current value should be questioned, but unless you have stood on your borders front line I would suggest you will never know exactly what it does.

I would venture that our greatest protector in visible terms these days may well be the Peshmerga, you should pay them a visit, they are inspirational,(you might have problems selling that theory to the Turks) of course the invisible deterant we may never see, though we should be thankful it is there at all.


PS, I think the common shared vision of all Europeans is survival, the processes by which each individual nation feels that is possible, differ..."vive la difference" is what I say.

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